Days of our Lives November 2013 Teasers

Will Chad take the cash and job offered by his biological father? Will the virus Carly injects herself with eventually kill her? Sami tells Johnny she doesn’t love him, but does she mean it? Find out this November in Days of our Lives – every weekday on SABC 3 at 17:15.

Kristian Alfonso (L) and Peter Reckell (R) plays Bo and Hope on "Days of Our Lives"  Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity / ©John Paschal
Kristian Alfonso (L) and Peter Reckell (R) plays Bo and Hope on
Days of Our Lives on SABC 3 weekdays at 17:15.
Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity / ©John Paschal

01 November

Episode 11 470

Carly injects herself with the virus and Daniel knocks out a security guard to stop her from putting the antiviral in. Daniel tells Carly that he made the antiviral for his height and weight so it could kill her. Nathan becomes delirious and wants to tell Melanie he loves her. Stephanie tries to tell Philip he is Parker’s father. Rafe tries to appeal to E.J. to let Will and Allie see Johnny and Sydney for the holidays. E.J. refuses and vows to tell his children that Sami just uses her children for her own good. Sami sneaks into the Di Mera garden to see Sydney. Nicole calls for E.J. and E.J. tells Sami and Rafe that if either comes near Johnny or Sydney again he will turn Sami in.


04 November

Episode 11 471

Bo meets with the Warden to find out why Hope is in solitary. Jennifer tracks down Bo tell him about Carly. Philip catches Melanie leaning her head on Nathan. Nathan nearly tells Daniel about Chloe. Melanie demands that Daniel give Nathan the antiviral since he is taking a turn for the worse. Nathan has a positive reaction and everyone takes the drug. Stefano returns home to find that E.J. got the kids back.


05 November

Episode 11 472

Stefano confronts Kate about telling Sami that E.J. was planning to take the kids. Stefano also figures out that Kate was the one that sent Chad the birth certificate. The hospital calls and tells Stefano the paternity results are ready. Sami tells Caroline, Roman and Will that E.J. has the kids until her and Rafe can come up with a way to get them back. Rafe has a diver search for the gun but he comes up empty handed. Lexie realizes that E.J. found out Sami shot him and that is how he got the kids back. Lexie doesn’t think that things are going to work out the way E.J. wants them to. Vivian visits Maggie in her hospital room and tells her that she is planning her revenge on Victor and Brady. Maggie is shocked that Brady is also involved with putting Vivian in the coffin.


06 November

Episode 11 473

Stefano kicks Kate out of the house as Chad arrives to learn the test results. The paternity test reveals that Stefano is indeed Chad’s father. Stefano offers Chad money and a job but Chad refuses. Chad tells Stefano he just wanted to know the truth and wants to know what it felt like to learn so late you had a child you didn’t know about. Daniel arrives home to find Chloe stressing. Philip tells Melanie that Maggie is in the hospital because Vivian put her in a coffin. Maggie confronts Philip about keeping Vivian in the coffin. Nathan gets advice from an ailing patient regarding his love life.


07 November

Episode 11 474

Hope knocks out Keisha and tries to escape. Hope is caught and brought to Warden Smith. Charlene attacks Hope in the Warden’s office. The Warden tells Hope she is being transferred to a maximum security prison. Later, the Warden tells Lee that Hope will be cuffed but Charlene won’t when they transfer the two. Dr. Walters calls the Warden and tells her they need a new heart. Maggie confronts Brady about keeping Vivian in the coffin.


08 November

Episode 11 475

Vivian attempts to team up with Stefano by telling him about Kate’s involvement in her being put in the coffin. Philip suggests to Melanie that they start trying for a baby. Caroline runs into E.J. and the kids outside the pub. E.J. forces Nicole to choose between Brady and Sydney.


11 November

Episode 11 476

Kate finds out just how far Stefano has gone in ruining her life when she is refused service at the Pub. Vivian tries yet again to get Stefano on her side. Nicole tells Brady that E.J. is making her choose between him and Sydney. Nicole tells Brady about E.J.’s ultimatum. Victor offers Kate a place to stay. Sami, Rafe and Allie run into E.J., Nicole and the kids on the docks. Johnny attaches himself to Sami and E.J. tells Sami that doing nothing isn’t an option. Later, Johnny asks E.J. why his mother hates him.


12 November

Episode 11 477

Bo is able to get in contact with the Governor and gets a call from the Warden. The Warden has to call off Hope’s transfer because the Governor told her if anything happens to Hope she will be held responsible. Bo demands to see Hope as soon as possible. The Warden calls Dr. Walters and tells him that she will need more time on any future organs. Brady devises a plan to have a public break-up with Nicole so E.J. will just think they are broken up. Sami sneaks into the DiMera mansion to see Johnny and Sydney. Rafe keeps an eye on Stefano and E.J. at the docks where they are expecting a shipment. Gabi and Will share a kiss.


13 November

Episode 11 478

The Warden forces Hope to write a letter to Bo. Hope attempts to sneak in a hidden message. Rafe stops Sami from getting caught at the Kiriakis mansion. When Rafe and Sami return home they nearly catch Gabi and Will making out. Kate warns E.J. that turning his children against their mother is not going to work. Chloe takes something Bo says the wrong way but is able to cover. A female employee flirts with Philip and kisses him. Philip excuses himself to leave the Pub and doesn’t see that Daniel witnessed the kiss.


