Facebook takes on Mxit, WhatsApp in SMS app market

FB aims to kill the competition in SMS app market. Pic: Facebook

The world’s social networking giant, Facebook, announced today that it is adding a new feature to its Messenger application – starting with the Android version.

In a move that could be seen as one in direct competition with other short message service chat applications such as South African-based Mxit and fellow States compatriot, WhatsApp, Facebook says users will no longer need to log into their Facebook accounts to use the messaging application. As of today, “you can create a Messenger account with just your name and phone number, and start messaging your mobile contacts,” says the social media empire.

And unlike other services, such as WhatsApp, which charge a subscription fee (WhatsApp charges about $0.99 USD per year, charged from the second year), Facebook says its service is free of charge.

In South Africa Facebook’s new messaging service (or rather its new feature) faces an established and unshaken competition from Mxit and WhatsApp, particularly.

According to tech/social news website, Mashable, the new app will be rolled out to “Android users in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and South Africa on Tuesday and will hit other markets ‘shortly after'”.


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