Days of our Lives November 2012 Teasers

Days of our Lives. Pic: Supplied

Episode synopses for Season 30 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3.

1 November – Episode 11222
Nicole is found unconscious by the pay phone in Ohio but Sydney is nowhere to be found. Arianna has to admit to Gabi that she is working undercover for the cops.

2 November – Episode 11223
Arianna attempts to admit her true feelings to Brady over the phone not realizing that Brady isn’t listening. Melanie tells Carly that she and Mia don’t want her to stay at Maggie’s. Maggie tries to tell Carly she is still welcome but Carly doesn’t think it would be a good choice. Hope and Bo make steps towards reuniting but Carly shows back up at Bo’s. Nicole can’t remember what happened to Sydney. E.J. continues to threaten Nicole and Sami doesn’t think he is helping the situation. Stefano insists he had nothing to do with Sydney disappearance.

5 November – Episode 11224
Stefano insists that he had nothing to do with Sydney’s disappearance and that Nicole knows where Sydney is located. Roman tells Rafe that Nicole was in touch with Fay but neither thinks Fay would knock Nicole out and take Sydney.

6 November – Episode 11225
Kate warns Vivian to stay away from Philip. Carly and Hope exchange words when she shows up at Bo and Hope’s house. Mia confides in Maggie. Rafe finds Nicole at the bus station and yells at her to tell him where Sydney is located. Nicole stares off into space and passes out just as Brady and Arianna arrive.

7 November – Episode 11226
Brady talks to Nicole alone and realizes that Nicole has no idea where Sydney is located. Rafe brings Nicole back to the hospital where Fay demands to know why Nicole lied about being Sydney’s mother. Nicole is checked out by the doctor and Roman prepares to bring her back to jail. Nicole stops to apologize to Sami about trying to keep Sydney away from her. Justin arrives at Bo’s and catches Carly touching Bo’s face. Hope and Ciara arrive to decorate the Christmas tree after receiving Bo’s text message. Justin asks Carly to leave with him and the two head to Java. Bo tells Hope that he doesn’t want to be alone for the holidays and anniversaries coming up and Hope tells him that he won’t be alone. Justin tells Carly about what he saw at the house and tells her that he thinks she is still in love with Bo. Carly tells Justin that she thinks he wants Hope all to himself. Lucas apologizes for judging Mia. Will asks Mia to the winter dance. Stefano tells Kate that he had nothing to do with Sydney’s disappearance and vows to bring the little girl home. Stefano tells Kate that once Sydney is found he won’t let E.J. and Sami keep her from him.

8 November – Episode 11227
E.J. comes up with a plan to get Stefano to reveal where Sydney is being kept. The kidnapper talks to Sydney and has a very familiar voice. Justin’s plan to convince Daniel not to hire Carly is ruined when he finds out Carly and Daniel is old friends. Chloe tries to thank Melanie and Nathan with a trip to Green Mountain Lodge not knowing that the two broke up.

9 November – Episode 11228
Rafe agrees to E.J.’s plan to use Sami to get Stefano to admit where Sydney is being kept but only if Sami wears a wire. Sami goes to talk to Stefano but has no luck pulling anything out of him. Daniel and Carly catch up and Daniel wonders why Carly suddenly quit showing up to medical conferences and stopped practicing medicine all together. Carly tells him that she had to spend more time with her family. Gabi inquires about Sami and Rafe’s relationship to Arianna. Chloe visits Nicole at the jail and agrees to talk to Brady about visiting Nicole. After Chloe leaves Nicole remembers hearing a woman’s voice when Sydney was kidnapped. The kidnapper assures Sydney that the two will bond quickly. Bo tells Justin to back off meddling in his relationship with Hope and Carly and focus on his own failing marriage.

12 November – Episode 11229
Roman arrives at the jail because Nicole won’t be quiet about wanting to talk to someone. Nicole tells Roman that she remembers a woman talking when Sydney was kidnapped. Troy tells Arianna that the drug shipment is late. Chloe tries to get Brady to visit Nicole but he refuses saying that he needs to break his addiction to Nicole. Arianna overhears and Brady tells Arianna that he never stopped loving her and the two kiss. Sami continues to prompt Stefano for information but he doesn’t have anything. Sami eventually says the wrong thing and Stefano realizes she is wired and rips open her shirt. Rafe and E.J. come to her rescue and Stefano realizes that E.J. was in on the whole thing. Roman arrives and arrests Stefano for assault. At the jail, Roman offers Stefano a deal to let him off on the charges if he reveals where Sydney is located. Vivian pesters Hope for information about Bo and Carly.

