“Don’t believe the propagandists”- Mulder

Pieter Mulder. Photo credit: GCIS

The nationalisation of land in South Africa will destroy food security in the country, Pieter Mulder, deputy minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries said in a statement.

Speaking at the Red Meat Abattoir Association’s annual conference in Stellenbosch, Mulder said that “all comments about the nationalisation of land is irresponsible and should be stopped”.  He said damage of such talks could taint the agricultural sector and South Africa’s international image. “That is why such comments about nationalisation of land are irresponsible. The nationalisation of land will partially destroy commercial and emerging agriculture in South Africa”.

In their attempt to achieve “economic freedom in our lifetime”, the ANC Youth League has persistently called for the nationalisation of mines and land. But the call was denounced by the ruling party and the ministry of mineral resources.

Mulder said that nationalisation of land will never eradicate poverty as some politicians want to have the nation believe. “It will also not resolve any poverty problems like the propagandists claim it would. These arguments are proven by comparing the agricultural successes in Zambia with the agricultural crises in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s economy declined after the president Robert Mugabe implemented the Land Reform programme. The land distribution is the most bitterly contested political issue on the African continent today.


Author: Joseph Rorisang Mampana

Joseph holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism (Media Studies) and matriculated from high school in 2005. He says nothing fascinates him more than being the one to break a story to the world. He is seniorjournalism.com's Limpopo correspondent and enjoys his eggs fried.