All My Children Teasers – June 2013

Alicia Minshew portrays Kendall in All My Children which airs on SABC 3 weekdays at 13:55pm and repeats at 02:00. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity
Alicia Minshew portrays Kendall in All My Children which airs on SABC 3 weekdays at 13:55pm and repeats at 02:00. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity

Due to ICC Champions Trophy (cricket) matches All My Children will not be broadcast on some days this June. Below are teasers for the days it will be on air:

3 June

Episode 9972

Opal warns Erica and Krystal to be careful. Opal and Krystal ask Jesse for help. Greenlee and Ryan can’t stop thinking about each other. JR and Babe are worried about Annie’s metal health. Annie escapes from her attacker. Aidan bugs Greenlee. A strange woman arrives at the Hubbard household.

4 June

Episode 9973

Jake tries to convince Taylor to reveal more info about herself. Annie tends to her daughter. Both Ryan and Greenlee are weirdly drawn to the moon. Kendall finds out Bella was tainted by someone. JR is confused by Erica and Adam’s closeness.

5 June

Episode 9974

Tad admits to investigating Taylor. Zach manages to convince Annie to go see a psychiatrist. Adam takes another step in his plan. Amanda comes to a conclusion that she might lose her investment. Greenlee and Kendall are forced to do damage control.

18 June

Episode 9975

Ryan tries to get Kendall to start focusing on her own life. Zach again has to convince Annie to go see a psychiatrist. Colby threatens Adam when she finds out the truth from Petey. JR and Babe make an important decision about their future.

21 June

Episode 9976

Opal confides in Ryan about having a really bad feeling for the future. Taylor is confused and hurt when she goes to see Brot’s mother and learns that Brot never mentioned her. Annie spills about her crimes to the psychiatrist.

24 June

Episode 9977

Annie is forced to make another tough decision. After eavesdropping on his wife, Aidan confronts Greenlee and Ryan. Zach blackmails Annie into giving Emma’s custody to Ryan with information about Richie’s murder. Jack is worried about Erica’s presence at Adam’s mansion. Natalie asks Jesse to come back to their home.

25 June

Episode 9978

Annie and Zach can’t reach an agreement. Jack questions Colby. Ryan gives his wife an ultimatum. Erica tries to charm her way through Adam. A raging Aidan destroys the home that he built for Greenlee. Greenlee blames her problems on Kendall.

26 June

Episode 9979

Carmen and Erica fight. Greenlee finally admits her true feelings. Kendall and Zach are finally ready to move forward in their marriage, while Aidan is having trouble dealing with problems in his. Colby takes Petey’s side.

27 June

Episode 9980

Annie learns about Opal’s predictions. Amanda insults Taylor. Zach and Kendall enjoy spending time together with their kids. Greenlee isn’t ready to listen to what Ryan has to say. Taylor receives her papers for Iraq. Natalie crashes the Hubbard family evening.

28 June

Episode 9981

Erica and Adam realize that someone is hiding in the tunnels. Ryan finds Greenlee. JR and Babe return to Pine Valley. Annie and Corrina go on a search after Emma. Zach leaves Kendall and their kids alone at the house.
All My Children 9 is aired weekdays at 13:55pm and repeated at 02:00 only on SABC3.