All My Children Teasers – September 2013

Colin Egglesfield pays Josh in All My Children which airs on SABC 3 weekdays at 13:55 and repeats at 01:00. Pic: SABC 3
Colin Egglesfield pays Josh in All My Children which airs on SABC 3 weekdays at 13:55 and repeats at 01:00. Pic: SABC 3

In All My Children this September, Josh’s (pictured) heart may be given away, J.R. gets a helping hand to end the drinking problem and Krystal gets busted! For a sneak peek into how the drama unfolds this month in All My Children (on SABC 3 weekdays at 13:55; repeats at 01:00) continue reading.

02 September

Episode 10033

Jake is stunned when Taylor reveals that she is faking her slow recovering progress to spend more time with Brot. David confronts J.R. about his drinking. Bianca and Reese argue while making their wedding plans. Ryan gives Greenlee an engagement ring. J.R. brings a knocked out David back to Wildwind. Amanda asks Jake for help.


03 September

Episode 10034

JR confronts David and wants him to admit that he is using Krystal to get custody of his son. Opal confronts Krystal. Greenlee asks Zach to give Bianca some space. Taylor and Brot kiss.


04 September

Episode 10035

Opal finds Krystal in David’s arms. Bianca confides in Greenlee about her problems. Erica confronts Reese and Zach. Tad returns home.


05 September

Episode 10036

Amanda helps J.R. stop drinking. Bianca turns on Reese. David and Tad face off. Petey comes to a conclusion that Colby will never love him.


06 September

Episode 10037

Frankie isn’t able to deal with Randi’s past anymore. Aidan signs the divorce papers. Annie dreams of Greenlee killing Ryan. Tad won’t let Krystal see Jenny.


09 September

Episode 10038

Reese and Bianca decide to move forward. Natalia makes an important decision for her future. Jesse gives advice to Randi. Josh spies on Kendall, Erica and Zach.


10 September

Episode 10039

Aidan gives Annie advice on how to act. Krystal and Tad face off at the case hearing. Greenlee decides to go see Annie. An armed Josh goes to the casino.


11 September

Episode 10040

Tad is given full custody of his daughter, while Krystal has another low moment at the custody hearing. Josh takes Reese hostage at the casino. Jake and Angie break into Wildwind and search through David’s stuff. Amanda takes a pregnancy test.


12 September

Episode 10041

Josh is pronounced brain dead. Adam begs his son to stop drinking. Amanda receives upsetting news. David convinces Erica that the best thing to do would be to give Josh’s heart to Kendall.


13 September

Episode 10042

Little A is frightened by JR. Bianca wants to postpone the wedding. Angie confronts David. Kendall is better after the surgery.


16 September

Episode 10043

Opal gives Tad a warning. Angie is suspended at the hospital. Colby turns on her own friends. Amanda decides to have an abortion. Krystal chooses David over her own daughter.


17 September

Episode 10044

Amanda confides in JR about her pregnancy. Emma ends up getting burned. Erica lashes out on her employees. Annie remembers stabbing Erica. Dr. Sinclair wants to punish Annie.


18 September

Episode 10045

Krystal goes to Tad with the divorce papers. Ryan wants to find out more about the mysterious Dr. Sinclair. Brot gets a job. JR tries to please Amanda. Dr. Sinclair wants to drug Aidan.


19 September

Episode 10046

Tad starts investigating Dr. Sinclair. Greenlee undermines Erica. Annie stands up to Riley. Reese and Bianca try on their gowns for the wedding.


20 September

Episode 10047

Angie makes up with Jesse. Aidan is taken back to his room. JR wonders who the father of Amanda’s baby is. Amanda gives Greenlee an offer. Dr. Sinclair knows what Tad’s plans are.


23 September

Episode 10048

Dr. Sinclair tries to force Annie to do something she doesn’t want to. Erica surprises everyone at Bianca’s shower. Krystal attempts to leave David, while Tad grows tired of Krystal’s behavior. Kendall opens her eyes.


24 September

Episode 10049

Tad confronts Krystal yet again. Just as Greenlee is convinced there is something wrong with Kendall, she ends up waking up from her coma. Kathy disappears.


25 September

Episode 10050

Adam knows about Amanda’s secret. Angie turns on Krystal. Tad continues searching for Kathy. Petey and Colby try to start anew.


26 September

Episode 10051

JR asks Amanda to move in with him. Krystal gives Kathy back to Tad. Opal fakes giving Greenlee hope. Sinclair listens in on Annie and Aidan.


27 September

Episode 10052

Adam is worried that Amanda might be scamming his son. Kendall returns home. Frankie helps out Amanda. Greenlee finds out about Erica’s bad move.


30 September

Episode 10053

Erica and Greenlee fight. Frankie gives a promise to Rebecca. David threatens Amanda. Jake, Jesse and Tad put their plan into motion.