Days of Our Lives – April 2013 Teasers

Leann Hunly. Pic: Provided by SABC 3
Leann Hunly. Pic: Provided by SABC 3

Episode synopses for Season 30 & 31 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3.

1 April
Episode 11 320
Chloe and Philip sleep together before figuring out that they were wrong about their respective mates. E.J. asks Sami to move in with him and Stefano. Sami initially refuses but when E.J. tells her that she can spend all her time with Sydney she has second thoughts. Later, Sami tells Rafe of the possibility and he lashes out but Sami tells him that maybe now Sydney will call her mama. Hope convinces Dr. Baker to help her do her dirty work.

2 April
Episode 11 321
On the pier, Dr. Baker runs into E.J. and E.J. doesn’t understand why he is alive. Hope walks up behind E.J. and knocks him out. Dr. Baker tells Hope that E.J. knows him and this isn’t going to work like they planned.

3 April
Episode 11 322
Rafe questions Stefano as to why he wants Sammy and the children to move back into the mansion with him. Sammy finds E.J. unconscious in the alley way.

4 April
Episode 11 323
Nicole bullies Arianna into granting her an interview with E.J. Dr. Baker can’t figure out what game Hope is playing.

5 April
Episode 11 324
Kate tells Stefano that they have a problem with Will’s friends. E.J. warns Nicole against taking the interview any further.

8 April
Episode 11 325
Hope catches Dr. Baker before he leaves town and demands he stay and hand over the cashier’s check from the money he stole from E.J.’s account. Vivian gets the motel clerk to tell Chloe another pack of lies and he switches the story around getting Chloe to believe that Carly set her up to think Daniel was cheating.

9 April
Episode 11 326
Nathan acts weary to stay with Daniel and Carly to work on a case if Chloe will be there. Arianna and Brady’s evening is interrupted by Gabi who has a computer crisis and needs Ari’s help. Nicole swoops in to beg Brady for help with E.J.’s accusation. Nicole instead tries to put the moves on Brady and he rejects her and throws her out. Nicole sees Ari at the Pub with her sister and pretends to be talking on the phone to Brady and thanking him for a great night. Brady goes for a walk and is mugged by Hope and Dr. Baker. Stephanie realizes that Philip has done something that will mess up his relationship with Melanie and worries it will cause Nathan to rush to her aide. Stephanie throws away her birth control pills.

10 April
Episode 11 327
Arianna goes to the mansion to find Brady but he is nowhere to be found. Hope takes her mugging to the next level and brands Brady with a symbol on his chest. Gabi and Nicole get into a fight at the Pub and Gabi pours a drink on her. Brady stumbles into the Pub and falls into Nicole’s arms and passes out. Brady is rushed to the hospital where Nicole is questioned by Roman but she has an alibi since she was with Gabi. Nicole plants the blame on Arianna. Vivian’s plan to mess with Chloe’s head works fine as Chloe lashes out at Carly just as Daniel returns home. Chloe tells Daniel that Carly set her up to believe he was having an affair with Daniel and the motel clerk even told her that Carly told him to tell her that she was there with Daniel. Daniel and Chloe find the motel clerk but he claims to have never met Chloe before in his life. Melanie is curious why Philip left Chloe a message to not do anything rash with Carly. Philip tells Melanie that Chloe has come to him with her problems and it is awkward so he doesn’t think Melanie should spend a lot of time with Daniel anymore.

11 April (Season 31)
Episode 11 328
Nicole realizes that Arianna has no alibi for the time that Brady was mugged so she continues her plan to frame Arianna. Hope thinks Ciara got into her make-up when she finds it scattered all over the floor. Roman questions Hope why she didn’t answer her phone when Brady came into the hospital. Hope recognizes that symbol as being Irish. Sami and E.J. move into the DiMera mansion but it doesn’t take long before Sami and Kate are at each other’s throats. Anna runs into Calliope while on the island and avoids saying much about why she is there. Later it is revealed that Calliope is working for Rafe and has to get information out of Anna about the kidnapping.

12 April
Episode 11 329
Chad doesn’t understand why his mother doesn’t want him hanging out with Will. Things get even more confusing when Kate hides a picture of her and Madeline looking chummy in some of Will’s papers and Chad sees the picture. Sami decides against staying at the DiMera mansion but has to change her plans back when a water pipe breaks in the penthouse. Rafe tells Calliope that if she doesn’t assist with getting information out of Anna she will have charges from the IRS.

15 April
Episode 11 330
Calliope eventually gets Anna to start talking. Victor rushes Maggie to the hospital after she passes out. Nicole is surprised to learn that Dr. Baker is alive and back in town while she is doing her undercover story.

