Days of Our Lives August 2014 Teasers

Coming up on Days of Our Lives on SABC 3 this August 2014: Tad loses it over finding out Sonny is gay; Bo gets demoted at work; Sami might be expecting a child soon, whose the father? Have a sneak preview in the Days of Our Lives August 2014 Teasers below and be sure to catch Days of Our Lives on SABC 3 weekdays at 17H00 for more drama.

Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black in Days of Our Lives. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on SABC 3 at 17H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3
Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black in The Bold and the Beautiful. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on SABC 3 at 17H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3

EPISODE 11 636 / 49 – 01.08.2014

Hope, frustrated over the DiMera’s getting away with the impostor scheme, takes her anger out on a man brought in for harassing a homeless man. E.J. cannot place the woman he saw in his dream until Melanie is in his room to check on him. Vivian is upset when she seems Carly, Daniel and Melanie enjoying a dinner together at the Pub. Carly insists to Daniel that she doesn’t know what Jennifer was talking about when she said Carly had feelings for him. Carly ends up taking the drugs she found on the docks and passes out in her room. Jennifer is livid when Daniel tells her he told Carly what she said to him. Stefano tries to pay Taylor to leave town.

EPISODE 11 637 / 50 – 04.08.2014

Victor tries to defend Sonny when Tad loses it over finding out Sonny is gay. Kate and Nicole bond over alcohol and their feelings for DiMera men. Vivian breaks into Carly’s room while Carly is passed out. Vivian puts a pill into a glass of water and makes Carly drink it than Vivian scatters pills around and takes a picture that she later sends to the staff at the hospital. Jennifer finds Carly passed out and gets her in the shower to wake up. Jennifer tells Carly that she can’t cover for her anymore and she needs help.

EPISODE 11 638 / 51 – 05.08.2014

Nicole sees a drunk Taylor and Brady kissing and freaks out. Daniel shows up at Carly’s room after seeing the picture and Jennifer lets him in. Jennifer admits to Daniel that she knew about Carly’s pill addiction. Carly tells Daniel her reasons for turning to pills including when she thought they might have a future. Melanie shows up and is filled in on all the details. Carly is sick of everyone looking at her and goes into the bathroom. Melanie notes that she has been in there too long and they find the bathroom empty. Carly wonders the docks barefoot and looking a mess running into Vivian. Vivian takes the opportunity to tell Carly that Nicholas has seen the picture. Carly passes out by a Dumpster. Will tries to talk some sense into Tad but Gabi tells Will that she wants nothing to do with Tad anymore.

EPISODE 11 639 / 52 – 06.08.2014

Bo is demoted from Police Commissioner. Carly is nearly attacked while she is passed out by the Dumpster but Quinn saves her and brings Carly back to his room. Vivian shows up but Quinn has Carly under a blanket. Later, Quinn finds Carly’s driver’s license and finds out she is his mother’s nemesis. E.J. tells Taylor he remembers seeing Melanie the night he was beat up.

EPISODE 11 640 / 53 – 07.08.2014

E.J. confronts Melanie about being there the night he was beat up. Bo and Hope see the picture of Carly and are put on the case to find her. Carly tells Quinn about Nicholas and Lawrence. Taylor discourages Brady from following Nicole’s plan to leave town.

EPISODE 11 641 / 54 – 08.08.2014

Quinn is conflicted over helping Carly and being loyal to Vivian. Taylor knocks Brady out and takes his gun but before she can dump it she runs into E.J.

EPISODE 11 642 / 55 – 11.08.2014

Taylor gives Brady’s gun to E.J. Kate tries to get information on Quinn from Gus. Quinn demands Chloe do a job for him that will interfere with her new singing gig. Kinsey catches Chloe with a John. Sonny invites a reluctant Will to a baseball game.

EPISODE 11 643 / 56 – 12.08.2014

Kinsey tells Chloe she saw her with one of her John’s but tells Chloe she will keep it a secret. Chad confronts Kate about sending Abby to see him do business for Stefano. The nurse Carly talked to the night she took off informs Daniel and Melanie of Carly’s call to take some time off.

EPISODE 11 644 / 57 – 13.08.2014

Maggie tells Adrienne that she is dating Victor. Hope, Bo and Rafe investigate a case behind Roman’s back. Stefano realizes that E.J. remembers who beat him up but is protecting someone. Sonny gets a job with the D.A.’s office but Justin and Adrienne are not happy about it.

