Days of our Lives December 2012 Teasers

Suzanne Rogers- Maggie. Days of our Lives is on SABC 3 every weekday at 05:30pm. Pic: Supplied

3 December Episode 11 244

Sami is getting ready to tell Rafe about the ransom note but he informs her that he is being reinstated with the FBI and will be the point person on Sydney’s case. They have to rush to Nicole’s sentencing hearing and are joined by Will. Gabi talks with Chad about starting school the next day when Mia arrives. Mia tells Chad that she is testifying at Nicole’s hearing and he insists on doing the same. Mia invites Gabi to the hearing without telling her any additional information. Brady comes back to the Pub just in time because Al is sneaking up on Arianna. Al covers and tells Ari he is just there for coffee and didn’t see the note. Al tells Troy he couldn’t complete the job because Brady showed up. Troy is irritated and tells Al to take Ari out and whoever is with her. Troy has to meet up with Ari so she doesn’t get suspicious. After Troy leaves Ari still doesn’t lock the door and goes back to inventory. Ari ends up deciding to go to the hearing instead so Al is still unable to complete the job. At the hearing, everyone has their turn to give their testimony. The judge then asks if anyone is there to speak on Nicole’s behalf and Brady arrives and tells the court about being there when Nicole lost her baby. Nicole speaks on her behalf and tells the judge she expects to be fully punished for what she did. The judge announces he is ready to give his verdict. The judge notes that Nicole seems very remorseful which cause E.J. to stand up and scream about Nicole. The judge note that E.J. is a DiMera and no one in his family has ever paid for any crime they have done. Sami then stands up and begins shouting and the judge also points out that Sami has done several things herself and tells E.J. and Sami to sit down or they will be held in contempt. The judge prepares to give his verdict.

4 December Episode 11 245

The Judge hands down his sentence of twenty years to Nicole. Sami is furious that Nicole didn’t get the maximum of 70 years because the judge feels Nicole was remorseful. Nicole then addresses the court saying she will serve her sentence and she hopes everyone turns their attention to finding Sydney. Arianna and Brady argue again over Nicole. Rafe mentions to E.J. that he has been reinstated in the FBI and E.J. tells Sami that she can’t mention anything to Rafe about the ransom notes. Mia tells Gabi that her and Chad have a connection and always will. Gabi tells Chad that she can’t see him anymore. Mia and Will are making out when Gabi stops by to return Mia’s scarf. Gabi realizes that the two were making out and questions Mia since she was just telling her that she had feelings for Chad. Maggie excitedly prepares for her and Mickey’s cruise leaving Chloe in charge of the volunteers at the hospital. Lexie tells Chloe about Nicole and Chloe rushes off to see Nicole. Nicole tells Chloe that she isn’t going to fight the sentence and after Chloe leaves Brady arrives. Nicole tells Brady that she doesn’t want him to visit and he needs to get on with his life. E.J. receives a phone call and rushes off. Anna is talking to Sydney when she hears a car door shut and she hurriedly packs Sydney up and opens the door to find E.J.

5 December Episode 11 246

Bo confronts Justin about having feelings for Hope. Justin tells Bo that he is over being the nice guy. Carly ends up in the hospital elevator with Vivian and admits to Vivian that she killed Lawrence. Vivian gets off the elevator and Carly ends up stuck in it. Carly starts reliving the time she was buried alive by Vivian and freaks out. Bo arrives just as Carly is let out and the two leave and walk on the docks where they share an intimate kiss. Hope arrives at Maggie’s and realizes something is wrong because Maggie is clearly upset. Maggie tells Hope that Mickey was packing for their cruise and she went to check on him. Maggie tells Hope that she tried CPR but he wouldn’t respond. Hope tells Maggie she will go upstairs and take care of everything because Maggie can’t return to the room. The paramedics arrive and wheel Mickey away but Maggie stops them and says good-bye and puts Mickey’s wedding ring back on his finger. Hope tells Maggie that she will tell Alice in person about Mickey’s death. Will can’t overlook Mia’s lies about Chad and the dance. Anna is trying to leave when she runs into E.J. at the door. E.J. wants to know what Anna is doing because they had an agreement that she would stay there no matter what. Anna explains she heard a noise and when he didn’t come to the door right away she got scared. E.J. calls Sami while Anna puts Sydney down for a nap. E.J. reassures Sami that they cannot tell Rafe and everything will work out.

