All My Children Teasers – February 2013

Thorsten Kaye plays Zach in All My Children on air every weekday on SABC 3 at 13:55pm

6 February: Episode 9899

Jack advises Greenlee to try and forgive. Richie and Annie make a deal. Jesse makes a big life decision. Kendall worries that Zach might go after Richie.

7 February: Episode 9900

Myrtle gives Zach advice. Zach takes his frustration out on Richie. Greenlee and Ryan go sailing together. Frankie watches over Randi. Babe gives Kendall advice. Annie and Kendall argue.

8 February: Episode 9901

Erica manipulates Adam. Cassandra, Colby and Dre make plans for the 4th of July. Adam tries to bribe Colby. Jake makes a decision about his future. J.R. wants to fight for Chandler.

11 February: Episode 9902

Frankie is having a hard time believing that Randi is a prostitute, while his father goes to find the pimp. Richie presents his case at the courtroom, and Annie is forced to testify for him. Jake and Greenlee make a decision.

12 February: Episode 9903

Kathy disappears. Richie demands to see Annie, and then later escapes. Aidan learns that Jake will be living with Greenlee. Carmen and Erica say goodbye. Zach and Ryan team up to work together.

13 February: Episode 9904

Angie and Jesse toast to Jesse’s new position at the police force. Richie makes his move. Kendall assures her friends at Fusion that they will be fine. Zach questions Annie.

19 February: Episode 9905

Jesse asks Zach to let the police do their job they were hired for. Richie kidnaps Babe. Adam and Krystal get close again.

20 February: Episode 9906

Adam and Krystal kiss. Kendall and Greenlee figure out where Babe might be, while Zach and the rest of the team are searching after her. Angie talks to Randi. Babe tries to trick Richie.

21 February: Episode 9907

Krystal has to deal with the fact that she kissed Adam. Greenlee and Kendall help out Babe to get away from Richie. Colby and the rest of the teens get drunk. Samuel thinks that kissing Erica was a mistake. Carmen shows up to work at Adam’s mansion.

27 February: Episode 9908

Annie helps her brother escape, but later asks him to get out of her car. Jesse is worried about what Annie might do. Colby gets drunk. Zach and Aidan search alone.

28 February: Episode 9909

Opal visits Erica in prison. Zach finds Richie’s dead body. Colby, Cassandra and Dre hit something on the way home. Jesse begins investigating Richie’s death.

All My Children 9 airs weekdays at 13:55pm and repeated at 02:00 only on SABC3.