EPISODE 11 645 / 58 – 14.08.2014

Victor meets with Stefano to discuss a truce but Stefano is setting Victor up to be shot. Maggie ends up taking the bullet meant for Victor.

EPISODE 11 646 / 59 – 15.08.2014

Maggie is rushed into surgery. Brady thinks E.J. set him up while Stefano planned an ambush on Victor.

EPISODE 11 647 / 60 – 18.08.2014

Maggie dies on the operating table. Rafe seems a condom fall out of Will’s wallet and confronts him about his intentions with Gabi. Later, Will tells Gabi what happened and tries to surprise her with a night at a hotel. Rafe figures out where the shooter was standing.

EPISODE 11 648 / 61 – 19.08.2014

Daniel is able to revive Maggie. Roman tells Bo and Hope to stay away from Maggie shooting case. Stefano collapses but E.J. makes no attempt to help Chad by calling 911. Will and Gabi sleep together for the first time. Taylor stills thinks E.J. has changed and couldn’t of been involved with Maggie’s shooting.

EPISODE 11 649 / 62 – 20.08.2014

D.A. Woods still wants Bo and Hope on the case of Maggie’s shooting. Victor refuses to leave Maggie’s side. E.J. tells Taylor he was behind Maggie’s shooting but she doesn’t believe him. Brady worries about Nicole being a target if she is with him.

EPISODE 11 650 / 63 – 21.08.2014

Carly sees the video plea Melanie made and rushes out of Quinn’s room. Brady worries that Taylor will get caught in the middle of the, DiMera/Kiriakis feud.

EPISODE 11 651 / 64 – 22.08.2014

Dmitri shoots Chad. Stefano calls a truce with Victor. Quinn finds Carly crying the alley after she saw Melanie on the news. Vivian sees the paper with a sketch of a man that looks like Quinn wanted for questioning in Carly’s disappearance. Jennifer quits the hospital when Lexie tells her the board is upset that they went public with Carly’s disappearance. Taylor confronts Brady about Chad’s shooting and accuses Nicole of knowing about the attack. Carly is reunited with Melanie and Daniel.

EPISODE 11 652 / 65 – 25.08.2014

Victor refuses a truce with Stefano. Lexie tells Hope that Maggie’s living will had a DNR order and they will need to take her off life support. When Maggie is taken off the ventilator everyone is surprised that she starts breathing on her own. Carly decides to check into rehab that night and Melanie offers to take her. Chad tells Stefano he will be moving out of the mansion. Vivian is irate when she finds out Quinn was helping Carly. Taylor blames Nicole for the DiMera/Kiriakis feud.

EPISODE 11 653 / 66 – 26.08.2014

Kate tries to guilt Chad into staying at the mansion. Bo and Hope continue to work the case of call girls being attacked which angers Roman. Vivian tells Carly that Quinn is her son. Taylor witness Carly slapping Quinn and confronts him. Melanie checks Carly into rehab.

EPISODE 11 654 / 67 – 27.08.2014

Taylor and Quinn somehow know each other. Chad defends Sonny against Tad’s rants. Sami wants a job at the Salem PD but Taylor gets it instead. Hope continues to work the call girl case with Rafe’s help. Justin offers to help Hope since he does pro-bono work at the woman’s shelter. The social worker thinks things are going great for Chloe. Kinsey meets one of Chloe’s clients at a hotel. When Taylor hears about the call girls being attacked she takes special interest.

EPISODE 11 655 / 68 – 28.08.2014

Sami thinks she might be pregnant and takes a home test which turns out positive. Rafe brings Sami to the hospital to confirm it and when the results come back Maxine tells them there is a problem. Chloe arrives to the hotel just in time because Kinsey has freaked out and changed her mind about sleeping with Chloe’s client. Daniel takes Jennifer on a date and calls her his girlfriend for the first time. Melanie is desperate to get in touch with Nicholas even calling Vivian. Carly is hallucinating during her detox but gets a surprise visit from Nicholas. Dario runs into a girl he met while working at the Cheatin’ Heart and later she starts working for Quinn.

EPISODE 11 656 / 69 – 29.08.2014

Sonny arranges a truce between the DiMera’s and Kiriakis’. Lexie tells Sami that she isn’t pregnant but something abnormal showed up in her tests and Sami should contact her regular doctor. Nicole accuses Taylor of working at the police station to get information for E.J. Quinn blackmails Taylor into telling him any information she hears about him at the police station. One of Quinn’s call girls is attacked. Melanie realizes that Brady is making up tasks to keep Dario away from her.

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