The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers April 2014

Hunter Tylo plays Taylor in SABC 3 soapie The Bold and The Beautiful. Pic: SABC 3 Publicity
Hunter Tylo plays Taylor in SABC 3 soapie The Bold and The Beautiful. Pic: SABC 3 Publicity

Coming up on The Bold and The Beautiful on SABC 3 in April 2014:

Episode 43 (6526)  Monday, 31 March 2014

Rick attempts to console Hope about her current relationship status and can’t help but feel responsible for it. Donna and Pam commiserate about Eric starting up a relationship with Taylor and how quickly they have moved in together. Pam eavesdrops as Brooke gets Donna onboard with the way of thinking that Taylor is only using Eric to assist her children in their careers. Liam and Steffy begin to make plans for their future together.

Episode 44 (6527) Tuesday, 01 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Eric and Taylor fear what outrageous act Pam may do out of jealousy now that she knows about their relationship. Anthony advises Rick to come clean to Maya regarding his true identity as a fashion heir rather than an impoverished and homeless waiter at Dayzee’s. Meanwhile, Caroline continues her attempt to regain Rick’s attention and becomes curious as to what, or who, is distracting him.

Episode 45 (6528) Wednesday, 02 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Eric witnesses a not-so pleasant side of Caroline as she vents to him her frustrations regarding Rick’s sudden need to volunteer at Dayzee’s so often. Feeling more comfortable with Rick, Maya opens up to him about her daughter. Rick surprises Maya with a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Marcus is amused that Carter already has his eye on a couple of local ladies even though he hasn’t been in town very long.

Episode 46 (6529) Thursday, 03 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Still not revealing his true identity, Rick convinces Maya into visiting the Forrester Creations boutique to try on couture dresses for fun. Feelings are mixed when Eric announces to everyone at Forrester that Taylor is moving in with him and that he expects everyone to respect their relationship. In Rick’s absence from work, the board notices decisions that he made that have cost the company a lot of money. Thomas takes this opportunity to pitch ideas that he hopes will make up for Rick’s mistakes. Taylor feels that she now has the upper-hand in her ongoing feud with Brooke.

Episode 47 (6530) Friday, 04 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Taylor begins to assert her newfound power around Forrester Creations, especially towards Brooke. Feeling as though she is owed it for stepping back from Liam, Hope asks Steffy for a considerable favor. Steffy feels as though Hope has an ulterior motive behind her request. Rick profusely apologizes to a betrayed Maya for hiding his real identity from her. Taylor presses Eric to believe that appointing Rick as president was a huge mistake. Bill continues his attempt to convince Brooke to resurrect the Brooke’s Bedroom line.

Episode 48 (6531) Monday, 07 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Taylor suggests to Eric that he should give Thomas a chance again to be president in place of Rick. Having been absent all day, Rick returns to the office to learn that his job is on the line and that Brooke is literally giving the shirt off of her back to help him. Brooke goes to desperate measures to ensure that Taylor doesn’t get her way of forcing Rick and Hope out of the company. Katie confesses to Donna the problems that she and Bill are having in their marriage.

Episode 49 (6532) Tuesday, 08 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

While Bill, Brooke and Rick celebrate the successful re-launch of Brooke’s Bedroom, Taylor attempts to burst their bubble by telling them that the collection will fail and cause additional problems for the company. Also unhappy with the surprise presentation, Thomas warns Rick that his days as president of the company are numbered. Donna is unconvinced by Brooke’s platonic relationship with Bill the way that Katie is. Caroline takes extreme measures to regain Rick’s attention.

Episode 50 (6533) Wednesday, 09 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match) 

Taylor blindsides Katie with information regarding Brooke and Bill’s recent business endeavor. Obviously distracted, Rick is confronted by Caroline regarding his seemingly sudden lack of interest in her. Maya confides in Dayzee about her day on Rodeo Drive with Rick and how he had kept his true identity from her. After revealing that she is a Forrester, Dayzee warns Maya to stay away from Rick. During their champagne-filled celebration, Bill and Brooke disclose to each other private and intimate thoughts.

Episode 51 (6534) Thursday, 10 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Katie is furious and accusatory when finding Bill and Brooke in a compromising, and inebriated, position. She is convinced that Brooke has set out to steal Bill the way she has stolen so many other men. Hope experiences additional heartbreak as she stumbles upon a sketch of Steffy’s wedding dress just as Liam arrives. Rick becomes defensive when Taylor comes at him with allegations regarding Brooke and Bill’s working relationship.

Episode 52 (6535) Friday, 11 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

Katie is less than thrilled by the compromising position which she has caught Brooke and Bill in. Even with her mind on Rick, Maya agrees to go on a date with a very persistent Carter. Hope advises an extremely confused Rick to be honest with Caroline about his feelings for Maya. Dayzee becomes upset when she learns that the guy that Maya is interested in is Rick. She lets Caroline know that something is going on between Rick and Maya.

Episode 53 (6536) Monday, 14 April 2014

(This episode will move to SABC 1 due to the cricket match)

When Bill walks in on a personal conversation, he berates Taylor for giving Katie unnecessary concern about him and Brooke. This interaction leads to Bill and Katie hashing out all of the problems they currently have in their marriage. Donna is disappointed in her sister when Brooke confesses about what has been going on between her and Bill. Dayzee feels too close for comfort when Maya arrives at Eric’s dinner party with Carter. Rick is stunned to find Maya in his father’s home and on a date with Carter.