13 November – Episode 11230
Rafe visits Nicole at the jail and he listens to her story about hearing a woman’s voice when Sydney was taken and believes her. As Rafe goes to leave, Nicole remembers seeing the kidnapper’s shoes and calls Rafe back. Troy is talking with E.J. about his dealer and E.J. is surprised to learn its Arianna. Arianna calls Troy and demands to meet the head of the drug ring. E.J. works out on a plan to meet Arianna on the docks but does not admit he is the head of the drug ring. After running into Stephanie and Nathan at the Pub where Steph informs Melanie that she is spending Christmas with Nathan (because the Horton’s/Brady’s always do) Melanie returns to Philip and accepts his offer to not celebrate Christmas (since Melanie has no family in town and Philip’s is crazy).

14 November – Episode 11231
Maggie comforts Mia telling her that Grace wouldn’t want Mia to be sad all the time. Will has second thoughts about going to the winter dance with Mia but Sami convinces him to go to the dance. Sydney’s kidnapper falls while trying to put up a Christmas wreath and passes out causing the room to dip into the twenties. Luckily, the kidnapper wakes up in time and Sydney is completely fine. Rafe surprises Sami with a romantic night. Rafe informs Abe about what Nicole remembers and that he thinks she is telling the truth. Rafe hears from his FBI contact that that boot marks at the bus station match the description Nicole gave. E.J. runs off Troy and garners sympathy for himself by discussing life with Arianna. Victor worries that Brady is back on drugs since he is back with Arianna. Victor insists that he sold the drug business and Brady tells him that he is still profiting off others pain. Brady catches Ari with E.J. and warns her to be careful. Chad meets Gabi and she informs him that she is transferring to Salem High. Later, Mia arrives at Java and talks to Chad and he asks her to the dance.

15 November – Episode 11232
Melanie finds out that Carly is the new doctor at the hospital and apologizes for over reacting to the coffee spill and not allowing her to live at Maggie. Carly thinks things worked out for the best. Vivian turns her attention to Carly and gives her a bouquet of flowers to welcome her back to medicine. Carly has to go see a patient who was suffering from a small case of indigestion. Later, Carly returns to check up on her patient and finds another woman’s dead body in her place with some of the flowers from Vivian’s bouquet in her hair. Arianna refuses to listen to Brady’s warnings about E.J. until Melanie shows up and mentions that E.J. had Brady beat up. Arianna goes to apologize to Brady and bring him back to her room where they begin making out. E.J. warns Nicole to tell everything she knows but Nicole insists she has told the police everything she remembers. E.J. realizes that when Nicole decided to return Sydney that is when Stefano would have made his move. Rafe calls in a favor from his FBI contact Tim. Stefano asks for water in his cell as Rafe shows up. Stefano realizes that there is truth serum in the water. Rafe beings to ask Stefano questions starting with if Stefano was behind the attempt on his life and Stefano can’t help but admit yes. Rafe turns his questions to Sydney and asks if he took Sydney and Stefano says no so Rafe changes his question to ask if Stefano hired someone to take Sydney. Stefano denies it and says he would never want to hurt E.J. like that as E.J. listens from outside the cell. Rafe realizes that Stefano has been telling the truth.

16 November – Episode 11233
After Arianna and Brady make love he leaves to take a shower and E.J. shows up and starts accusing Arianna of kidnapping Sydney. Brady returns and demands E.J. back off. Arianna tells E.J. that she was with her sister when Nicole called from the bus station so she couldn’t be the one that kidnapped Sydney. E.J. apologizes for over reacting and Ari accepts his apology. Chloe visits Nicole in jail and offers to ask Brady to come and visit again but Nicole tells her not to bother. Later, Brady shows up shocking Nicole but informs her that Stefano is not behind Sydney’s kidnapping. Bo is discussing the dead body found in the hospital bed. Daniel tells Bo and Carly that an orderly admitted to placing the body in the bed and before they could fire him he quit. Bo realizes that Vivian is involved but Carly doesn’t want to provoke Vivian anymore and tries to find out why she is really back in Salem. Gabi runs into Will on the docks and they discuss the winter dance and Will mentions he is going to Mia. Mia tells Tad that she made a mistake by kind of agreeing to go the dance with both Chad and Will. Later, Chad runs into Gabi and mentions going to the dance with Mia. Gabi wonders why he is going with Mia and Will. Chad heads to Mia’s to clear up who is going with her. Rafe tells Sami that he gave Stefano truth serum and he denied being involved with kidnapping Sydney. E.J. calls Sami and Rafe to the mansion to discuss his new plan when they arrive E.J. apologizes to Rafe for accusing Arianna. Rafe gets a call from the FBI telling him they were able to track down the only person in Salem that bought those shoes and it is someone both E.J. and Sami know.

