All My Children March 2013 Teasers

All My Children Photo: SABC
All My Children Photo: SABC

Episode synopses for All My Children 9 which will be aired weekdays at 13:55pm and repeated at 02:00 only on SABC3.

1 March
Episode 9911
Jesse has his suspicions about Zach. Samuel has to fight his attraction to Erica. Angie explains to Ryan and Annie how Richie really died, and Annie flashes back to murdering him. Colby, Dre and Cassandra make a pact.

4 March
Episode 9912
Greenlee finally forgives Aidan and they happily reunite. Frankie offers help to Randi. Erica tells Kendall about the kiss she shared with Samuel. Sam’s father Melvin gives him advice. Jesse questions Annie.

5 March
Episode 9913
Colby doesn’t like Petey Cortlandt’s company. J.R. makes Babe an interesting offer. Angie doesn’t want to see Randi in her home. Jesse continues questioning Annie. Greenlee has a sailing accident. Zach and Ryan make a pact.

6 March
Episode 9914
Richie’s body is released. Petey tells the teens that he knows about their hit and run. Carmen and Krystal talk about Adam. Annie and Kendall argue. Zach and Jesse assess the crime scene.

7 March
Episode 9915
Greenlee tells Aidan that he is the only one for her. Annie won’t say much to Jesse, and is later haunted by Richie’s voice. Ryan plays with Emma. Cassandra and Colby confess about the hit-and-run to Adam.

8 March
Episode 9916
Erica learns her days in prison will soon be over. Annie thinks Ryan might love her again. Greenlee thinks about life. Zach and Kendall argue about Annie. Dre promises to protect Cassandra.

11 March
Episode 9917
Jesse threatens Fletcher. Frankie tries to protect Randi. Zach questions Annie. Tad and Ryan share a talk about destiny. Kendall almost reveals too much to Greenlee.

12 March
Episode 9918
Annie lashes out on Greenlee. Jesse and Tad try to find a clue in Richie’s murder investigation. Adam threatens Petey. Erica learns she will be released today.

13 March
Episode 9919
Annie is convinced that her pregnancy will solve all of her problems. Ryan is stunned to hear that Annie is pregnant. Adam blackmails Krystal. Kendall worries about Annie’s mental health. Colby and Petey make a deal.

14 March
Episode 9920
Ryan goes to visit his doctor. Greenlee gives Amanda some advice. Jake treats Amanda’s sore neck. Colby and Cassandra begin to freak out, as Annie makes a surprising discovery. Angie tries to set up a date for her son.

18 March
Episode 9921
Opal warns Samuel to stay away from Erica. Annie makes another step in her plan, as Kendall warns Babe that Annie seems to be losing it. J.R. tries to make a business deal with Zach. Erica celebrates her first day of freedom. Adam wants Krystal to be his spy.

19 March
Episode 9922
Jake explains to Angie why he’s having a hard time being around Colby. Erica and Samuel kiss unaware that a reporter is taking pictures of them. Greenlee and Jack discuss love. Ryan asks Aidan to investigate his vasectomy. Cassandra and Colby agree to babysit for Annie.

20 March
Episode 9923
Erica plays games with Jack. Frankie goes after Fletcher. Ryan is questioning Annie’s recent actions. Jesse leans on Tad. Greenlee is convinced that Kendall still loves Ryan.

22 March
Episode 9924
Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan is in love with her. Frankie tells Randi about beating up Fletcher. Angie wants info from Jesse. Ryan confronts Annie.

25 March
Episode 9925
Stuart begs Adam not to hurt Colby and to reconsider his actions, but Adam won’t hear it. Jesse and Frankie share a discussion about Randi. Angie questions her daughter. J.R. tells Babe that he’s ready to buy Fusion for her. Krystal confronts Colby.

26 March
Episode 9926
Erica and Sam invite Kendall and Zach to join them at dinner. Annie informs her daughter that she’s going to have a baby. Aidan questions Annie. Jack warns Sam that his campaign might be in jeopardy.

27 March
Episode 9927
J.R. asks Babe to marry him and she happily plans their wedding day in San Diego. Erica and Samuel go out on a date. Jesse learns that the teens are lying. Krystal tries to have a meaningful conversation with Adam, but he refuses to accept the truth.

28 March
Episode 9928
Kendall and Ryan argue about Annie. Zach watches as Annie faces her guilt. Babe learns about Colby’s drinking problem. Jesse confronts Dre and Cassandra. Adam turns on J.R. again.

29 March
Episode 9929
Annie goes to an ultrasound. Aidan saves Greenlee’s life. Adam, Tad and Samuel try to convince Jesse to change his opinion about the teens. Kendall tries to persuade Ryan to find out what does the key open. Tad learns more about Krystal’s involvement in the case.