All My Children Teasers May 2013

"Josh" in All My Children airing weekdays at 13:55 and repeated at 02:00 on SABC 3
“Josh” in All My Children airing weekdays at 13:55 and repeated at 02:00 on SABC 3. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3

Episode synopses for All My Children 9 which will be aired weekdays at 13:55 and repeated at 02:00 only on SABC3.

1 May – Episode 9951
Taylor admits to killing Fletcher in order to protect Randi. Adam is worried about Colby, who used the contaminated perfume. Kendall keeps sticking her nose in other people’s business at the party. Carmen is worried when she learns Erica left.

2 May – Episode 9952
Josh asks Kendall for her help before Zach confronts him. Zach’s thugs bring Josh to Zach’s office where Zach confronts Josh about embezzling money, but Josh won’t admit to it. Aidan tells Annie that he completely trusts Greenlee,

3 May – Episode 9953
Aidan comforts Greenlee after their fight. She explains that Ryan means a lot to her, but that she loves Aidan. Kendall is shocked when Josh admits to Zach that he stole money from Cambias to fund his own business.

6 May – Episode 9954
Angie is heartbroken when Frankie refuses to listen to her about her redeployment. She tells Jesse it’s all his fault, but later calms down. Frankie informs Taylor about being redeployed.

7 May – Episode 9955
Ryan agrees to work for Zach until the Josh situation is resolved. Zach tells Ryan that he is tired of Kendall ignoring their marriage and family in favor of other people. Ryan gets a restraining order.

8 May – Episode 9956
Ryan tries to tell everyone that Annie has been lying for months, but Adam, J.R. and Babe stick up for her and won’t let Ryan see Emma, so Ryan locks them up.

9 May – Episode 9957
Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that Annie faked getting beat up to control Ryan, but Greenlee won’t listen and instead, she suggests that Kendall should just stay out of it. Richie continues taunting Annie.

10 May – Episode 9958
Annie breaks down and confesses most of her crimes to Ryan. She thinks that losing the baby was the punishment for all the horrible things she had done to him and she asks him not to forgive her.

13 May – Episode 9959
Zach can’t handle Kendall as she continues to ramble about Annie. Greenlee confides in Aidan that she doesn’t want to have any babies because she can’t face the possibility of losing a child. Babe and JR arrive at the hospital

14 May – Episode 9960
Carmen enjoys her birthday and her suddenly full life, but Adam tries to bring her down by saying that Jack will eventually notice she is a gold digger, but Carmen replies that she cares for Jack.

15 May – Episode 9961
Petey pretends trying to find a job at Fusion to cover for snooping around the loading docks, but both Kendall and Greenlee don’t believe him. Babe lets them know that Petey has been hanging around Adam quite a lot lately,

16 May – Episode 9962
A storm starts brewing in Pine Valley. Opal is stunned when Erica tells her she’s going out with Adam. Adam calls Palmer a fossil and Opal a fruitcake. Zach questions Kendall if she’s happy in their marriage

17 May – Episode 9963
Taylor finds herself between Frankie and Randi. Jake finds Petey after he’s been struck by lightning at the loading docks. Erica is surprised by Adam’s actions. Kendall and Zach try to find a way to fix the problems in their marriage.

20 May – Episode 9964
Tad learns too much information when he eavesdrops on Jesse. Amanda continues planning the launch of Bella. Jesse and Angie try to reach their son, who decides to make a confession. Babe and JR announce their engagement.

21 May – Episode 9965
Ryan has a serious talk with Emma. Greenlee accidentally shares too much information. JR and Babe’s engagement party starts. Erica tries to help out Kendall.

22 May – Episode 9966
Erica overhears Adam and Annie talking about Fusion. Jesse shares more details about his past with Angie. Aidan is shocked by Greenlee’s discovery. Kendall finally comes to a rational conclusion. Annie saves Little A’s life. Ryan confronts Annie about her gun.

23 May – Episode 9967
Greenlee is having a hard time dealing with Annie’s actions. Annie wants to fight to get her daughter back. Taylor asks Frankie for a personal favor. Babe realizes something must be going on between Adam and Petey. Frankie’s redeployment is postponed.

24 May – Episode 9968
Jake tries to find out exactly what is bothering Taylor. Taylor manages to successfully go through physical evaluation. Opal scares Krystal. Greenlee comforts Ryan. Adam refuses to support Annie any longer. Zach and Kendall end up with the custody of Emma.

27 May – Episode 9969
Zach has another warning for Kendall. Jesse threatens Aidan to back off. Greenlee blames Kendall for the problems in her marriage. Opal thinks something bad is headed to Pine Valley as she finishes her Tarot reading.

28 May – Episode 9970
Frankie asks Randi to move in with him. Erica tries to get more info out of Adam. Aidan finds out that Greenlee lied to him about Ryan. Annie confronts Kendall and Greenlee. Amanda won’t listen to Babe as she suspects Bella could be contaminated.

29 May – Episode 9971
Kendall and Zach make up. Greenlee realizes that she can’t contact Ryan anymore. Annie confronts Kendall and accuses her of being the one that’s crazy. Petey informs Adam about Erica’s plans after overhearing Opal’s and Erica’s conversation. Colby catches Erica and Adam.

30 May – Episode 9972
Opal warns Erica and Krystal to be careful. Opal and Krystal ask Jesse for help. Greenlee and Ryan can’t stop thinking about each other. JR and Babe are worried about Annie’s metal health. Annie escapes from her attacker. Aidan bugs Greenlee. A strange woman arrives at the Hubbard household.

31 May – Episode 9973
Jake tries to convince Taylor to reveal more info about herself. Annie tends to her daughter. Both Ryan and Greenlee are weirdly drawn to the moon. Kendall finds out Bella was tainted by someone. JR is confused by Erica and Adam’s closeness.