19 November – Episode 11234
Rafe tells Sami and E.J. that Kate bought boots just like the ones Nicole saw. Kate returns home and Sami attacks her demanding to know where Sydney is. Kate tells them that she returned the boots unworn two weeks ago and they are back to square one. Carly regrets telling Bo her true feelings but he tells her that he is in a bad place and isn’t sure what is going to happen with Hope. Mia tells Chad that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings which is why she didn’t tell him that she already had a date to the dance. Will is upset but still agrees to go to the dance with Mia. Gabi is helping Arianna put together tamales when Ari sends her to get more corn husks. Gabi runs into Chad who asks her to go to the dance and Gabi agrees. Ari helps Gabi get ready by lending her a dress. E.J. gets an idea from something Ari says and rushes to Sami’s and tells her that they should have a candle light vigil to let the kidnapper know how much Sydney is loved. Anna prepares a note for Sami and E.J. with Sydney’s picture. Lexie lets it slip to Hope that Carly called Bo about the dead body in the hospital bed. Hope asks Bo to have the family Christmas at their house this year.

20 November – Episode 11235
Arianna convinces Gabi to go to the dance and cuts the sleeves off the dress to make it look younger. Will becomes upset with Mia for not telling the whole truth about the Chad mix up. Chad teaches Gabi how to dance on the pier. Nicole gets a visit from a public defender who mistakes her for a different client. When Joanne finds out whom Nicole is she says she will get decades in prison. Brady throws out Joanne and tells Nicole he will hire a lawyer. Later, Brady opts not to tell Ari that he is hiring Nicole a lawyer. Justin invites Philip to a football game for Christmas but Philip has to turn him down because he is heading out of town with Melanie. Melanie catches Nathan kissing Stephanie on the cheek. At the inn, Philip proposes to Melanie. Roman calls Anna and asks her to come to Bo and Hope’s for Christmas. Anna is touched by the offer but turns it down because she has to stay with Sydney. Anna talks to herself telling herself that she is doing the right thing by keeping Sydney away from Stefano.

21 November – Episode 11236
Melanie accepts Philip’s marriage proposal. Julie tries her hardest to get Bo and Hope to see the light about reuniting. The Horton’s hang the Christmas ornaments. E.J. and Sami plead for Sydney’s safe return at the vigil.

22 November – Episode 11237
E.J. tells Stefano that as long as Stefano is at the mansion it will not be Johnny’s home. Vivian accidently insults Chloe not realizing that she is the same Chloe that was Brady’s ex-wife. Melanie is called to the hospital and Philip announces to his family that he and Melanie are engaged. Victor is not pleased and is even more annoyed when Kate shows up with Stefano at Philip’s request. Rafe gets Sami’s hopes up when he receives a call from a FBI friend with a possible lead on Sydney. When E.J. shows up he gets angry that he wasn’t called right away but eventually calms down and apologizes. Rafe’s lead ends up being a bust leaving Sami and E.J. disappointed again. Maggie asks Nathan to read the Christmas story at the hospital and he first refuses but Stephanie helps in convincing him. Abe, Lexie and Theo help in celebrating Christmas at the hospital. E.J. arrives home to find the ransom letter left on the front table.

23 November – Episode 11238
Melanie is greeted by both Vivian and Kate wanting to get a start on planning the wedding. Vivian and Kate end up arguing and Vivian leaves when she gets a call from Gus. Melanie tells Kate that she doesn’t want her input or a flashy wedding. Stephanie asks Nathan if he wants to changes their New Year’s plans. Nathan heads to Maggie’s to return a gift and finds out that Melanie is engaged. Stephanie wishes Philip the best of luck in his engagement. Gabi returns to Salem and announces she will be staying since her mother has to move in with her grandmother. Chad seems happy to see Gabi and Mia looks on jealously. Later, Mia tells Gabi that if she sticks with her she has her back. Gus tells Vivian that he found information on Carly. Vivian shows Victor that Carly had a baby in a Swiss hospital. Hope asks Justin to file separation papers but he refuses because he doesn’t think she should give up on her marriage and admits that he has feelings for her. After Justin leaves, Hope remembers all the good times her and Bo had and decides she isn’t ready to give up on her marriage yet and rushes off to Bo’s. Bo tells Carly that a source told him that someone was snooping in her medical records and Carly knows it is Vivian. Bo reassures Carly that they will keep her daughter safe. Bo kisses Carly just as Hope is walking up to the house.