Episode 54 (6537) Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Brooke attempts to keep her thoughts and her feelings for Bill suppressed even when he turns to her with his concerns regarding Katie. After a heart-to-heart talk with Danielle, Caroline sets out to show Rick what he’s missing. The guests at Eric’s dinner party are tense and confused by the earlier interaction between Maya and Rick. Maya is heartbroken when she witnesses a private moment between Rick and Caroline.

Episode 55 (6538) Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Following another failed attempt to regain Rick’s attention, Caroline seeks Maya out to warn her to stay away from her man. Taylor and Brooke don’t mince words as they exchange damning accusations about each other’s personal lives. Katie puts her foot down on Bill’s business and personal association with Brooke. Eric uses the opportunity of the press conference to make an announcement about his and Taylor’s relationship.

Episode 56 (6539) Thursday, 17 April 2014

During their heated confrontation, Brooke advises Katie on how to deal with Bill while not letting her marriage fall apart. With the assistance of a bottle of scotch, Bill sulks after his fall out with Katie. On the heels of eye-opening conversations with Caroline and Dayzee, Maya goes to Rick to let him know what she thinks about a possible future between them. Katie turns to Danielle to vent about the troubles in her marriage.

Episode 57 (6540) Friday, 18 April 2014

While meeting with Danielle, Katie’s gut intuition tells her that something is wrong with someone that she cares about. She confesses to Danielle that she thinks that there is something going on between Bill and Brooke. The police become suspicious when they come across a single-car crash scene and no passengers anywhere to be found. Brooke does everything in her power to protect Bill from being incriminated in any way about the car accident.

Episode 58 (6541) Monday, 21 April 2014

Brooke downplays the seriousness of the situation as Lt. Baker grills her about the details surrounding the car crash. Taylor stirs the pot as she voices to Rick, Thomas, and Eric her concern regarding Bill and Brooke’s association and how it may affect Forrester Creations. Donna attempts to calm a flustered Katie down as she talks about her suspicion that Brooke and Bill are having an affair behind her back. Katie is furious when Brooke calls her to inform her that Bill will not be home tonight.

Episode 59 (6542) Tuesday, 22 April 2014

As they babysit Will, Hope and Liam fondly discuss the life and family that they could have had together if outside forces hadn’t gotten in the way. Katie feels that her suspicions are confirmed when she once again finds Bill and Brooke in a compromising position. Brooke and Bill attempt to justify what Katie saw, but it just might not be enough to save the marriage.

Episode 60 (6543) Wednesday, 23 April 2014

During her lunch with Dayzee, Caroline is green with envy when she witnesses Rick on a date with Maya. She concocts a devious plan that she is certain will get Maya out of Rick’s life forever. Rick encourages Maya to return to her pursuit of an acting career. Fed up with Bill and Brooke’s inappropriate relationship, Katie gives them both a piece of her mind. Brooke attempts to convince Bill to fight for his marriage, but he seemingly has lost the will to do so.

Episode 61 (6544) Thursday, 24 April 2014

Caroline makes acquaintances and financial arrangements with someone who can give Maya her big break on the silver screen. Rick and Maya get to know each other better over lunch as they share some of their past experiences and failed relationships. Brooke and Bill discuss what steps to take next following the massive blow up with Katie the night before.

Episode 62 (6545) Friday, 25 April 2014

Brooke and Bill learn that there is collateral damage that immediately followed their fallout with Katie. Maya is excited about her movie role offer and hopes that this will be her big break in acting. She quickly learns that the role isn’t quite what she was expecting. While following up on her business arrangement, Caroline finds herself in an awkward situation. Donna confronts Bill and Brooke about their association with each other.

Episode 63 (6546) Monday, 28 April 2014

Donna is suspicious of Brooke and Bill and makes accusations at them for being responsible for Katie’s condition. Brooke pleads with Donna not to tell anyone about what happened the evening before with Bill. Taylor is unhappy when she finds Liam and Hope spending time together with Baby Will. When Taylor learns about Katie’s current state, she immediately points blame at the cause.

Episode 64 (6547) Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tired of Taylor’s damning accusations about him and Brooke being the cause of Katie’s ailment, Bill sets her straight. Donna is worried that Taylor may have overheard an incriminating conversation with Brooke. Bill and Brooke plead with Katie to forgive them for the fight they had the evening before. Hope and Liam share their feelings with each other regarding Steffy’s pregnancy.

Episode 65 (6548) Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Caroline and Dayzee conspire about what they can do to get Maya out of Rick’s and their lives for good. Confused by his recent interactions with Maya, Hope confronts Rick about whether or not he is still dating Caroline. Taylor attempts to convince Eric that her suspicions regarding Bill and Brooke’s inappropriate relationship are valid. Liam and Steffy begin planning their pending nuptials by choosing a venue.

Episode 66 (6549) Thursday, 01 May 2014

While Hope is trying to convince Rick to restart his pursuit of Maya, Carter is using charm and persistence to talk her into going out with him. Rick presents Maya with a proposition that could change her life forever. Steffy and Liam explore the Forrester Mansion grounds to choose a particular location for their ceremony. Taylor confronts Hope about giving Steffy and Liam space while they plan their wedding.

Episode 67 (6550) Friday, 02 May 2014

Steffy and Liam begin to make wedding plans by working on a dress design and choosing the maid-of-honour. Bill and Brooke go back and forth about whether or not they acted too soon on believing that Katie was ready to end her marriage. Dr. Meade is concerned about Katie’s prognosis and confers with Bill and Brooke about what steps to take if her condition does not improve.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs on SABC 3 weekdays at 18H00.

Teasers supplied by SABC 3 Publicity.