All My Children July 2013 Teasers

Vincent Irizarry plays  Dr. David Hayward in SABC 3 day-time soapie All My Children. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity.
Vincent Irizarry plays Dr. David Hayward in SABC 3 day-time soapie All My Children. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity.All

July 2013 Teasers for All My Children 9 which plays weekdays at 13:55pm and repeats at 01:00 only on SABC3.

01 July

Episode 9988

Bianca admits who her baby’s father is. Taylor can’t feel her legs after the fall. Annie and Ryan are contacted by Emma’s kidnappers. Erica turns out to be alive. David is locked up.

02 July

Episode 9989

Rebecca arrives in Pine Valley. Natalie tells Angie about how much Jesse loves her. JR forgives Adam. Ryan and Annie go to meet the kidnappers. Greenlee convinces Zach to go have rest at home.

03 July

Episode 9990

David decides to fight for the custody of little A. Bianca thinks of a name for her baby. Krystal informs JR and Adam that they need to work together. Zach worries that his wife might not survive, while Erica tries to convince David to operate on Kendall.

04 July

Episode 9991

Colby makes a move on Petey. Jake tries to help Taylor. David shocks Zach and Bianca by revealing that Kendall can’t be helped. JR and Krystal speak at Babe’s funeral. Zach confronts Jake.

05 July

Episode 9992

Babe’s ghost visits David. Reese shocks Bianca by proposing. Zach receives advice from Father Clarence. Frankie confronts Jesse. JR plays with Little A.

08 July

Episode 9993

Annie is taken away by the kidnapper. David promises to change his attitude. Rebecca turns out to have an inoperable brain tumor.

09 July

Episode 9994

Jake challenges Taylor. Aidan helps out Greenlee and Ryan. David shocks everyone at a meeting at the hospital. J.R. decides to leave Pine Valley.

10 July

Episode 9995

Zach won’t let Kendall be moved to a special facility. Krystal convinces JR to stay in town. The hospital staff is upset by David’s shocking revelation. Erica takes over Fusion. David tries to charm Amanda.

11 July

Episode 9996

David continues manipulating people. JR and Krystal enter a heated discussion. Erica asks Reese for help at Fusion. Zach makes a huge


12 July

Episode 9997

Ryan hears from Annie. Rebecca reaches out to Jesse. Krystal has a dream about David. Tad is confused by a mystery man. JR threatens David.

15 July

Episode 9998

Taylor and Jake make progress. Di and Annie discuss Emma. Amanda regrets making love to David. Frankie finds Brot.

16 July

Episode 9999

Taylor is able to regain some feeling. Tad warns Krystal that David is manipulating her. Frankie leans on Randi. Jesse tries to talk to Angie.

Annie and Aidan go through their plan again.

17 July

Episode 10000

A woman named Aggie piques interest in several residents of Pine Valley.

Frankie finally forgives Jesse. Bianca decides to stay in town. Zach goes ballistic at the Cambias office.

18 July

Episode 10001

Taylor makes an important decision. Petey goes after Colby. Ryan tries to trick Annie when he starts suspecting her. Erica gives Adam a kiss. Aidan continues making things difficult for his wife. Reese talks to Zach about her family.

19 July

Episode 10002

Petey lets his feelings out. Ryan and Annie find the kidnapper’s place.

Taylor plans to attend her first marathon. Colby takes care of Brot. Reese opens up to Bianca.

22 July

Episode 10003

Jesse follows Ryan to Puerto Rico. Angie surprises Natalia and Rebecca by asking them to move into her house. Jake and Taylor bond, while Colby reaches out to Brot. Di and Aidan end up shot.

23 July

Episode 10004

Tad pays Taylor a visit. Greenlee asks Jake for help. Brot watches Taylor as she talks to Jake. Ryan and Annie continue searching for Emma.

Krystal is worried about JR.

24 July

Episode 10005

Colby decides to take Brot back to her place. Frankie tries to hide the truth from Taylor. Adam and Petey end up making another deal. Ryan saves Emma’s life. Zach misses his wife.

25 July

Episode 10006

Erica gives Randi a new job. Krystal reaches out to David, while Tad worries about his wife. Kendall makes a reaction to Spike’s voice.

Gabrielle is christened. Amanda continues making moves on JR.

26 July

Episode 10007

Angie isn’t able to hold back her feelings. Greenlee and Erica enter a heated confrontation at Fusion. Ryan confronts Annie. Krystal isn’t able to stop thinking about David. Rebecca and Jesse reach an agreement.

29 July

Episode 10008

Bianca and JR have a nasty confrontation. Aidan and Annie admit to their sick plot. David tells Amanda that she can’t quit. Krystal comforts Annie. David stops Jake during surgery.

30 July

Episode 10009

Aidan warns Zach that Annie is going to cause a lot of trouble. Annie goes to Wildwind. Colby tries to find out more about Brot. Bianca and Reese argue. Zach takes out his frustration on the people around him. David and Taylor argue.

31 July

Episode 10010

Annie has a psychotic breakdown, as the rest of the town prepares for a tornado victims benefit. Zach receives bad news about his wife.

Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity