Days of Our Lives March 2013 Teasers

Days of our Lives, Photo: SABC
Days of our Lives, Photo: SABC

Episode synopses for Season 30 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3.

4 March
Episode 11 302
After Melanie gets angry at Carly and leaves, Daniel chases after her slipping and hitting his head on the ground. Adrienne decides to stay in Salem a little longer.

5 March
Episode 11 303
Sami and Nicole get into a knock down drag out fight on the docks. Rafe has to break the two up and bring them into the police. Rafe takes this as an opportunity to question Nicole and inform her she could be in trouble for interfering with a federal investigation.

6 March
Episode 11 304
Daniel experiences double vision as a result of his fall. Melanie defends Carly to Chloe. Rafe is livid when he finds out that D.A. Woods released Benny from custody.

7 March
Episode 11 305
Chloe twists Carly’s words to upset Melanie. Stefano finds Anna and prepares to eliminate her for her role in Sydney’s kidnapping. Anna spills the beans that E.J. was behind the whole kidnapping. Nicole tries to get Brady to dump Arianna and come back to her. E.J. tells Sami that he forgives her for lying about her pregnancy.

8 March
Episode 11 306
Will returns to the penthouse to find Sami and E.J. hugging. Will starts to go off on Sami and tells her that he ran into Nicole while he was out with Sydney. Sami starts screaming at him about allowing Nicole near Sydney and what a poor choice he made. Will turns the tables on Sami and notes all the bad choices she has made in her life especially recently. Nicole takes Brady’s offer to give her a loan to mess with Arianna. Bo surprises Carly with a romantic night out but they are interrupted when Bo receives a phone call about Kimberly from Caroline. Stefano doesn’t believe Anna when she tells him that E.J. was behind the kidnapping.

11 March
Episode 11 307
Anna is able to prove it by a voice message she kept on her phone. E.J. gets a call from Stefano telling him to come over right away. E.J. thinks Stefano will be signing the papers to hand over the mansion and all the assets to him but Stefano plays mind games with E.J. until he reveals that he knows that E.J. was behind the whole kidnapping. Bo finds out that Kimberly has been diagnosed with leukemia and he is a match for bone marrow. Bo warns Victor to keep Vivian away from Carly.

12 March
Episode 11 308
Daniel suggests that Carly move in with him and Chloe while Bo is out of town. D.A. Woods is brought into the hospital after being attacked and he ID’s Rafe as his attacker. Hope has to call Rafe in for questioning and he has no alibi for the time D.A. Woods was attacked though he should have been at the movies with Gabi. Sami tries to convince Will to change his mind about moving in with Kate and Stefano.

13 March
Episode 11 309
Sami gets her hands on D.A. Woods statement and attempts to lie by telling Abe and Hope that Rafe was with her when Woods was attacked. Sami’s plan falls through when Rafe tells Hope he didn’t see Sami at all the night prior. Chad begins to doubt his father’s accusations against Rafe. Carly continues to refuse Daniel’s offer to move in with him and Chloe while Bo is away. Hope finds out through Maggie that Kimberly is sick. Hope thinks Bo didn’t inform her but Maggie tells her he left her numerous messages. Hope can’t remember deleting the messages. Stefano has E.J. right where he wants him and blackmails E.J. into letting him see Sydney and Johnny.

14 March
Episode 11 310
Roman tries to get through to Sami that E.J. will never change because he is a DiMera. Sami is not happy when Will announces he is moving in with Kate and Stefano. Nathan ruins Stephanie’s prospects with a new guy. Vivian overhears Chloe’s disgust for Carly.

18 March
Episode 11 311
Stefano prepares to show Sami the tape of Anna but she couldn’t care less about anything Stefano wants to tell her. Stefano tells E.J. he did one thing right by getting Sami to somehow believe everything he says. Hope and Carly argue about Bo. Adrienne signs the divorce papers in front of Justin. After Justin leaves, Adrienne hears a noise outside the Cheatin’ Heart and she rushes out to find Justin unconscious on the ground bleeding. Arianna gives Nicole a check from her and Brady.

19 March
Episode 11 312
Philip rushes to help Adrienne with Justin and makes out the person that attacked Justin. Chad notes the similarities between Justin’s attack and his fathers. Sami cannot believe what she is hearing when E.J. tells her that he is going to bring Johnny and Sydney to see Stefano. Kate tells Stefano that she ran into Madeline Woods at Java. Carly runs into Adrienne at the hospital and finds out Adrienne is staying at Steve and Kayla’s apartment. When Adrienne tells Carly that if she needs anything to just ask and Carly takes her up on it. Daniel finds some baby clothes that Chloe bought when she thought she was pregnant. Chloe tells Daniel she couldn’t part with the items so she hid them instead and also tells him that she worries Carly will take him away from her. When Carly calls and tells Daniel she is moving in with Adrienne instead he thinks that is for the best. Stephanie tries to persuade Melanie not to reenter the nursing program and admits she read Melanie’s letter to Nathan. Philip overhears Melanie and Stephanie talking about the letter.

