Days of Our Lives January 2013 Teasers

Days of our Lives' Molly Burnett. Photo: Supplied
Days of our Lives’ Molly Burnett. Photo: Supplied

2 January: Episode 11 264 

Hope runs into Vivian on the docks and knocks her bag to the ground. Hope wonders why Vivian doesn’t want her to see what is in the bag. Arianna tells E.J. the good news that she is not going to prison. The two share a drink when Brady and Rafe arrive. Roman calls Anna and catches her lying about not being in Salem. Rafe arrives at Sami’s just as Anna is leaving. Stefano is served with eviction papers that E.J. has filed. Melanie and Philip look over the seating chart and realizing it will be impossible to have a drama free wedding. Kate arrives at Stefano’s encouragement to try and be a part of the wedding planning. Kate is not happy when Philip tells her that both she and Vivian will be walking him down the aisle. Daniel catches Carly involving herself in Nathan’s personal business. When Daniel comments about Melanie’s character, Carly stops him. Bo comes back inside the house and sees Carly’s clothes tore up and thinks Vivian was in the house and frantically calls out for Ciara. Ciara reenters the room with the scissors in her hands and says she didn’t do it. Bo talks to Ciara about coming to him or Hope if she needs to talk about anything and asks her again if she did this to Carly’s clothes and Ciara admits she did it. When Hope arrives to pick up Ciara, Bo tells her about the clothes. Hope is not happy Bo is allowing Carly to move back in and insists that Ciara will not be coming around anymore.

3 January: Episode 11 265

Hope informs Bo that she will be filing for sole custody of Ciara. Carly walks in and demands to know why Hope is doing this to Bo. Kate visits Maggie and asks to speak with Melanie about Vivian. Maggie tells Kate that Melanie is with Vivian at the Kiriakis’ mansion. Vivian gives Melanie the gift but decides they should wait to open it until the wedding. Kate arrives and the two get into it again. After Kate and Melanie have left, Gus drops by and Vivian is telling him her master plan when she realizes the gift is gone and Kate must have taken it. Kate walks on the docks carrying the present and wonders what Vivian got Melanie. Melanie asks Maggie to be the mother of the bride and Maggie gladly accepts. Rafe catches Anna sliding the note under the door and questions her. Sami arrives home after dropping off Johnny with E.J. and tells Rafe that Anna’s is an old family friend. Anna tries to leave saying she only had a few minutes but Sami convinces her to stay. Sami tells Anna about her worries for Sydney and Anna reassures her that Sydney will be fine. Sami questions that statement but Anna covers. After Anna leaves, Rafe notes to Sami that Anna was acting oddly. Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion and asks E.J. about Anna.

4 January: Episode 11 266

E.J. demands answers from Anna when Rafe informs him that Anna was visiting Sami. Vivian finds Kate before she can give Melanie that poisoned gift. Chloe chats with Father Matt about being able to give Daniel a child. After talking with Stephanie about Philip’s wedding, Chloe realizes that she is late and may be pregnant.

7 January: Episode 11 267

Vivian fantasises about killing Melanie on her wedding day with the poisoned head piece. Carly realizes that Vivian knows Melanie is her daughter and rushes off to inform Melanie. Melanie runs into a drunken Nathan outside the Pub and she and Stephanie take Nathan back to Maggie’s. Melanie tells Vivian she doesn’t think she can marry Philip and Vivian guilt’s her into going through with the wedding. Rafe is preparing to leave Sami’s and the two ends up having sex. E.J. decides that he is through with Anna and tells her to leave. Anna pleads her case that Sydney has grown attached to her and doesn’t need another person ripped from her life.

8 January: Episode 11 268

Abe convinces Hope to rejoin the police department. Kate seeks help from Hope in stopping whatever Vivian has planned. Carly tries to warn Melanie by visiting the Kiriakis mansion but no one will open the door for her and she ends up slipping and hitting her head. Carly is brought to the hospital where she is confused. Vivian is still insisting that Melanie go through with the wedding. Melanie even tells Vivian about Nathan but Vivian will hear nothing of it. Philip overhears Melanie say she can’t go through with it. Chloe buys a pregnancy test and runs into Arianna on the docks. Chloe tells Arianna that even if she is pregnant she can’t tell Daniel. Brady catches Daniel helping a boy at Java play a computer game.

9 January: Episode 11 269

Chloe’s pregnancy test comes back positive. Carly awakens from her fall and doesn’t remember why she was at the Kiriakis mansion. When she finally does remember, she tries calling Bo and Melanie but neither answer. Carly attempts to leave the hospital but Gus knocks her out. Vivian pesters Melanie as she prepares for the wedding and Arianna has to throw her out. Hope lets Justin in on her suspicion that Melanie is Carly’s daughter and Vivian probably has figured it out as well. Maggie tells Melanie she can’t come to the wedding because she is sick.

