Gossip Watchers: from Jub Jub “contradicting” himself, Sisa Mbuli staying lonely to Zanele Mbokazi allegedly “cheating”

Just when you think you heard it all, SA celebs will remind you that “you ain’t heard nothing yet”. You will think Mshoza’s running to the tabloids to tell them her husband is shagging another woman would be enough for a month- duh, you are sooo wrong!

And just when you think former proud ‘virgin’ Kelly Khumalo has said enough about being forced to do drugs by troubled Jub Jub (as if she does not have the brains to think for herself, neh?), well still we have to sadly tell you: “there’s more!”.


This week we start-off with the surprisingly surprising Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye. The “Ndikhokhele” singer and former muso-in-demand, Jub Jub, seem to have lost his own plot. The singer has recently (Monday, 20 Feb. 2012) being accused of “contradicting himself”. Jub Jub presented different versions of the same event, we are told.

While under cross-examination by prosecutor Raymond Mathenjwa, Jub Jub said he “would say” his co-accused and former friend, Themba Tshabalala caused the accident. Just to quote:

Raymond Mathenjwa: “Is it your evidence that (Tshabalala) is the cause of the accident and the (children’s) mortality?”.

Jub Jub, in response: “I would say yes.” (ed: We refrain from having a comment on the statements, you will decide for yourself.)


Uyanda stepping out of her Porsche. Source: Uyanda Mbuli's official website


On the other hand, Uyanda Mbuli’s divorce is still ongoing at the Midrand Magistrate’s Court. It is reported that she and her siblings arrived at the court in separate Porsches. Sisa Mbuli (the husband) was apparently sitting unsupported in the courtroom while Uyanda was enjoying the support of her family who were sitting outside the court during breaks to the closed-door-sessions.




Sunday World claims (okay, not the paper, but its source(s)) that former Gospel Gold presenter and Crown Gospel Music Awards founder, Zanele Mbokazi-Nkambule, was involved in an extramarital affair with a certain guy called Reabetswe Ramphenyane. This is apparently before she married her pastor hubby.

Zanele Mbakazi actually took the paper to court to try and stop them from publishing the rumours. But the court ruled against her application. Is she really the cheating type? I mean she preaches the Gospel of Christ.


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