Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris (re) engaged

Hugh Hefner, 86, decided to propose marriage to his ex “runaway bride” Crystal Harris, 26, again after they canceled their first marriage five days before walking down the aisle back in June, 2011. The master Play Boy has decided to re-engage his one-time playmate of the month and they reported to be planning to get … Continue reading “Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris (re) engaged”

Lady Gaga sexy Cake video and steamy photos (Watch here)

Lady Gaga has recently shot a video to promote a new record, Cake (or Cake Like Lady Gaga). The steamy video was shot by her cameraman friend Terry Richardson. The song started when one of the producers on Gaga’s Born This Way project, DJ White Shadow, posted a beat on SoundCloud and tweeted the following … Continue reading “Lady Gaga sexy Cake video and steamy photos (Watch here)”