10 January: Episode 11 270

Chloe and Daniel bask in the news that she is pregnant. Melanie writes a letter to Nathan asking if he still has feelings for her and if he does she won’t marry Philip. Melanie asks Stephanie to deliver the letter but Steph ends up reading the letter and doesn’t deliver it to Nathan. Nathan tells Maggie that he won’t go out of town with Maggie in the condition she is in. Maggie agrees to go to Melanie’s wedding. Philip gets a call that the Justice of the Peace is unable to officiate and Abe agrees to step in. Carly awakens to find herself trapped in a room with Gus. Carly gets the upper hand and knocks Gus out and texts Vivian from his cell phone to come quickly. Carly also sends a text to Bo asking for his help. Hope questions Victor about Vivian’s plans for revenge but Victor insists Vivian won’t be trying anything under his roof. Vivian has finally got the comb in Melanie’s hair and has to take off to deal with Carly. Vivian lets Carly know that even though she got her away from the wedding her plan is still in full swing. Hope arrives at the police station and finds out Bo is still on a stake out and left his cell phone. Hope sees that Carly has sent Bo a text and looks around to see if anyone is watching her.

11 January: Episode 11 271

Stephanie leaves Melanie alone after telling her that Nathan refused to open her letter. Melanie becomes dizzy and passes out on the bed. Everyone takes their places for the wedding and when “Here Comes the Bride” plays and Brady steps out to walk Melanie down the aisle she is nowhere to be found. Brady goes up to the room and later reappears with Melanie. Nathan stands outside the Kiriakis mansion going back and forth about entering. Chloe rushes out of the wedding after feeling sick and runs into Nathan. Hope arrives at the canary basement after reading Carly’s text to Bo. Hope tells Vivian and Carly that Victor figured out Vivian’s plan and switched the combs. Hope begins to arrest Vivian for attempted murder when Gus awakens and knocks a bunch of crates onto Hope and Carly. Vivian takes off and returns to the mansion after Philip and Melanie have been married. E.J. is not thrilled when he arrives at the Brady Pub and sees Sami and Rafe have reunited.

14 January: Episode 11 272

Daniel and Chloe have a sonogram done but the doctor tells them that Chloe isn’t pregnant. Chloe insists there must be something wrong with the equipment because her clothes are tighter. Bo finds Hope trapped beneath the boxes and gets her out. At the hospital, Hope tries to tell Bo about Carly and Vivian but can’t get enough strength. Vivian drags Melanie up to the balcony where she says she knows her mother and then tries to drag her to the edge for a better view. Melanie’s fear of heights kicks in and she tries to back away. Carly rushes in to the mansion and Maggie tells her that Melanie just went upstairs with Vivian. Carly rushes upstairs just as Vivian is attempting to drag Melanie to the edge. Carly demands Vivian get away from Melanie and pulls out a gun. Melanie steps in front of Vivian just as Carly shoots. Philip and Brady rush upstairs and find Carly kneeling over Melanie screaming that she shot her own daughter. The rest of the wedding guests make their way upstairs and Brady pulls Carly off as Lexie takes over holding pressure to the wound. Vivian thanks Carly for doing her dirty work for her.

15 January: Episode 11 273

Daniel tells Chloe that she wanted to be pregnant so bad her body started going through the symptoms. Melanie is rushed to the hospital and into surgery where Daniel operates to remove the bullet that is near her heart. Maxine informs Bo about Melanie and is shocked to learn that Carly was the one that shot Melanie. Victor warns Vivian that if Melanie dies there will be hell to pay. Rafe calls Anna in for more questioning. E.J. throws the clothes Sydney was wearing when she disappeared into the river. The clothes happen to have a blood stain from when Sydney had a bloody nose. The clothes are found and Rafe has to inform Sami of the latest news.

16 January: Episode 11 274

Melanie clings to life as Abe orders Bo to arrest Carly after she has given blood. Abe also orders that Vivian be arrested as a suspect for attempted murder. Daniel is surprised to learn that Carly is Melanie’s mother. Carly tells Bo that Victor figured out Vivian’s plan with the hair piece and switched it out so they have no proof. Vivian is released due to lack of evidence. Rafe gets the call that the clothes are Sydney’s. At the Pub, Lucas tries to comfort Sami and Sami is clearly upset with Rafe who is too busy doing FBI stuff to pay attention to her. Anna is not pleased to hear that E.J. is faking Sydney’s death.

