All My Children – August 2013 Teasers

Melissa Claire Egan plays Annie on SABC 3's All My Children. All My Children airs on SABC 3 every weekday at 13:55. Pic: SABC 3
Melissa Claire Egan plays Annie on SABC 3’s All My Children. All My Children airs on SABC 3 every weekday at 13:55. Pic: SABC 3

Below are highlights of what is going to happen on All My Children in August 2013. All My Children is aired weekdays at 13:55pm and repeated at 01:00 on SABC3.

01 August

Episode 10011

Jake and Joe work to keep Erica alive, while Annie is committed and face a psychiatrist. Ryan turns on Zach. David continues trying to sabotage JR.


02 August

Episode 10012

Taylor finally learns that Brot is alive. Greenlee comforts Emma. Angie sees Krystal and David kissing. Bianca takes over Fusion, while Reese is confronted by Zach. Annie thinks Richie is still alive.


05 August

Episode 10013

Kendall’s body is taken back to the Pine Valley hospital. Greenlee comes to talk to her, as Ryan listens in on her conversation. Reese helps Zach decorate the house. Taylor has a bad reaction to seeing Brot’s scars. Aidan thinks Annie is faking her illness.


06 August

Episode 10014

Jake urges Taylor not to give up on Brot. Reese comforts Bianca. Erica visits Kendall. Frankie and Randi celebrate. David tells Zach that Kendall doesn’t have much time to live.


07 August

Episode 10015

Krystal is heartbroken after realizing she won’t be with her daughter on Christmas, so she finds herself in David’s arms yet again. David takes Krystal to Wildwind and drugs her drink. Angie comes looking for her.


08 August

Episode 10016

Jake comforts Greenlee. Ryan asks Jack to help him out with divorcing Annie. Tad searches for his wife. Aidan has to take a polygraph test. Taylor tries to reach out to Brot.


09 August

Episode 10017

Zach is worried about his wife. Krystal and David continue growing closer. Bianca drinks the milk that David drugged. Rebecca thinks about the day before Christmas. Jake has words with Brot.


12 August

Episode 10018

Emma finally sees her mother. Reese and Zach return home. David tricks Tad. Angie saves Rebecca’s life even though she wasn’t supposed to. Natalia can’t deal with the fact that Rebecca doesn’t want to be saved.


13 August

Episode 10019

Rebecca wakes up. Bianca questions Reese. Krystal leans on David. Aidan shows up to see Annie at Oak Heaven. Ryan witnesses yet another of Annie’s crazy moments


14 August

Episode 10020

Reese is surprised when her father shows up in Pine Valley. Aidan goes to see Annie in Oak Heaven. Amanda daydreams of Jake. Rebecca asks to be let go from the hospital. Zach is frustrated to learn that Kendall isn’t the patient that woke up.


15 August

Episode 10021

Taylor and Brot are finally able to talk openly. Jake ends up getting drunk. Ryan daydreams of Greenlee. Amanda pushes J.R. to alcohol. Bianca learns that her fiancée was engaged to a man.


16 August

Episode 10022

Greenlee learns more about Randi’s past. Angie comforts Krystal. Randi and Frankie enjoy a little time together. Annie and Aidan are playing games in Oak Heaven.


19 August

Episode 10023

Aidan warns Annie not to trust Ryan. David blackmails Joe. Kendall finally moves. Greenlee asks Jack to handle her divorce. Jake gives Taylor and Brot a warning.


20 August

Episode 10024

Zach and Reese decide to be honest with Bianca. Erica questions Reese about her ex-fiancé. Adam makes it clear to David that he thinks he’s manipulating Krystal.


21 August

Episode 10025

Pine Valley gathers to remember Myrtle Fargate, as citizens receive gifts she sent them before her passing. Kelly Taylor shows up in town to join the others as they pay tribute to Myrtle.


22 August

Episode 10026

Greenlee tries to cheer up Emma. David continues manipulating Krystal. J.R. takes his son to the lodge. Taylor asks Zach for help.


23 August

Episode 10027

Kendall’s spirit makes a visit. Amanda has J.R. drinking again. Krystal goes ballistic on her home. Greenlee and Ryan make love.


26 August

Episode 10028

Annie manages to escape from Oak Haven. Krystal survives the fire after having destroyed her home. Greenlee and Ryan are back together.


27 August

Episode 10029

Annie attempts to kill Ryan after having seen him and Greenlee together, but is taken back to Oak Haven. Adam thinks Amanda is after JR and thinks JR is drinking again. Krystal kisses David.


28 August

Episode 10030

David fires Jake from the Pine Valley hospital. Krystal finds herself running back to David yet again. Joe is concerned about Tad’s absence. Zach wants to help out Brot. Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him.


29 August

Episode 10031

Greenlee is worried about her nightmare and she seeks out Opal’s help to see her future, but has no idea that Opal gave her a wrong reading. She returns home and accepts Ryan’s marriage proposal. Simon talks to Bianca about his life with Reese. Aidan investigates Dr. Sinclair.


30 August

Episode 10032

Opal warns Greenlee that she can’t get married. Reese and Zach prepare for the opening of the casino. Jake and JR confront David regarding Krystal. Ryan and Greenlee discuss about their future.

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