Days of Our Lives October 2012 Teasers

1 October Episode 11199

Mia tells Will and Chad that she slept around and Chad probably isn’t Sydney’s father. Will thinks that Mia made up the lie to get Chad to back off the paternity test but Mia tells Will that it is true and Will breaks up with her. Chad visits Sami and tells her what Mia told him and Will and the two rush off to find Mia. Stefano explains to Nicole that they need Mia’s lie in order for the paternity test to come back without them getting involved in changing the results.

2 October Episode 11200

Nicole returns home with Sydney and tells E.J. about Mia sleeping with several guys and encourages him to accept Sydney back into his life. Brady tells Victor that he got back with Arianna and Victor reveals to Brady that Ari is a drug dealer.

3 October Episode 11201

Rafe sets out to find the proof he needs that Sydney is Sami’s daughter

4 October Episode 11202

Bo seeks Justin’s help with Carly.

5 October Episode 11203

Arianna turns in her notice to Caroline who tries to change Ari’s mind and get her to stay but Brady looks on ready to reveal that she is a drug dealer if Ari doesn’t quit the Pub. Hope and Justin arrive at the police station and Bo accuses them of turning Carly in.

8 October Episode 11204

Hope tells Bo that she kept her word and was giving them 24 hours. Victor walks in and reveals that he was the one that turned Carly in. Justin tries to get Carly to reveal everything that happened so he can represent her. Chloe received the bad news that she only has a 2% chance of having a child. E.J. overhears Ari on the phone asking Rafe about a DNA test. Nicole loses it when Sami tells her that she and Rafe are back together. Rafe isn’t happy when Sami tells him that she told Nicole. Nicole rushes to Stefano and tells him that Rafe is back in town and told Sami that he is working on something that will change her life. E.J. comes home and Stefano hides Nicole and Sydney. E.J. tells Stefano what he overheard at Ari’s room about the DNA test.

9 October Episode 11205

Arianna admits to Brady that she is an undercover informant for the police department. Carly is released into Bo’s custody instead of being extradited. Stefano demands that Nicole leave Sydney with him. E.J. overhears Stefano make a hit on Rafe. Rafe heads to the docks to pick up the test results and they prove that he was right about Sydney as the hit man takes his aim.

10 October Episode 11206

E.J. rushes onto the docks just in time to knock out the hit man who has Rafe in his cross hairs. Rafe falls to the ground knocking himself out and E.J. gets him to come to. When Roman shows up to investigate the incident Mateo admits that Stefano sent him. E.J. calls Stefano and tells him to get out of town. Mary has to leave and gives Sydney to Kate. Chloe arrives to see Nicole and Kate passes Sydney off to her. Brady promises to help Arianna get the information she needs to get out of the informant program.

11 October Episode 11207

Stephanie takes Melanie out to celebrate passing her mid-term. When they walk into Java, Melanie sees Philip and tries to rush out but Philip stops them. Stephanie wonders if there is not more going on between Philip and Melanie. Later, Nathan overhears Philip leaving a message for Melanie. Carly defends Mia when Chad confronts her after receiving the paternity test results.

12 October Episode 11208

Hope tells Bo that she wants to move back home. Bo realizes it is partly because she is worried about Carly. Bo tells Hope that it is too dangerous for her and Ciara to move back. Caroline expresses concern over Bo choosing Carly over his marriage. Sami and Rafe rush to find Nicole and Sydney. Nicole freaks out on Daniel for taking Sydney without telling Chloe. Nicole asks Chloe to take Sydney because Nicole is going to get things together so they can leave town. Chloe brings Sydney back to her apartment and Rafe shows up after talking to Daniel at the hospital and demands that Chloe hand over Sydney.

15 October Episode 11209

Brady promises Arianna that he can get information from Victor without Victor knowing he is getting it for her. Bo returns home and finds Carly missing and heads out to find her. Carly is still with Mia on the docks and tries to comfort her after Chad lays into her about sleeping around. Bo finds Carly and drags her back home. Rafe demands that Chloe hand over Sydney telling her that Sydney is Sami’s daughter. Chloe refuses until Daniel enters and tells her that Rafe has DNA proof. Chloe realizes that her slip up months ago put Nicole’s plan into motion. Sami returns home just in time to stop Nicole from leaving. Sami demands that Nicole admit that Sydney is her child.

