Days of our Lives Teasers – August 2013

James Scott stars as EJ Wells in SABC 3 soapie Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30. Pic: SABC 3 Publicity
James Scott stars as EJ Wells in SABC 3 soapie Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30. Pic: SABC 3 Publicity

Days of our Lives Teasers for August 2013.

01 August

Episode 11 404

Bo lashes out at Dr. Baker during his hearing for taking advantage of Hope. Nicole seeks out Brady for help telling him that she knew E.J. paid Anna to kidnap Sydney and Brady wants nothing to do with Nicole’s latest drama. Maggie tries to convince Brady to go to an AA meeting with her when she catches him ordering a drink. Victor tells Nicole that he told Rafe her weaknesses. Vivian unveils her plan to Gus for Maggie that she is going to burying Maggie alive. Rafe plays Nicole’s confession and E.J. grabs the tape recorder away from him. Sami tells Rafe she wouldn’t believe a word out of Nicole’s mouth. Rafe tells Sami he wouldn’t expect her too but he has E.J.’s word as well and pulls out the CD and places it into the player.


02 August

Episode 11 405

The prosecution rests their case and Dr. Baker’s lawyer takes over calling Hope to the stand. The lawyer grills Hope until Dr. Baker stands up and pleads guilty. Rafe plays the CD with E.J. talking about kidnapping Sydney for Sami. Sami asks Rafe to leave and lays into E.J. E.J. tries to defend himself saying he was upset and wanted revenge. Maggie tells Melanie that she is considering leaving town for a while to visit her daughters and go on the cruise she had planned with Mickey. Vivian tells Gus that no one will miss Maggie because she will lay the ground work to make it look like Maggie left town on her own.


05 August

Episode 11 406

Vivian’s plan continues as she bothers Maggie for the name of the funeral parlor she used and finds out Maggie is planning to go out of town. The sarcophagus arrives for Vivian’s plan to bury Maggie alive. Sami tells E.J. she is moving her children out of the DiMera mansion. Stefano is upset when he finds out that Nicole knew the truth and E.J. couldn’t keep her quiet. Nicole thinks a hit man is breaking into her apartment but it is an FBI agent looking for her. Chloe and Daniel tell Victor that Chloe is pregnant.


06 August

Episode 11 407

Arianna feels bad for E.J. and sympathizes with him. Chloe lets Nicole stay with her and Daniel before checking with Daniel. Daniel agrees to let Nicole stay. Kate tells Will about E.J. being behind Sydney’s kidnapping. Kate lashes out at Stefano for keeping E.J.’s secret since it hurt her grandchildren.


07 August

Episode 11 408

E.J. finds Nicole on the docks and is livid at her for giving the recording to Rafe and ruining everything. Rafe and Sami reconnect and make love. Sami wakes up from a bad dream and tells Rafe that she and her children will never be safe from E.J. Nathan prepares for his first solo surgery when a nurse rudely tells him that the only reason he is getting one so early is because he is a Horton. Nathan realizes that his elbow is giving him some trouble but is able to complete the surgery fine. Stephanie suspects that Phillip changed the paternity test results and asks Ian to make sure all the tracks were covered. Kate tells Stefano that if Will finds out Stefano knew about E.J. being behind Sydney’s kidnapping and she loses Will she will leave Stefano. Caroline overhears Arianna leaving a message for E.J. to call if he needs anything and Caroline confronts Arianna.


08 August

Episode 11 409

Caroline tries to convince Will that Stefano is a dangerous person. Daniel arrives just in time to stop E.J. from killing Nicole. Kate calls Sami and warns her that E.J. is planning to try and take the kids and leave the country. E.J. is drunk and out of his mind as he sits in his room and points a gun at his head.


09 August

Episode 11 410

Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion and finds E.J. asleep with the gun on the bed. Sami picks the gun up and aims it at E.J. Bo takes Ciara fishing with Carly.


12 August

Episode 11 411

Ciara asks if Hope went away so Bo could be with Carly. Carly explains to Ciara that Hope took some medicine that made her do things she would have never done otherwise. Stefano and Kate find E.J. in his bed bleeding from the gunshot wound. Nicole decides she wants to leave town and asks Chloe for money which Daniel objects to. Daniel is called away to do emergency surgery on E.J. Rafe proposes to Sami who is still dealing with the guilt of shooting E.J.


13 August

Episode 11 412

Brady catches Vivian in the tomb and finds out about her “plan” for his mother. Lexie tells Stefano that E.J. drew up papers to put Sami in charge of any medical decisions if he was unable.


14 August

Episode 11 413

Stephanie asks Ian to look into the server at St. Mary’s to see if Philip was the one who changed the test results.


15 August

Episode 11 414

Sami is shocked when E.J. opens his eyes when she is talking to him. Chloe tells Carly that she worked with Vivian to try and kill her.