16 April
Episode 11 331
Melanie doesn’t tell Nathan about Stephanie throwing away her birth control pills. Stephanie throws her pills in the water this time. Calliope nearly gets the goods from Anna but Anna passes out drunk. Will catches Sami and E.J. in a comfortable position.

17 April
Episode 11 332
Hope is unable to go on the police stakeout for the mugger since Maggie was supposed to watch Ciara.

18 April
Episode 11 333
Nicole tells Dr. Baker to pin the muggings on Arianna. Daniel tells his worries to Carly. Vivian continues to steer Chloe into thinking that Carly is trying to steal Daniel away from her. Mia announces that she is considering moving to New York to pursue dancing again.

19 April
Episode 11 334
Chad tells his mother that he doesn’t want to go away to boarding school. Chloe nearly tells Daniel everything. E.J. becomes jealous when Rafe sends Johnny a FBI jacket. Calliope finds Anna recovering from a hangover and continues to coax her to reveal who she was working with. After hugging Callope, Anna pulls out the camera attached to her shirt.

22 April
Episode 11 335
Arianna and Brady set a wedding date. Nicole moves forward with her plan to set Arianna up for the muggings by pulling some hair out of Arianna’s brush. Madeline is not pleased when Chad announces he would rather go to Salem U then Wake Forest. Will confronts Kate over the picture of her with Madeline but Kate plays it off that the two just ran in the same social circle but are by no means fans. Anna finds the camera hidden in Calliope’s shirt and tries to make a run for it. Rafe encourages Anna to stay and let him know who she was working for in order to set herself and Calliope free.

23 April
Episode 11 336
E.J. freaks when Stefano informs him that Anna did not call in at her usual time. E.J. figures that it has something to do with Rafe’s secret mission. Stefano also tells E.J. that he told every contractor in the area not to work with Sami on fixing her apartment. Will overhears E.J. yelling at Stefano that if Sami wants to leave with her children she is allowed to do so. Sami asks Will to teach Johnny poker and she is surprised when he doesn’t tell her no. Later, Will brings Johnny downstairs and Sami, E.J., Will, Johnny and Sydney have a poker night. Arianna catches Nicole stealing her fork but Nicole makes up some crazy story about doing a story on people stealing items from local restaurants. Nicole brings the hair and the finger print she got off a glass to Dr. Baker and tells them to plant them on the next victim to frame Arianna. Ciara tells Hope that she is happy now after their talk but Hope doesn’t remember having any talk with Ciara.

24 April
Episode 11 337
Arianna and Brady get into another fight which works out perfectly for Nicole because Arianna will not have an alibi. Hope does not want Dr. Baker to frame Arianna for the muggings. Hope takes out another victim….Roman. Mia tells Maggie that she is thinking about dropping out of school to go to New York to dance. Maggie tries to talk Mia out of it and wants her to finish school. Stefano talks on the phone to someone about completing a task. Rafe thinks Anna is faking passing out but soon realizes that Anna has been poisoned by her food.

25 April
Episode 11 338
Hope knocks Roman out and begins going through his pockets when she nearly catches Dr. Baker planting the evidence on Roman to frame Arianna. Arianna nearly calls Brady but hears a commotion outside her room. Caroline pumps into Arianna in the Pub dressed all in black and out of breath. Carly happens upon the scene but Hope and Dr. Baker take off. When the police and Abe arrive, Carly notes the women ran off and had long dark hair. Nicole worries that Arianna might have an alibi since she was with Caroline but realizes the two just ran into each other. Chloe pushes away from intimacy with Daniel. Nathan offers to get Stephanie a drink but she makes up an excuse that she has a headache and doesn’t want to drink. Melanie and Philip arrive and Melanie is suspicious of Stephanie refusing drinks. Later, Stephanie tries to grill Philip on what he did that could hurt Melanie.

26 April
Episode 11 339
Abe announces that the fingerprints found on the flashlight match Arianna’s. Dr. Baker worries what will happen if Hope figures out that he planted the evidence on Roman. Dr. Baker wants Nicole to give him money to get out of town.

29 April
Episode 11 340
Carly overhears Nathan’s suggestion that Chloe go to a sex therapist. Daniel goes over to Maggie’s to confront Philip about having dinner with Vivian and Philip thinks he knows about Chloe. E.J. forbids Stefano from taking Will under his wing. Will thinks to himself that Stefano isn’t that bad. Melanie demands to look in Stephanie’s purse and the two get into a fight over it before being broke up by Nurse Lesley and Maggie. Rafe demands the doctor give Anna something to help her come out of her coma.

30 April
Episode 11 341
Rafe is arrested for poisoning Anna and thrown in South American jail. Arianna is arrested for the muggings but not before Nicole reveals the information on Arianna’s past. Carly figures out that Chloe had an affair and encourages her to tell Daniel.