14 November

Episode 11 479

Lexie is devastated when Theo is able to read but not comprehend what he is reading. Lexie tells Abe that E.J. has custody of the kids and E.J. must have something on Sami. Abe heads to the station and demands that if Bo has anything on Sami he must arrest her. Daniel tries to talk Melanie out of having a baby without telling her he saw Philip kissing another woman. Johnny is making E.J.’s plan difficult and E.J. calls Sami over. E.J. tells Sami to tell Johnny that she doesn’t love him anymore. Sami refuses to tell Johnny that and leaves. Bo calls Sami to come to the station. Sami lays into Abe but Bo stops her. Bo tells Abe and Sami that Rafe is joining the station as a detective and he doesn’t want anything to ruin it. Sami goes back to E.J.’s and asks that he not ruin Rafe’s new job and agrees to tell Johnny that she doesn’t love him. Sami uses her special signal to Johnny so Johnny realises Sami doesn’t mean what she is saying. Philip gives Chloe the song she wrote for Joy when Chloe was sick with cancer. Abe catches Lexie and Dr. Walters embracing after Lexie has talked about Theo. Gabi and Will both notice something odd in the pictures from Rafe and Sami’s wedding.


15 November

Episode 11 480

Will and Gabi show Rafe the wedding pictures and he sees the white spot on Johnny’s eye as well. They look at the memory card and the spot can be seen. Rafe tells the two to not tell Sami yet. Rafe gives E.J. the pictures and tells him to look at Johnny. E.J. doesn’t look at the pictures when Rafe leaves. Abe is jealous seeing Lexie hugging Dr. Walters. Abe tells Lexie that he ran into Sami who remind him of Lexie’s past but the two make-up. Nicole tells E.J. that she broke up with Brady. E.J. invites Nicole to move into the DiMera guest house. Nicole and Brady stage a fight for Henderson to see. Daniel overhears Stephanie telling Caroline that Philip cheated.


18 November

Episode 11 481

Daniel and Philip get into a fight on the docks when Daniel accuses Philip of cheating on Melanie with the girl from the pub. Lexie arrives at Rafe’s apartment looking for Sami. Lexie is livid over Sami upsetting Abe. Rafe calms Lexie down to show her the pictures of Johnny. Rafe and Lexie go to the DiMera mansion when E.J. refuses to believe anything Rafe is saying. Lexie sends Rafe away and asks E.J. if she can take a look at Johnny. Lexie tells E.J. that something could be seriously wrong with Johnny. Stephanie tells Adrienne that Caroline switched the test results. Victor drops by to see Parker unaware that Maggie is babysitting.


19 November

Episode 11 482

Bo shows Jennifer the letter Hope sent and points out that Hope spelled Ciara’s name wrong. Lexie makes an appointment for Johnny with a specialist. Will and Gabi can’t keep the truth from Sami. Sami rushes to the hospital where E.J. accuses her of doing something to Johnny. Philip rushes to stop Daniel from telling Melanie about Philip cheating.


20 November

Episode 11 483

Bo tells Julie and Ciara he has to leave town for a few days on a case. Philip tells Daniel the truth but replaces Sabrina for Chloe in his story. Daniel agrees not to tell Melanie the truth but warns Philip that if he ever cheats on Melanie again he will make him pay. Daniel tracks down Stephanie next and tells her not to tell Melanie about Philip cheating. E.J. accuses Sami of doing something to Johnny. Later, E.J. catches Sami doing her secret hand signal with Johnny. The two are arguing when Dr. Kim returns with the test results.


21 November

No Days of Our Lives due to Cricket


22 November

Episode 11 484

Dr. Kim tells E.J. and Sami that Johnny has retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye. Dr. Kim recommends surgery to remove the eye. Sami and E.J. refuse until they can get a second opinion. Sami and E.J. agree to put aside everything to be there for Johnny. Lee tells Hope about cops beating suspects. Hope throws a box of oranges at Lee but is restrained by the guard. Lee takes a stocking of oranges to beat Hope with. Nicole and Brady make love on the Di Mera couch.


25 November

Episode 11 484

Johnny has surgery to remove his eye. Lexie calls Daniel in to help with the surgery. Bo breaks Hope out of jail. Vivian sends out a text from Victor to those who wronged her to meet at the Kiriakis mansion.


26 November

Episode 11 486

Dr. Kim gives Sami and E.J. the good news that it doesn’t look like Johnny’s cancer has spread. Daniel agrees to keep Rafe and Sami in the loop about Johnny. Jennifer poses as someone looking for a job at the prison to help Bo and Hope get away. Vivian announces she is now the major shareholder of Titan and CEO. Vivian tells everyone that Victor declared the Kiriakis mansion the headquarters so the mansion is now hers. Victor speaks with his lawyer who advised him not to move out because it will strengthen Vivian’s case. Vivian shows Nicole’s pictures of her and Brady making love at the DiMera mansion.


27 November

No Days of Our Lives due to Cricket


28 November

Episode 11 487

Bo and Hope continue to hide out at the cabin. The Warden accuses Roman of helping Bo and Hope hide out. Roman asks Rafe to be the acting chief in order to have the state police keep the Salem PD updated on the search. Vivian tries to show E.J. the pictures of Brady and Nicole unaware that Johnny is in the hospital. Daniel finds Carly at the hospital on her night off and they go back to his apartment where Adrienne is watching Parker.


29 November

Episode 11 488

Daniel hears on the radio about Bo breaking Hope out of prison. Rafe dresses as Santa and visits Johnny at the hospital. Johnny is released from the hospital in time for Christmas.