6 December Episode 11 247

Bo and Carly have sex. Doug, Julie and Nathan get the news about Mickey. Maggie receives a delayed text message from Mickey and breaks down. Melanie comforts Maggie after learning of Mickey’s death. Troy orders his hit man to buy a silencer to kill Arianna.

7 December Episode 11 248

Hope calls Bo while he is still in bed with Carly to tell him about Mickey’s death. When Bo meets up with Hope she realizes something is off and asks if he slept with Carly and he admits the truth. E.J. attempts to reassure Anna that everything will work out. Sami tells E.J. that she can’t keep the ransom secret from Rafe any longer. Mia informs Will about Mickey’s death. Maggie is distraught when she realizes she accidentally deleted Mickey’s text message. Lucas tells Maggie that he knows someone that can retrieve the message. Nathan and Melanie kiss in the Horton kitchen with Philip standing just outside. Philip doesn’t catch the kiss because Stephanie showed up and told him about Mickey’s death. Carly shows up at Maggie’s to pay her respects and Hope lays into her calling her a whore.

10 December Episode 11 249

Chloe worries that Brady might be taking on Arianna as his new project since she feels he did that with her and Nicole. Hope confronts Carly at Maggie’s house as everyone stands behind her in the living room. Maggie ushers everyone out and Hope feels terrible. Doug gives Carly a dirty look as he exits the living room with the rest of the group. Melanie takes it upon herself to yell at Carly. Bo arrives at Maggie’s to find Hope and Carly going at it. Melanie informs Nathan that she and Philip have put off their elopement. Philip pulls some strings to make sure Melissa makes it for Mickey’s funeral.

11 December Episode 11 250

Vivian thinks Mia is Carly’s daughter after remembering the picture Gus sent her of the two hugging. Carly is upset when Melanie won’t give her the time of day and tells Bo that her daughter, Melanie, hates her. Melissa arrives in Salem but misses Mickey’s funeral. Mickey’s friends and family gather at Maggie’s to celebrate his life. E.J. gives a fake speech about trying to be a better person to the Horton’s and Brady’s when he pays his respects. Arianna finds herself face to face with the hit man Troy hired but Brady arrives just in time to save her.

12 December Episode 11 251

Vivian tells Victor that she is certain that Mia is Carly’s daughter. Victor questions her why she thinks that and Vivian insists the two look alike. Victor causes Vivian to rethink Mia being Carly’s daughter when he notes the two look nothing alike. Bo tries to convince Carly that Melanie is really complicated and things may turn around. Sami is irritated when she can’t get a hold of E.J. E.J. tells Anna that he is keeping Sydney away from Sami because she kept Johnny from him. Chad tells Gabi that he isn’t interested in Mia anymore but Gabi doesn’t buy it. Bo serves Vivian with a restraining order to stay away from Carly.

13 December Episode 11 252

Roman informs Arianna that the higher ups are pulling the plug on the undercover operation. Arianna begs Roman to get them to reconsider and he gets a phone conference set up for Ari to plead her case. Melanie doesn’t understand why Carly is so persistent on getting her to understand. Bo sticks up for Carly and Melanie accuses Carly of being pregnant. Melanie asks Brady to give her away at her wedding. Vivian pesters Brady for information on Melanie. Maggie tells Hope that she has to fight for Bo if she wants him. Rafe catches Sami and E.J. making the ransom drop. Rafe is upset that Sami never told him causing him to waste time following leads. E.J. calls Anna to tell her Rafe knows everything but he only gets her voice mail.

14 December Episode 11 253

Melanie fills out her paperwork to take a leave of absence from nursing school. When she mentions her birth date, Carly has flashbacks to giving birth to Melanie and how Lawrence wouldn’t let her hold her baby. Carly is devastated when Melanie tells her that her father would pimp her out to his clients for money. Philip asks Bo to be a groomsman. Bo agrees and realizes that Vivian is listening in on their conversation and tells Philip that Carly came back to town for him and the two have been in love for a while. Later, Bo tells Abe he told Philip those things so it would throw Vivian off trying to find Melanie. Maggie says good-bye to Melissa. Kate shows up trying to look for information on Melanie and Maggie angrily tells her to get out of her house. Stephanie shows Nathan the honor he got as an intern and that she showed it to Mickey before he died and he was overjoyed for Nathan.

17 December Episode 11 254

Carly asks Philip to talk to Melanie about reconsidering quitting nursing school. Philip tells Carly that Bo told him the truth that Carly came back to Salem to reunite with him. Bo visits with Melanie at the Pub encouraging her to give Carly another chance. Carly shows up at Bo’s and tells him that his plan to misdirect Vivian isn’t going to work. Vivian tells Hope about what she overheard Bo say. Hope comes to Bo’s while Carly is still there and thinks Vivian is telling the truth and sees he took his wedding ring off. Hope seeks comfort in Justin’s arms. Gabi changes her mind and agrees to go to Vancouver for the Olympics with Chad, Tad and Kinsey. Sami tries to get Rafe to pull his team so the kidnapper doesn’t find out the feds are involved. A woman is arrested trying to pick up the brief case but is eventually cleared. Anna returns home and realizes she left her phone seeing E.J. has called and texted her several times. Anna tells E.J. everything is okay and he texts her and lets her know everything is still going according to plan. The police station received another ransom note letting them know that since Sami and E.J. involved the police they will never see Sydney again. Mia goes to Grace’s grave and apologizes for still having feelings for Chad and using Will.

18 December Episode 11 255

Carly has a fantasy about Vivian killing Melanie. Melanie decides on a bigger wedding and Vivian insists upon helping her plan it. Stephanie arrives at the Pub to meet up with Nathan who is tied up at work. Melanie tries to get Stephanie to go dress shopping with her but Steph tells her she already has plans. Vivian brings Melanie back to the Kiriakis mansion where her personal stylist has dropped off some dresses. Melanie falls in love with the first dress she tries on. Anna realizes that Sydney has a fever when E.J. shows up later she tells him that Sydney has a slight fever and wants to know what they will do if she needs a doctor. Sami and Rafe argue over involving the FBI in the ransom plot. Sami blames Rafe for not having Sydney back in her arms.

19 December Episode 11 256

Bo asks Daniel to keep a look out for Vivian while Carly is at work. Carly and Vivian get into it at Java. Carly tries to warn Melanie to stay away from Vivian which causes Vivian to get suspicious. Daniel arrives and takes Carly aside to talk but Carly accidentally knocks over a cup of coffee on Melanie’s wedding dress that she brought in hopes of showing Mia. Chloe asks Brady to forget what Nicole said about never visiting her in jail and tries to encourage him to at least call her. Anna questions E.J. about how long he plans to keep Sydney away from Sami. Troy arrives to see Arianna and gives her a bag of cocaine to move. Troy loses it and starts to strangle Arianna telling her that she will not replace him. E.J. walks in just in time and pulls Troy off of her. At the police station, Troy realizes that Arianna is working undercover and begins shouting that Arianna is a narc right to E.J.’s face. Roman tells Arianna that she is going to be sent back to prison.

