Gossip Watchers: Mshoza and ex are broke, Mbau is preggies, Malema defiant, while Mariah Carey’s sister is crying

South Africa’s most popular weekly online gossip review/preview column is back.

In this week’s installment we start at home. But before we get into the details let us congratulate the male Ukranian journalist who realised that it was a mistake trying to French kiss actor Will Smith like Smith was his girlfriend. He finally apologised and promised us that next time he meets Will he will “shake his hand”. I hope he doesn’t punch you thinking you are trying to kiss him.

In this week’s installment we start with Mshoza‘s ex-husband (or soon-to-be, whichever you want to believe) Jacob Mnisi and his tar company’s tender drought, Mshoza owing a taxi driver’s family cash, and Khanyi Mbau is pregnant – and releasing a book soon. We also look into Julius Malema‘s support for the City Press, Mary J. Blige‘s charity robbing other artists and failing to pay a loan, and Mariah Carey‘s former prostitute sister’s cries for her long lost younger sister.

Jacob Mnisi, that guy who married Mshoza in a traditional ceremony and then later laughed at her for failing to pay for a surgery that would make her look generally like Micheal Jackson, and specifically like white people, is reportedly stinking broke. The local municipality (Mbombela Local Municipality) is no longer giving him business. It is reported (by Sunday Sun) that workers at his tar company have not been paid since February this year, and his business partner pulled out of the business. If all this is true then Mnisi was talking a whole lot of rubbish when he told The Sowetan this about 8 days ago: “Who is going to pay for that (Mshoza’s skin whitening surgery), because I am no longer with her?”. It seems even if you were present in Mshoza’s life nobody was still going to pay for her surgery, Mr Mnisi.

“The commander-in-chief of economic freedom fighters” (this scary title is what Julius Malema gave himself after Derek Henekom and Gwede Mantashe kicked him out of the ANC youth league) has today (Sunday, 27 May ’12) spent R26 buying two copies of the City Press, to show his support for the newspaper – defying Mantashe’s call to boycott it after it published The Spear – a painting depicting President Zuma with genitals hanging from his unzipped pants. “Banning newspapers simply because we disagree with them, and boycotting them on the basis of believing that our conception of truth is absolute, poses a real threat to our democracy,” wrote Malema in an opinion piece published in the paper today.

As much as I don’t like the facts that Gwede Mantashe is trying to win the support of black communities by calling other racial groups racists and that he is trying to make President Zuma’s problems South Africa’s problems, I must congratulate him for taking the autocrat out of Juju. Here is a man whose spokesperson (Floyd Shivambu) once said that Twitter must be closed-down for interfering with Malema’s dignity – because the site contained fake Julius Malema accounts created by “impersonators”, now embracing the freedom of the media.  “The ANC YL has in more than one occasion reported these impersonators and hackers, yet no action has been taken against them by the twitter administrators. We will now approach the relevant authorities to report these hackers and call for the closer (sic) of twitter if its administrators are not able to administer reports for violation of basic human rights and integrity,” Shivambu wrote in a November 3, 2010 statement.

Ouch! My hand is sore from writing that Malema paragraph. Anyway, let’s move on to other news…

Mshoza apparently owes a taxi driver’s wife cash. Sunday Sun reports that poor Nomasonto is not affording to pay a woman whose taxi driver husband helped her when she was stranded after “broke” ex-hubby Mnisi kicked her out of their home. Ag shame! Maybe you should remix that song you did with Mzambiya or was it Msawawa? You never know, our children may love it.

Alison Carey Scott, who is a former prostitute and Mariah Carey’s sister, is appealing to Mariah to “just call me”. Alison, now 50, fell out with her younger and richer sister in 1994 and has been out-of-touch with her for the past 15 years – but she had been trying to contact her for the past few months hoping that they can put the past in the past and get Mariah to pay for her cancer surgery. This details come out of an interview she conducted with Britain’s The Sun tabloid. “I’ve had my problems over the years but I want to tell Mariah I have been clean and sober for four months now and I am absolutely determined to keep my life on track,” she said. Well, I hope she will manage to go another four months without drugs or alcohol, but you know what they say about old habits.

Mbau's tweet earlier today. Screenshot: seniorjournalism.com

Khanyi Mbau is pregnant with Tebogo Lerole’s kid, okay she is not pregnant – she says. Maybe she is not sure. This is just unclear. Are you pregnant or not Khanyi? If we look at recent developments around this issue and try to articulate what could be happening in that tummy of yours, we may be accused of being lunatics. It is alleged you went on national TV and told SABC1 viewers you were expecting; then you are quoted as saying this in Sunday World “I’ve never been on Real Goboza. I’ve never said I am pregnant and I am lying low for now”; then you go on Twitter and say this: “@SundayWorldZA Sad how ur corporation works on hear say and unfounded info, your feeding the public and our fans, followers rubbish (sic)”. Surely somebody is confused, but who?

And we hear that you are releasing a book (Lesley Mofokeng will be writing while you talk, we are told) about your life and you are going to expose a lot of “big names” in politics. Is Julius one of the big names? “I know there are people who’ve been wondering how a child with no brains, no education, has managed to stay relevant,” this is what you told City Press. Funny how you like to ridicule yourself – calling yourself a “child with no brains”, Tjo! Anyways, come 15 August we shall be waiting, remember that talk is cheap, so please don’t be like that friend of yours Mshoza.

And last on this week’s list is Mary J. Blige. This is what came out of Blige’s closet today:

  1. The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, known as FFAWN is physically non-existent – as in no office and no phone number.
  2. Blige’s charity took out a $250 000 bank loan in June 2011, the loan is in arrears.
  3. Her organisation didn’t file for tax returns for 2010, though money was donated to the organisation. Giving US tax authorities the impression that no money was ever received by the organisation.
  4. She promised to donate $1 to her charity for every unit of her fragrance sold. She sold 60 000 units in six hours. The organisation never received the $60 000 donation as promised.
  5. She gave artists who performed at her organisation’s fundraiser last year checks which bounced, they are now suing her for $167 252, according to the New York Post.

This is the short of it for this week folks.

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