Days of our Lives Teasers – September 2013

Days of our Lives Teasers for September 2013. Days of our Lives is on SABC 3 every weekday at 17H30.

Lindsay Hartley plays Arianna Hernandez in Days of our Lives on SABC 3 weekdays at 17H30. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity
Lindsay Hartley plays Arianna Hernandez in Days of our Lives on SABC 3 weekdays at 17H30. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3 Publicity

02 September

Episode 11 426

E.J. awakens but has no memory of Sami finding out about Sydney and thinks Sami is his wife. Chloe tells Nicole that they cannot be friends anymore because Nicole could ruin her and her baby’s future. Nicole takes off and visits her dog at the pet cemetery where she runs into the director. Later, Nicole overhears Brady talking to the director about a pet ape. Daniel overhears Nathan make a nasty comment about Chloe. Stephanie admits to Kayla that she had Ian break into St. Mary’s hospital records.


03 September

Episode 11 427

Carly thinks that Nathan might have been the guy Chloe cheated on Daniel with. Chloe tells Carly that it is no one she knows and shows Carly that she got the permit for having her wedding at the park. Lexie pleads with Sami to go along with E.J. thinking they are married because she is afraid he will have a stroke if he learns the truth. Sami brings Johnny and Sydney to see E.J. where Johnny tells E.J. that they are living with Rafe. Melanie tells Carly that she overheard Nathan saying he loved her in his sleep. Kayla tells Stephanie that the test results might not have been changed by anyone just an error that was caught be the technician before the test results were given to Chloe.


04 September

Episode 11 428

Nicole is on a mission to find out about the orangutan Brady was talking to the pet cemetery director about. Later, Nicole finds Brady’s blue tooth on the floor and puts it in her ear hearing Vivian’s voice. Rafe doesn’t like that Sami has to play along to keep E.J. alive.


05 September

Episode 11 429

E.J. tells Stefano that he hasn’t lost his memory and this is part of his plan to win Sami back.


06 September

Episode 11 430

E.J. tells Stefano that he shot himself and when Stefano informs him the evidence shows that the wound was not self-inflicted E.J. seems surprised. Melanie and Philip’s offer on another house falls through. Maggie, Melanie and Philip all realize that Victor is behind the houses that the two want being bought up and that he is doing it to stay close to Maggie. Melanie announces that she and Philip will move in with Victor.


09 September

Episode 11 431

Brady sleeps with Nicole to keep her quiet and on his side. Roman questions where E.J. can manipulate the machines to go off whenever he wants. Arianna found out that Rafe and Sami are engaged and isn’t happy and she is more worried about E.J. than anyone else.


10 September

Episode 11 432

Hope begins work in the infirmary with another inmate Lee. Kayla visits Hope and Hope tells Kayla she is going to give Bo his freedom. Nathan tells Stephanie that he overheard Chloe admit to having an affair. Melanie ends up overhearing this admission.


11 September

Episode 11 433

Melanie is devastated upon hearing the news that Chloe cheated on Daniel. Maggie tells Melanie to make sure she has all the facts straight before confronting anyone though Maggie doesn’t know that it is Chloe’s affair that Melanie is upset over. Chloe gets the bad news that her parents can’t make it to the wedding because her mom and little sister are sick. Nicole worries that if they let Vivian out she will go back to prison. Brady tells Victor that he would like Vivian’s room and that Nicole will be moving in with him. Vivian remembers that she gave Gus an extra remote and he turns it on when he is with a girl but has the music too loud so he can’t hear Vivian’s cries for help.


12 September

Episode 11 434

E.J. asks Arianna to do some digging to see if it was Will or Sami that shot him. Sami walks in on Arianna questioning Will. Melanie confronts Chloe about cheating on Daniel and Chloe admits to cheating. Melanie wants to see the paternity test and Chloe doesn’t have the results. Chloe tells Melanie that the only other person that knows the results is Carly. Chad asks Kate for the internship at DiMera enterprises as long as Kate realizes they can’t be in a relationship. Kate reiterates that she has no interest in Chad.


13 September

Episode 11 435

Bo visits Hope in prison. Chloe tells Philip that Melanie knows she cheated on Daniel but she doesn’t know with whom yet. Daniel tells Victor that if he won’t accept Chloe then he can’t be in his life anymore.


16 September

Episode 11 436

Dr. Walters tells E.J. that he is free to leave the hospital but E.J. does not want to leave yet. E.J. calls Sami to bring the kids for a visit. Sami shows up without the kids but with Roman and Rafe. Rafe got the word that E.J. can be released from the hospital and they can tell him the truth which they do. Later, Rafe tells Sami that he resigned from the FBI so she can tell him the truth about E.J.’s shooting.


17 September

Episode 11 437

Philip doesn’t have any luck convincing Melanie not to tell Daniel about Chloe’s affair.


18 September

Episode 11 438

E.J. is served with papers telling him he cannot see Sydney and Johnny until a family court hearing.


19 September

Episode 11 439

Arianna overhears Sami and Will talking about Sami shooting E.J. and debates whether or not to tell E.J. Stephanie tells Kayla that Melanie knows about Chloe cheating. Melanie agrees to keep Chloe’s secret. Daniel and Chloe are finally married.


20 September

Episode 11 440

Arianna prepares to tell E.J. that Sami is the one that shot him when they are interrupted by Kate who thinks E.J. is using Arianna to spy on Will. E.J. ends up collapsing and Kate tells Arianna that Lexie told the staff to limit E.J.’s stress. Arianna leaves to meet Gabi for dinner and is shocked when Gabi tells her Rafe resigned from the FBI. Nicole worries about Vivian. Gus prepares to free Vivian when he is knocked out.


23 September

Episode 11 441

Melanie lays into Carly about keeping Chloe’s secret. Chloe worries that Melanie will never forgive her


24 September

Episode 11 442

Sami pleads her case to Arianna who refuses to give Sami the benefit of the doubt.


25 September

Episode 11 443

Arianna reveals that she was recording Sami’s confession the whole time. Bo arrests E.J. for having contact with Sydney at the hospital. Victor decides to keep Vivian in the coffin. Brady imagines his mother appearing to him and telling him what he is doing is wrong


26 September

Episode 11 444

Arianna shows Sami the camera with her confession. Victor tells Vivian that he’s not going to let her out. Kayla tells Stephanie there’s something she has to do before going to see Sister Anne. Carly shows up at Maggie’s.


27 September

Episode 11 445

Kayla sees Carly’s conversation with Sister Anne is pretty intense thinking something is up. E.J. tells Will to call 911 cause Arianna’s seriously hurt. Gabi tells Rafe that Will is with Arianna outside the pub.


30 September

Episode 11 446

Dr. Walters tells Rafe that Arianna is doing well and will probably have some memory loss after the accident. Nicole tells Maggie the reason she came over is to say that Victor says he’s in love with her.

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