20 December Episode 11 257

Carly arrives to apologize to Maggie about the incident with Hope. Mia comes home to get a textbook and tells Carly to get out. Maggie becomes upset and tells Mia that this is her house and she will not act like that. Vivian calls Gus and tells him to search into the birthday more because she suspects that Melanie may be Carly’s daughter. Kate tries to cool down Stefano when he finds out that E.J. sold off a bunch of DiMera stock for ransom money. Anna calls E.J. to tell him Sydney’s fever is worse and they need medicine soon. Troy calls E.J. and apologizes for how he acted at the police station. Melanie arrives home to find Maggie sitting in the dark crying. Hope reminisces about better times with Bo when they would go sailing on the Fancy Face.

24 December Episode 11 258

Carly has another fantasy about Vivian killing Melanie. Justin visits Carly and the two exchange words. Sami apologizes to Rafe about yelling at him earlier. Roman tells Arianna that the decision is final and she is being sent to Statesville, also home to Nicole. Rafe contacts his fellow FBI agent Tim and tells him to tell the higher up guy that if he doesn’t let Arianna stay out of prison he will make it known publicly that they sent an untrained young woman to do a dangerous drug bust. Arianna tearfully says good-bye to Gabi and Brady. Ari is being handcuffed and lead away when Roman stops them and tells Arianna that she won’t be going to prison. Stefano questions E.J. about the infant bottle of medicine but E.J. tells him it is Johnny’s. Sami arrives and confirms it is Johnny’s since he has been having trouble taking medicine. Gus confirms to Vivian that Melanie is Carly’s daughter since they share the same birth date. Philip asks Victor if he is in love with Vivian. Victor nearly chokes and says absolutely not. Philip tells Victor that Vivian thinks she is going on his honeymoon with Melanie and Victor tells Philip he will make it clear to Vivian that they are not. Victor warns Vivian about doing anything to Melanie because it will in turn hurt Philip.

27 December Episode 11 259

Maggie receives Mickey’s items from his office. Among the items Maggie finds Mickey’s anniversary gift to her which include ballet tickets. Maggie decides to donate them to the hospital to be raffled off. After Melanie leaves, Maggie finds a bottle of wine among Mickey’s items. Vivian gets a visit from Lawrence during a dream. Lawrence tells her not to kill Carly because than he will be stuck with her for eternity. Lawrence encourages Vivian to go after Melanie.

28 December Episode 11 260

Sami is devastated when Rafe decides to move out. Arianna tells E.J. that she was working undercover with the DEA. Arianna also tells E.J. while Troy is being put in prison the head of the drug cartel is still free. E.J. shows Arianna some pictures of Sydney and is called away be Harold. Arianna hears a cell phone rings and thinks it is her phone and answers it hearing Anna. Chloe confides to Carly about not being able to have children and it gets Carly all emotional too. Daniel defends Carly when Melanie goes off on her again. Stephanie tells Nathan they should tell Melanie and Philip about their relationship. Steph meets with Melanie about wedding plans and informs her that she is dating Nathan. Nathan catches Maggie looking at the bottle of scotch. Melanie walks in on Nathan and Maggie having a tender moment. Later, Melanie angry punches her hand on a railing on the docks and hurts herself. Carly insists upon looking at her hand. Melanie questions why Carly continues to be nice to her when all she does is be rude.

31 December Episode 11 261

Arianna picks up E.J.’s phone thinking it is her phone. Anna doesn’t wait for anyone to say hello and just starts talking about wanting chocolates. When Arianna asks who is on the other end, Anna hangs up. E.J. accuses Arianna of spying on him but she notes the two have the same phone. E.J. explains that Anna is in town but doesn’t want anyone to know. Carly asks Melanie if she can keep a secret and the two go to Maggie’s. Carly tells Melanie that she lost a daughter and Melanie assumes that Carly’s daughter dies and that is why she connected to Mia. Sami gives Rafe the pendant Sister Theresa gave her when she was pregnant with Sydney. Brady can’t get a hold of Arianna and worries to Roman about Arianna being in trouble.

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