All My Children January 2013 Teasers

All My Children. Photo: Supplied
All My Children. Photo: Supplied

Please note: On 28, 29 & 30 January All My Children will air at 13:27

2 January
Episode 9885
Tad wants to stay with Dixie, while Krystal begs Tad to return to her. Zach and Kendall celebrate Spike’s birthday, and Greenlee arrives to spike the mood. Adam tries to make a deal with God.

3 January
Episode 9886
Adam finally reveals that Kathy is actually Kate, and both J.R. and Krystal have a bad reaction to the news. Aidan and Greenlee face each other. Kendall and Zach worry about Greenlee.

4 January
Episode 9887
Tad is visited by several people in the hospital. J.R. decides to go after Richie. Annie sees a fertility doctor. Ryan turns down Greenlee. Adam visits Erica in prison.

7 January
Episode 9888
Babe puts her plan into motion. Jake tells Joe that he is no longer with Caroline. Greenlee won’t stand Kendall. Adam and Tad face off. Jake and Zach argue about Africa. J.R. refuses to give up Chandler Enterprises.

8 January
Episode 9889
Zach is annoyed at his wife. J.R. does some damage control. Greenlee, Josh and Jake get drunk together. Amanda is arrested. Krystal reconsiders her feelings for Adam. Treena and Babe work together.

9 January
Episode 9890
Krystal watches Adam comforting Kathy/Kate and realizes he still has a soft side. Annie plots to become pregnant. Amanda and Aidan have a drink together. Josh and Greenlee sleep together. Zach gives Kendall a warning.

10 January
Episode 9891
Greenlee, Zach and Jack say goodbye to Lily, as she departs Pine Valley. Jake tells Ryan about an experimental procedure. Erica gives Kendall advice. Richie learns Annie’s secret.

11 January
Episode 9892
Tad tells Kathy the truth. Greenlee and Kendall fight at the tennis court. Krystal admits her true feelings to Adam, while Dixie encourages Adam to have faith. Richie blackmails his sister. J.R. and Babe put their plan into motion.

14 January
Episode 9893
Dixie and Tad share a conversation about heaven, as Dixie departs once again. J.R. threatens Richie, who has a seizure. Jesse contemplates taking Samuel’s job offer. Annie has an overreaction to Ryan’s announcement. Erica desperately tries to save her job.

15 January
Episode 9894
Frankie’s mystery woman shows up at the emergency room. Josh tells Kendall the truth. Angie and Jesse investigate. Greenlee finds comfort in Ryan’s arms. J.R. takes Richie to the hospital. Annie continues acting strangely.

16 January
Episode 9895
Zach realizes something very important about Richie. Greenlee and Kendall finally talk. Annie and Ryan move on. Treena shows up at the hospital.

17 January
Episode 9896
Angie and Jesse argue. Zach turns to Greenlee for advice. Erica launches a new show from the prison. Jake learns about Richie’s bad doings.

18 January
Episode 9897
Kathy and Tad bond. Richie continues blackmailing Annie, as the others wait for the news of Richie’s police charges. Tad gives Aidan a business proposition.

21 January
Episode 9898
Aidan refuses to let Greenlee go, as he kisses her passionately. J.R. and Tad spend some time playing with Kathy. Colby confronts her father. Frankie questions Randi. Jesse makes an important decision.

22 January
Episode 9899
Jack advises Greenlee to try and forgive. Richie and Annie make a deal. Jesse makes a big life decision. Kendall worries that Zach might go after Richie.

23 January
Episode 9900
Myrtle gives Zach advice. Zach takes his frustration out on Richie. Greenlee and Ryan go sailing together. Frankie watches over Randi. Babe gives Kendall advice. Annie and Kendall argue.

24 January
Episode 9901
Erica manipulates Adam. Cassandra, Colby and Dre make plans for the 4th of July. Adam tries to bribe Colby. Jake makes a decision about his future. J.R. wants to fight for Chandler.

25 January
Episode 9902
Frankie is having hard time believing that Randi is a prostitute, while his father goes to find the pimp. Richie presents his case at the courtroom, and Annie is forced to testify for him. Jake and Greenlee make a decision.

28 January
Episode 9903
Kathy disappears. Richie demands to see Annie, and then later escapes. Aidan learns that Jake will be living with Greenlee. Carmen and Erica say goodbye. Zach and Ryan team up to work together.

29 January
Episode 9904
Angie and Jesse toast to Jesse’s new position at the police force. Richie makes his move. Kendall assures her friends at Fusion that they will be fine. Zach questions Annie.

30 January
Episode 9905
Jesse asks Zach to let the police do the job they were hired for. Richie kidnaps Babe. Adam and Krystal get close again.

31 January
Episode 9906
Adam and Krystal kiss. Kendall and Greenlee figure out where Babe might be, while Zach and the rest of the team are searching after her. Angie talks to Randi. Babe tries to trick Richie.

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