17 January: Episode 11 275

Bo posts Carly’s bail but tells her that there is a restraining order against her being with 20 feet of Melanie. Carly refuses to listen and takes off for the hospital. Daniel tells Philip that he doesn’t know why Melanie hasn’t woken up yet but encourages him to be positive. Maggie and Brady each visit Melanie and encourage her to wake up. Daniel tells Chloe that he is worried about her state of mind and wants her to talk to a therapist. Chloe ends up canceling the appointment even after Arianna encourages her to talk to someone. Hope leaves the hospital to tell Bo about Victor knowing what Vivian was up to. Hope is not pleased when she finds out Bo bailed Carly out of jail. Justin informs Philip about Victor knowing about Vivian’s plans. Maggie leaves a message for Nathan to call her back as soon as possible. Nathan catches Stephanie with the letter and when she tells him it is from Melanie he says he doesn’t want to see it. Daniel catches Carly sneaking around the hospital and tells her to leave but Carly convinces him to let her talk to Melanie.

18 January: Episode 11 276

Carly apologizes to Melanie for everything and as she is leaving Melanie wakes up. Philip angrily confronts Vivian about trying to kill Melanie. Melanie wakes up and doesn’t know what happened to her. Carly explains that she accidentally shot her. Melanie doesn’t understand why Carly says she cares about her and Carly reveals that she is her mother. Arianna tries to console Rafe about Sydney. E.J. calls Brady to the pier where he tells him about Sydney and asks Brady to break the news to Nicole.

21 January: Episode 11 277

Arianna arrives at the pier and isn’t happy to find out that Brady is going to talk to Nicole. Abe reminds Bo that anything Carly does while she is out on the bail he posted will come back to him. Bo questions Victor about switching the hair piece but Victor has covered all his bases so nothing can be proved.

22 January: Episode 11 278

Carly tells Daniel that he is Melanie’s father. E.J. is furious after finding Sami is bed with Rafe. Vivian won’t stop until she finishes Melanie off.

23 January: Episode 11 279

Daniel is livid when Carly tells him that Melanie is his daughter. Carly explains that she couldn’t tell him in fear that Lawrence would kill him.

24 January: Episode 11 280

Vivian attempts to smother Melanie with a pillow but then realizes that Melanie has suffered enough in her life and Carly will have to live with causing a lot of that. E.J. asks for the memorial service to be held at the docks and Sami agrees. Once there E.J. asks Will and Rafe to take Johnny and Allie to the car and he shows Sami the new ransom note.

25 January: Episode 11 281

As Maggie is confronting Carly about using the mother card to find out information on Melanie she becomes dizzy and nearly passes out. E.J. shows Sami that new ransom letter and has to try and convince her not to tell Rafe. Daniel visits with Melanie.

28 January: Episode 11 282

Roman informs Brady that Nicole turned down his request to visit. Arianna reiterates that she doesn’t want Brady involved with Nicole at all. Mia continues to manipulate Chad after overhearing him make plans with Gabi. Gabi asks Will if he thinks Mia is really into him. E.J. and Sami see footage of Sydney and the new demand of $5 million. E.J. has a software program installed on Sami’s computer when she watched the video of Sydney and he can now watch her. Rafe continues to look into who kidnapped Sydney.

29 January: Episode 11 283

Carly spills the beans about Daniel being Melanie’s father to Chloe. E.J. watches Sami nearly tell Rafe about Sydney and calls her asking her to come over to talk. Nathan and Stephanie contemplate staying another day at the cabin but Nathan notices that Maggie has called him several times. Nathan returns to the hospital where a nurse informs him that Melanie was asking about him and that she was shot.

30 January: Episode 11 284

Nathan is shocked to learn about what went down after he and Steph left Melanie’s wedding. Stephanie shows up to see Melanie and mentions being out of town. Melanie realizes that Steph and Nathan were together. Melanie also realizes that Stephanie never gave Nathan her letter and asks Steph to destroy it. Carly tells Bo not to talk to Melanie about the shooting. Bo doesn’t listen and fills Melanie in on Lawrence’s past misdeeds. Daniel confronts Vivian about trying to kill Melanie and asks for Victor’s backing as his godson but when Victor questions him about why he is so intent on protecting Melanie the only thing Daniel will tell him is that Melanie is his patient. Philip tells Victor that he won’t return home with Melanie if Vivian is still living there. Vivian takes it on herself to move out.

31 January: Episode 11 285

Melanie refuses to listen to Bo and is intent of throwing Carly under the bus. Hope offers to step in and interview Melanie so it doesn’t look like Bo is bias. Justin offers to be Carly’s lawyer. Sami is devastated when E.J. calls and tells her that Sydney is dead. Rafe doesn’t understand why Sami got so upset and brings her to the Brady Pub where he calls Will and asks him to join them. Rafe calls E.J. wanting to know what he told Sami that made her so upset but E.J. doesn’t answer. E.J. gives Anna the $5 million to leave town and Anna is sad to part ways with Sydney.

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