Days of our Lives Teasers – June 2013

Galen Gerin ("Rafe") starsin Days of our Lives on SABC 3 every weekday at 17:30. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3.
Galen Gerin (“Rafe”) stars in Days of our Lives on SABC 3 every weekday at 17:30. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3.

Due to ICC Champions Trophy (cricket) matches, Days of our Lives will not be broadcast on some days this June. Below are teasers for the days it will be on air:

3 June

Episode 11 365

E.J. catches Sami and Rafe kissing. Rafe is not happy when Sami makes up excuses to stay at the DiMera mansion. Rafe goes to visit Arianna at the prison. Daniel tells Chloe she is about two months along. Chloe realizes that the baby could be Philip’s. Stephanie tells Kayla that she is worried Philip has done something that will cause Melanie to run back to Nathan. Kayla confronts Philip about turning his back on his son, Pocket. Melanie walks in at the end of their conversation. Carly seeks advice from Jennifer. Jennifer has a private moment at Alice’s grave. Kate and Madeline continue their conversation. Kate apologizes for dragging Madeline into the whole hooker business years ago.

4 June

Episode 11 366

Shane tells Kimberly he is leaving the ISA. Philip explains to Melanie that he let a great family raise his son. Nicole visits Chloe as she is getting ready to leave the hospital and finds out she didn’t marry Daniel yet. Nicole is coming up with a plan when Daniel walks in and nearly overhears that Chloe slept with someone else. E.J. declares his love to Sami. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and threatens him to be careful when Rafe walks up behind her.


5 June

Episode 11 367

Arianna finally has her arraignment hearing and is granted bail which E.J. pays. Will overhears Madeline talking to Kate about being a former hooker. Brady hires a private investigator to look into the muggings and clear Arianna. Rafe nearly catches Nicole on the phone admitting to setting up Arianna. Shane and Kimberly leave Salem together.

18 June

Episode 11 376

E.J. informs Arianna that he may have to leave town for an unspecified amount of time. Hope runs into Carly when she is out on one of her missions and acts completely different. Hope tells Carly that she did what she had to do when she killed Lawrence. Adrienne tells Bo that Hope is acting strange and he notes that he has noticed a few things. Madeline admits to Chad that she was a hooker and the two get into a fight over it. Chad goes up the dock stairs and Madeline rushes after him. Chad pulls away from his mother and she falls backwards to the ground. Kate rushes to the hospital after getting a call about Stefano. Stefano forget to take his insulin and came in for a check-up with Lexie. E.J. has Marco bring Nicole to the mansion where she tells him that she hasn’t told Brady about Sydney yet. Dr. Baker questions Hope about what she plans to do with the supplies she made with the purchase.

21 June

Episode 11 379

Hope proceeds with her plan to kill Bo after he passes out from the pills she put in his coffee. Hope pours gasoline all over Bo and prepares to light the match. Nicole tells E.J. she is prepared to blow his secret if he doesn’t give her want she wants. Sami gets jealous when she meets Rafe’s new assistant, Tiffany.

24 June

Episode 11 380

Hope’s is getting ready to light Bo on fire when she is interrupted by Daniel. Hope unleashes her anger on Dr. Baker and finds out that he was the one that called the ambulance. Carly rushes into Bo’s room when he is brought to the hospital. Daniel explains that Bo has been knocked out by some sort of drug and that he reeked of gasoline. Roman shows up later and informs Carly and Daniel that someone rigged the smoke detectors not to go off. Hope angrily tells Dr. Baker that she is sick of the men she knows taking advantage of her and explains her reasoning’s for mugging several of them. D.A. Woods called off the investigation into Ciara’s kidnapping, Justin has feelings for her that she can’t return and of course that Bo has moved on with Carly. Rafe walks up on Nicole and E.J. discussing Arianna but only hears something about a secret not hearing the part where Nicole tells E.J. she wants him to prove that Arianna is innocent before Brady does. Rafe tells Sami that he overheard E.J. and Nicole on the docks but she figures it has to be something else.

25 June

Episode 11 381

Hope decides to finish Bo off by inserting something into his IV. Bo wakes up as she is putting the syringe in but Hope takes off before Carly and Daniel enter the room. Bo goes into cardiac arrest but Daniel is able to revive him. Later, Bo removes the tube from his throat and Carly realizes that he wants to tell her something. Rafe uses a pay phone and voice changer to get Nicole out of her motel room. Rafe snoops around and finds a book in Nicole’s drawer with some sort of code on it. Nicole thinks E.J. has tricked her down to the docks and returns to her room to find the window open. E.J. tells Sami that he has set up a family picture as a surprise. Victor visits Maggie to talk more about the scholarship fund. Vivian vents to Gus about Victor spending all his time with Maggie. Gus tells Vivian she should get even not sad.

26 June

Episode 11 382

Bo awakens but doesn’t remember anything about what happened the night before even after Carly telling him he pulled out his tube the night before trying to tell her something. Justin informs Hope that Bo is in the hospital. Hope rushes to the hospital finding Carly in Bo’s arms. Carly gets the drug test back and informs Bo and Hope that Bo was drugged by some sort of sleeping pills. Bo flashes to drinking coffee but doesn’t remember who was with him. Caroline shows up angry that Victor didn’t call her about Bo no matter what Roman said. Nathan picks up some things from Maggie’s where he tells Melanie that he is moving in with Stephanie. Adrienne tells Stephanie that her dad is concerned about her moving in with Nathan. Stephanie finds a picture of Nathan and Melanie in his belongings. Philip is able to get Melanie’s nursing school grades earlier and she has aced her classes. Kate runs into D.A. Woods at the Pub where he tells her that Madeline’s safety deposit box was empty. Kate realizes she is the only one that knows that D.A. Woods isn’t Chad’s real father. Will feels guilty for telling Chad about Madeline’s past. Theo finds a wallet in the sand and brings it to Abe and Lexie talking about Hope’s treasures.

27 June

Episode 11 383

Rafe looks at the picture he took of the secret code in Nicole’s journal. Rafe and Arianna argue over Rafe continually pursing E.J. for one thing or another. Stefano offers Will an internship with DiMera Enterprises and both agree to keep it a secret from Sami. Chad drops by to talk to Kate about Madeline’s past. Stefano interrupts the two and Kate covers by saying she was just offering her condolences. Stefano tells Kate that she should steer clear of Chad from now on. Chloe shares her worries with Philip about Daniel. Carly tells Chloe that she can do the paternity test the following day at St. Mary’s. Daniel invites Melanie to watch a surgery with him at none other than St. Mary’s.

28 June

Episode 11 384

Carly tries to help Bo remember by using relaxation techniques. Hope shows up just as they are getting ready to start and they ask her to stay. Carly asks Bo to remember a special moment and he remembers getting ready to sail around the world with Hope. Maggie warns Brady to stay away from Nicole. Victor shows up and Maggie tells him he is not welcome around her house anymore. Nicole demands money from E.J. He warns Nicole that she has just as much to lose as he does since he will reveal that she set Arianna up. Nicole notes that E.J. has no proof. Sami brings Johnny to visit Rafe at work and Rafe thinks it is best they don’t spend a lot of time together anymore. Rafe thinks he has cracked the code he found in Nicole’s book and ends up at a locker at the bus station but it is empty.

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