16 August

Episode 11 415

Sami tells Will the entire story about what happened the night she shot E.J.


19 August

Episode 11 416

Vivian knows something is up between Chloe and Carly and vows to figure it out. Brady walks in on Vivian with her sarcophagus and realizes it has a television screen in it. Hope is put in her cell with cellmate, Tina, who ends up recognizing her as the cop who mugged a bunch of men.


20 August

Episode 11 417

Tina freaks out thinking Hope will do something to her and demands a new cellmate. When the guard refuses, Tina attacks Hope who used skills she learned as an officer. Daniel overhears Carly on the phone with Chloe talking about Vivian. Stephanie drops by to visit Chloe with a baby gift but she is really there to get information off of Chloe’s computer for Ian to find out if it was Chloe that changed the test results. Brady finds the forged letters from Maggie in Vivian’s purse and figures out Vivian is trying to burying Maggie alive. Melanie walks in on a sleeping Nathan at the hospital mumbling that he loves her. Ciara tries to be nicer to Carly and is disappointed when Maggie tells her she will miss her recital. Maggie gets a cryptic call from Gus trying to warn her about Vivian’s plans.


21 August

Episode 11 418

Brady finds the paperwork for a pet cemetery and realizes that Vivian put Isabella there. Chad gives his sympathies to Kate. Kate worries to a comatose E.J. what would happen if Stefano found out Chad is his son. Melanie tells Maggie about Nathan talking in his sleep about being in love with her.


22 August

Episode 11 419

Brady turns the tables on Vivian by putting her in the sarcophagus. Brady taunts Vivian with the video cameras she set up to use with Maggie. Maggie tells Victor that she has decided to delay her trip. Rafe suspects that Will may of shot E.J.


23 August

Episode 11 420

Sami makes the decision to take E.J. off life support. Rafe tells her that if she pulls the plug whoever shot E.J. would be charged with murder. Vivian pleads with Brady to let her out of the sarcophagus and tells him that there is toxic paint in it. Brady writes an e-mail to Victor from Vivian. Kate demands answers from Will.


26 August

Episode 11 421

The nurse takes E.J. off life support and everyone watches on. Stefano sits by E.J.’s bed and begins talking to him and E.J. suddenly starts breathing on his own. Later, Kate suggests to Sami that she should pick up her stuff and Kate starts questioning Sami’s guilt. Stefano arrives and tells Sami that the gun used to shoot E.J. was the one he kept in a box only people that lived in the mansion knew about. Stephanie is still obsessing over who changed the paternity tests results and she now suspects Daniel. Adrienne overhears Stephanie talking to Ian about figuring out if it was Daniel. Later, Adrienne makes a call talking about Steph and suggesting someone come back to town. Victor can’t believe the e-mail he gets from Vivian. Vivian finds a remote and listens in on their conversation. Victor sees that Vivian’s jewelry and Lawrence’s ashes are gone and he starts to celebrate. Everyone gathers for Isabella’s re-dedication and Victor announces that Vivian left.


27 August

Episode 11 422

Bo tells Carly that Vivian has left town but Carly puts out that it doesn’t seem like Vivian to leave suddenly like that. Victor tells Justin to start the divorce proceeding against Vivian but Justin isn’t sure Vivian is really out of Victor’s life. Maggie finds Vivian’s earring on the floor. E.J. starts to wake up murmuring Sami’s name. Tina and another inmate attack Hope. The warden goes against Hope’s wishes and calls Bo.


28 August

Episode 11 423

Stefano thinks Will was the one that shot E.J. and vows revenge if he gets proof. Nicole gets drunk and shows up at Chloe’s baby shower and nearly ruins Chloe’s secret that she slept with someone else.


29 August

Episode 11 424

Stephanie is surprised when Kayla shows up and not pleased when Kayla tells her that Adrienne called her. Ian shows up at the hospital needing stitches and Daniel works on him. Ian realizes this is the Daniel that Stephanie has been talking about and tries to figure out a way to figure out if he knows about Chloe. Stefano tells Kate that he knows Will didn’t shoot E.J. because his finger prints are not on the cabin where the gun was kept.


30 August

Episode 11 425

Melanie demands to know what Nicole means by Chloe hurting Daniel. Nicole says she was just running her mouth because she is drunk and upset. Later, Melanie has everyone play a guessing game about the baby and Nicole gets emotional and excuses herself. Stefano sits by E.J.’s bed and tries to get him to wake up and accuse Sami of shooting him. Later, Arianna visits E.J. and he wakes up saying Sami’s name. Rafe knows that Sami and Will are hiding something from him. Kayla doesn’t believe Stephanie when she says everything is fine especially when Kayla overhears Stephanie on the phone with Ian. Kayla walks in on Ian telling Stephanie that he got a hold of Daniel’s phone and he doesn’t appear to know that Chloe’s baby isn’t his based on his calls to prepare Chloe’s birthday party that same day.