16 October Episode 11210

Justin calls Bo and Carly down to the station and informs them that Carly is off the hook because someone else admitted to killing Lawrence. Carly figures she can move out now so Bo and Hope can reunite but Bo tells Carly that she is probably in even more danger if someone else falsely confessed to a crime. Justin informs Hope of the latest turn of events and she realizes that Bo is still protecting Carly. Vivian tells her man servant that his plan is working perfectly now that her minion has confessed to killing Lawrence. Carly gets a shock when Vivian shows up at Bo’s house. Chloe tells E.J. that he has to get to Sami’s because something big is going down but won’t give any other details. Rafe returns home to Sami’s just as Nicole is ready to hit Sami with a glass object. Nicole keeps insisting that Sydney is her daughter. Rafe hands Sydney over to her rightful mother and Nicole runs out of the apartment straight into E.J. Rafe follows and asks Nicole if she is going to tell E.J. or should Sami tell him

17 October Episode 11211

Nicole runs off and E.J. follows and catches up to her on the docks where Nicole reveals everything about Sydney being his daughter. Nicole thinks E.J. will be happy that Nicole attempted to reunite him with his daughter but he is furious. The police arrive to arrest Nicole as Sami, Rafe and Sydney show up. Chloe calls Nicole and leaves a message telling her that she thought they were friends and can’t believe Nicole dragged her into her mess. Chloe can’t believe that Nicole would steal Sami’s baby and Mia overhears and demands answers.

18 October Episode 11212

Melanie tells Phillip to stop calling her and leaving her messages. Later, Melanie informs Nathan that Phillip has been calling her and Nathan admits that he already knew since he overheard him calling one day. Melanie gets an unexpected visitor in Marc. Brady suspects that Victor was the person responsible for bringing the drugs into Salem but Victor won’t admit to anything. Caroline tells Victor that she can’t ignore the line of work that he is in. E.J. acts as his own lawyer and confronts Mateo for accusing him of putting out the hit. Later, E.J. calls Stefano and realizes that Stefano was the one that had Mateo change his story. Mia confronts Nicole in jail. Nicole tries to turn it back on Mia that Mia didn’t even want to hold her child. Stephanie fantasises about Nathan.

19 October Episode 11213

Arianna and Rafe get a visit from their little sister Gabi. Brady visits Nicole in jail after receiving a text message from Chloe. Brady bails Nicole out of jail thinking that Nicole was arrested for illegally adopting Sydney from Mia. E.J. realizes that Stefano got Mateo to change his story and finger E.J. as putting the hit out on Rafe. E.J. also realizes that Stefano has known about the baby switch for quite a while. Philip uses the Kiriakis name to get rid of Marc who wants his $10,000 back from Melanie. Stephanie fantasises about kissing Nathan. Later, a nurse is looking for a doctor to call in for a bus accident. Stephanie suggests Nathan after remembering he had plans with Melanie.

22 October Episode 11214

Arianna informs Brady the real reason that Nicole was arrested and Brady is upset that he helped Nicole get out of jail. Brady is also upset upon finding out that Arianna knew for a while but she tells him Rafe wanted proof before even telling Sami. Sami has a family reunion with her kids and Sydney. Sami tells Will that she hopes that when Mia is ready she will come around so Sami can thank her for Grace. Will doesn’t think Mia will want to talk to him after how he treated her.

25 October Episode 11215

Mia tells Chad that Nicole switched Grace and Sydney and their daughter is dead. The two visit Grace’s grave together. Vivian and Victor run into each other at Java. Melanie decides to head to the hospital and sees Stephanie flirting with Nathan.

24 October Episode 11216

Carly gives Bo the details about her daughter that is living at Maggie’s. Carly tells Bo that when Lawrence found out she was pregnant by another man he made her give up her baby.

25 October Episode 11217

The night Carly stabbed Lawrence he threatened to kill her daughter. Nicole makes it to Ohio with Sydney and changes her look. Sami finds out that Brady was the one that bailed Nicole out and she slaps him. Sami is with Rafe when Gabi tries to leave after fighting with Arianna. Sami notices Nicole’s bracelet on Gabi’s wrist and demands answers.

26 October Episode 11218

Nicole’s mother, Fay comes to her aide and Nicole lies telling her that the DiMera’s are after her and E.J. was controlling her. Fay falls for the story and blames herself because Fay stayed in an abusive relationship with Nicole’s father. Rafe is able to use the information from Arianna and Gabi to begin looking for Nicole and the FBI agrees that it is a federal kidnapping case. Melanie tells Nathan that she kissed Philip after he helped her with Marc. Philip suggests to Stephanie that they team up to break up Nathan and Melanie.

29 October Episode 11219

Nicole calls E.J. telling him that this is good-bye. E.J. tries to keep Nicole on the line long enough for the police to get a trace but she hangs up before they can get a read on her location. Nicole calls Fay to come back over again and tells her that she needs fake passports. Fay is able to talk to someone she works with but it will take most of the money Fay gave Nicole. Carly runs into Hope at the Cheatin’ Heart and tries to tell her that there is nothing between her and Bo and that she is moving out. Arianna sticks up for Gabi when Will blames her for helping Nicole get away with Sydney.

30 October Episode 11220

Arianna insists to Roman that she will find out who is behind the drug operation. Philip tells Vivian to cut the act when she gets emotional at reuniting with her “son.”

31 October Episode 11221

Carly doesn’t get off on the right foot with Melanie and Mia wants Carly to leave her alone.

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