All My Children November 2012 Teasers

All My Children airs on weekdays on SABC 3 at 13:55

1 November Episode 9845

Greenlee tracks down Ryan. Aidan gets drunk and totally out of control. Carmen and Erica continue their adventure. Angie and Jesse renew their wedding vows.

2 November Episode 9846

Angie and Jesse are distracted while on their honeymoon. Jack and Zach find a clue to Carmen and Erica’s whereabouts, while the women are busy hiding the tape recorder from Mondo and Louisa. Kendall confronts Aidan. Annie makes a huge decision.

5 November Episode 9847

Louisa and Mondo turn against Erica and Carmen, but Jack and Zach manage to find them in time. Kendall comforts Greenlee. Opal finds something suspicious about Richie. J.R. asks Babe for her support. Jesse and Angie are pleasantly surprised by their family.

6 November Episode 9848

Greenlee sets up a romantic stage for Aidan and asks him to re-propose, but he refuses to do it. Annie wants to meet with Ryan. Kendall decides to be a better wife. J.R. asks for Amanda’s help. Richie and Babe argue.

7 November Episode 9849

Jesse tells little Jenny the story about big Jenny. Greenlee asks Zach for his help. Jack visits Erica in jail. Annie makes yet another huge decision about her life.

8 November Episode 9850

It’s Jenny’s birthday party, and Rob surprises the family by showing up. Annie tells Zach about Aidan’s drunken confessions. Kendall decides to tell Zach the truth. J.R. and Adam make up. Greenlee tries to seduce Aidan.

9 November Episode 9851   

Kendall is shocked to realise that Zach already knew that she slept with Aidan. She tries to explain what happened, but Zach remains disappointed that she didn’t confide in him sooner. Aidan is uncomfortable when Greenlee suggests he ask Kendall

12 November Episode 9852  

Angie tries to convince Robert to talk Jesse into backing away from his vendetta toward Papel, still not knowing that Robert is Papel. Annie tells Ryan about how they fell in love, but he’s inwardly upset because he can’t remember

13 November Episode 9853

Erica is concerned after she receives a potentially threatening note from another inmate. Jesse wants to rejoin the force, but Angie doesn’t want him to. Frankie tells his parents that he plans to find a place of his own.

14 November Episode 9854

Kendall is pleased for Greenlee when she announces her engagement, but feels guilty for having slept with Aidan. Although Zach assured Kendall he had no plans on leaving her, he privately seethes.

15 November Episode 9855

Ryan tells Annie that while he can’t remember anything about being Emma’s father, he knows he loves her. Kendall and Greenlee tell a group of high school girls about the history of Fusion.

16 November Episode 9856

Angie and Jesse fight over the exhumation. Greenlee and Aidan celebrate their engagement. Erica encounters problems in the prison. Kendall and Zach find an understanding.

19 November Episode 9857

Aidan asks Jack for his blessing on the engagement, and Jack agrees. Greenlee questions Zach about Kendall. Erica gives Kendall some advice. Carmen is worried about Erica.

20 November Episode 9858  

Greenlee and Ryan spend some time reminiscing together. Zach and Kendall enter yet another heated discussion. Tad confides in Krystal about Kate. Adam asks J.R. for a favor. Angie, Jesse and Frankie arrive at the cemetery.

21 November Episode 9859

Frankie, Angie and Jesse watch as the cops dig out Jesse’s coffin. Ryan confronts his therapist. Kendall and Zach continue fighting. Erica gives a proposition to Jack and Samuel. Annie plots to get Ryan back.

22 November Episode 9860

Zach burns his hand near Sylvester’s place, and then later Kendall takes care of him, and they make love. Jesse finds a stuffed elephant in his coffin. Erica is put in solitary. Cassandra announces her arrival to Pine Valley.

23 November Episode 9861

Angie picks up Cassandra at the airport, while Jesse worries over meeting her. Tad doesn’t have a good reaction to Aidan’s job news. Greenlee questions Kendall. Zach learns about trouble in Africa. Annie thinks Richie is guilty for the break-in.

26 November Episode 9862

Aidan and Greenlee have a bad reaction to Zach’s assignment. Kendall wonders what her husband is up to. Erica starts to freak out in solitary. Adam begins losing his mind.

27 November Episode 9863

Jack attempts to manipulate the prison warden. Erica has nightmares in solitary, and Samuel carries her out. Greenlee manipulates Zach, while Annie manipulates Ryan. Aidan learns that Jake is a prisoner in Africa.

28 November Episode 9864

Frankie and Jesse discuss weddings. Cassandra and Angie share some girl-talk. Colby and Dre discuss their love lives. Tad searches for Dixie’s picture. Erica is released from solitary. J.R. thinks Adam is going crazy.

29 November Episode 9865

Adam finally realizes who’s haunting him. Krystal thinks Adam is sick, but Tad is convinced that he’s only playing tricks. Cassandra and Colby make friends. Jake is forced to operate while being held captive. Greenlee doesn’t take the news of Aidan’s departure to Africa too well.

30 November Episode 9866

Dixie explains to Adam what he can expect of her. Jake gets a chance to escape. Annie places her plan in motion. Ryan and Zach research the Sudan. Tad learns more news about Dr. Madden’s nurse’s whereabouts.

All My Children 9 airs weekdays at 13:55 and repeated at 02:00 only on SABC3.