20 March
Episode 11 313
Rafe is released from jail and Roman tells him about the attack on Justin which was similar to the attack on D.A. Woods. E.J. tells Sami that Stefano is sick which is why he is having a change of heart about letting the kids see Stefano. Stefano calls and demands E.J. arrive with the children or he will notify the authorities about E.J.’s involvement in Sydney’s kidnapping. Sami refuses to allow E.J. to take the kids but he tells her that their custody agreement allows him to take them wherever in his days. Sami insists that she accompany E.J. to Stefano’s. Once there, Sami notes that Stefano doesn’t’ look sick and Stefano has no clue what she is talking about. E.J. jumps in saying that Stefano’s diabetes is acting up. Once Sami leaves the room, Stefano tells E.J. that he won’t be playing sick so E.J. better come up with a no excuse to get the children over.

22 March
Episode 11 314
When Sami says it is time to go Stefano announces they will be spending the night. Melanie insists to Philip that she loves him only but Philip cannot forget what he overheard. Philip overhears Melanie admitting to Nathan that she wrote him a letter but that she loves Philip. Nathan loses a patient and is devastated. Nicole accuses Arianna for setting her up with Cece and the camera crew.

25 March
Episode 11 315
Cece does a live interview with Nicole and gets her own show in New York. Philip sees Nicole’s interview and offers her the job of roving reporter for Titan Television. Arianna is offered the job as production assistant to the roving report unaware that Cece has taken a new job and Nicole is the reporter. Stefano tells E.J. that he wants Sydney and Johnny to live with him. E.J. wants to know how he is supposed to make that happen with Sami. E.J. flips the tables on Stefano and tells him if he tells anyone he was behind Sydney’s kidnapping he will never see his grandchildren. Rafe is not happy to hear that Sami allowed her children to stay with Stefano overnight. Later, Rafe questions E.J. about Stefano’s declining health.

26 March
Episode 11 316
Hope’s behavior continues to be random as she returns home late at night and finds Ciara on the couch. Hope tells Ciara that Justin might be her new daddy. Lexie worries that Nathan was distracted by Melanie when he lost his patient. Stefano tries to make nice with Sami when he makes her angry.

27 March
Episode 11 317
Hope is confused when Ciara tells her that she is taking a bridal magazine to school for show and tell because Hope told her Justin was going to be her daddy. Hope gets a call that Abe has been attacked and rushes off to investigate. Lexie and Abe tell Hope that people tried to call her several times the night before but she didn’t answer. Hope has to question Carly about Abe’s injuries and overhears her talking to Bo. Hope has to leave and pick Ciara up from school because she stole her teacher’s stickers. Later, Ciara goes to Hope’s room and plays dress up where she finds a box under Hope’s bed. Carly gets one of her doctor friends to do the surgery on Daniel. When Daniel goes to tell Chloe he overhears her calling Carly a whore. Vivian also overhears everything and decides to use Chloe to eliminate Carly. Nicole wonders if Brady was behind her being hired as the new reporter. Arianna shows up for her first day of work as Cece’s PA and finds out Nicole is the new reporter.

28 March
Episode 11 318
Abe agrees to an interview with Nicole and when Nicole gets rude with her questions, Arianna stops the interview. Brady is surprised when he hears from Gaby that Ari is the PA for Nicole. Brady offers to have Ari reassigned but she doesn’t want him pulling any favors. Victor overhears Carly talking to Dr. Yang about Daniel’s surgery and forbids her from scrubbing in. Carly tells Victor he can’t tell her what to do and she is the only doctor on staff that has been briefed about the surgery. Daniel takes off from the Pub after arguing with Chloe and tells Victor to back off. Carly tells Daniel that he needs to tell Chloe about the surgery. Vivian sits down with Chloe to talk about Carly and Chloe couldn’t care less about Vivian. Father Matt shows up and gets rid of Vivian. Chloe realizes that Daniel called her phone and thinks that he is going into surgery as a doctor not a patient. Father Matt encourages Chloe to go to the hospital and talk to Daniel. Vivian gets her hands on a nurse to lie about Carly and Daniel. Nurse Greg tells Chloe that Daniel and Carly are both not at the hospital. Hope worries that Ciara is acting out because of the separation. Justin tries to reassure Hope that Ciara is fine. Hope decides to go to bed early and pops some pills before jumping in bed. Later, Hope suddenly wakes up claiming to be late and changes into an all-black outfit and puts on a heavy coat of lipstick and announces tonight is the night.

29 March
Episode 11 319
Hope is interrupted by Justin as she loads a gun and hollers out the door that she is fine and just tired. Later, Hope attends a poker game where she wins the pot and runs into Dr. Baker. Sami has her hands full with a temperamental Johnny. E.J. comes over just as Sami is calling him to help with Johnny and puts the kid to bed. Chloe demands answers from Nurse Greg and he tells her that the rumor is Carly and Daniel went to a motel. Chloe checks out the motel and the clerk tells her that no one with either Carly or Daniel’s name checked in. When Chloe shows him a picture he says that he saw Daniel at the motel. Nathan stops by Maggie’s to see Melanie and the two share a passionate kiss as Philip looks on. Melanie tells Nathan that it is over and the kiss was good-bye. Philip starts drinking at the Kiriakis mansion and Justin encourages Philip to talk to Melanie. Philip ends up at Chloe’s apartment.