26 November – Episode 11239
Chloe tells Brady that Victor accused Arianna of being a drug dealer. Brady has to tell Arianna that her cover might be blown. Hope confronts Bo about kissing Carly. Vivian wonders to Victor if Carly’s baby might be Bo’s. Carly’s anxiety gets the best of her at the hospital and she yells at Vivian. E.J. doesn’t show Sami the ransom letter but she ends up finding it when he leaves the room. Sami wants to tell Rafe but E.J. thinks that would be a mistake since the letter says the person is watching. Nathan thinks Melanie is rushing into marrying Philip but she won’t listen. Lexie asks Nathan why he is so distracted at the hospital when he tells her about Philip and Melanie, Lexie tells him to go after her if that is what he wants. When Mia introduces Maggie and Gabi, Gabi asks about being a candy striper and Maggie is happy to help. Mia then asks to be one too, leaving Maggie confused. After Gabi leaves, Maggie asks her about suddenly wanting to be a candy striper. Mia accuses Maggie of being just like her mother. Anna wonders what her next move will be.

27 November – Episode 11240
Arianna turns over Troy’s phone to Roman but he isn’t able to get anything off of it because E.J. was able to erase everything from it. They plant the phone back at Java with a Detective. Troy visits Ari at the Pub and when she walks away he promises himself that Ari won’t be his replacement with E.J. Carly frets that she made things worse for Bo after finding out Hope caught them kissing. Hope eavedrops on Vivian and Victor and almost overhears that Carly has a child but Justin busts her. Justin covers for Hope but Vivian lets her know that she knows Hope was listening in. Vivian worries to Victor that Hope might tell Carly that she is plotting against her but Victor assures her that Hope doesn’t care for Carly. Rafe gets word that most of the other women bought the shoes with cash so he tells Sami that he will have to find another way to find Sydney’s kidnapper. Anna gets a visit from Benny who brings supplies and tells Anna that the letter was dropped off.

28 November – Episode 11241
Rafe tells Sami that he might be reinstated with the FBI so he will be able to get information about Sydney quicker. Hope and Justin search around Vivian’s room and find a box hidden in the wall. Carly remembers how Vivian buried her alive and promises herself that Vivian won’t find her daughter. Philip and Nathan get into a fight and get themselves arrested. Melanie tells Stephanie that she and Philip are heading to Vegas to get married that evening. Maggie is left disappointed when Mickey gets tied up at work and cancels their plans with Julie and Doug. Daniel notices that Carly is acting strangely. Vivian warns Chloe about Carly.

29 November – Episode 11242
Bo tells Carly that he called the Swiss hospital and found out that they had a flood a few years before they were able to put records in the computer so if Vivian found out where Carly had the baby she doesn’t have any more details than that. Justin and Hope are still in Vivian’s room after just finding the box hidden in the wall when they hear Victor and Vivian returning. They think quickly and embrace in a kiss as Victor and Vivian walk in. Victor is furious and kicks both of them out of the house. Hope talks to Victor alone and asks him to reconsider for Ciara sake. Victor comes around after Hope informs him about catching Carly and Bo kissing. Victor berates Hope for kissing Justin when Ciara could have walked in at any moment but agrees to let them stay. Hope can’t take any more of Victor’s meddling and decides to move out. Justin tells Vivian that Bo has moved on with Carly. Later, Vivian runs into Bo and can’t help but inform him of Hope and Justin’s kiss. Brady visits Nicole at the jail and tells her that she can’t give up on life. Nicole calls her lawyer and changes her plea to guilty. Melanie and Stephanie arrive at the jail to visit Philip and Nathan. Philip’s lawyer posts bail and he has to be processed but Melanie is left behind to talk to Nathan. Philip tells Stephanie that Nathan is trying to convince Melanie to change her mind about marrying him. The office gives Stephanie the paper work to bail out Nathan but she refuses. Philip returns to the jail cell to hear Melanie tell Nathan that she loves Philip and is going to marry him.

30 November – Episode 11243
Troy hires Al to kill Arianna but when he goes to the Pub he finds her with Brady who tells Ari that he went to see Nicole because the guards called him and she understands. Al returns later and finds Ari with Gabi. Ari is going to tell Gabi about Chad having a child with Mia but doesn’t get the chance because Troy calls to get Ari alone. Gabi runs into Brady at Java and he wonders why she isn’t with Ari. Sami and E.J. receive the next note with cryptic instructions where to get their next clue. Sami and E.J. figure it and find the cell phone on the docks. Anna calls and demands $5 million or they will never see Sydney again. Rafe tries to call Sami but doesn’t get any answer. Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion as Justin is moving out. Bo let’s Hope know that he knows about the kiss. The two argue before Bo takes Ciara out for the day. Justin questions Hope if kissing him was so bad. Bo confides in Maggie about his relationship troubles.