Isidingo January 2013 Teasers

"Barker" of Isidingo. Pic: Supplied
“Barker” of Isidingo. Pic: Supplied

Episode: 3544: Tuesday, 1 January, 2013

Lucas has abducted Barker, but what is his plan? Charlie lies to Eddie about possessing a gun. Calvin discovers that Len and Prada spent the night together.

Episode: 3545: Wednesday, 2 January, 2012

Lucas shows no mercy as he prepares to take surgical revenge on Barker for stealing his brother’s heart. Desperate Ben calls on his nemesis to help him escape jail. Relationships are severely strained in the commune with Len, Prada and Calvin in denial about the New Year’s Eve elephant in the room.

Episode: 3546: Thursday, 3 January, 2013

Lucas proceeds with his plans for Barker’s stolen heart. Charlie’s gun causes the men in her life a host of problems. Prada finds that New Year’s Eve with Len is not all that easy to forget.

Episode: 3547: Friday, 4 January, 2013

A heartless man prepares to become a man without a heart. Slu finds himself in desperate trouble with the boss. A lonely Prada looks for something to take his mind off his troubles.

Episode: 3548: Monday, 7 January, 2013

Unforeseen events delay the plan to remove Barker’s heart. Eddie Holmes is caught between his daughter’s welfare and doing the right thing. Prada continues to struggle with his attraction to Len Cooper.

Episode: 3549: Tuesday, 8 January, 2013

Time is running out for Barker – he has a day to live. Charlie recruits Ben to help her finally let go of the past. Calvin tries hard to come to terms with the Len and Prada relationship.

Episode: 3550: Wednesday, 9 January, 2013

It’s D-day for Barker as Lucas prepares to remove his brother’s heart. Charlie is trying to get her life on track, but there are challenges around every corner. Prada is struggling to cope with his jealousy towards Len’s other lovers.

Episode: 3551: Thursday 10 January 2013

Beth has to perform emergency surgery to save Barker’s life. Ben uses his hi-tech skills to keep tabs on Charlie’s rapist. Eddie’s feelings for Cherel reveal a side to him we haven’t seen before.

Episode: 3552: Friday 11 January 2013

Beth struggles to come to terms with the horror of her lover’s actions. Eddie finds out that proposing is no simple matter. The Prada and Len curious incident in the middle of the night continues to have repercussions for the tenants.

Episode: 3553: Monday, 14 January, 2013

Cherel receives the romantic surprise of her life, but has to face a harsh reality. Just when Charlie’s life looks rosier, a thorn appears that won’t go away. Prada plays hard-to-get with Len, but then gets exactly what he bargained for.

Episode: 3554: Tuesday, 15 January, 2013.

Barker’s brush with death has hardened him and dark clouds are brewing in his mind. Cherel’s wedding plans are tainted by her worry someone could sabotage her happiness. Prada is regretting his night with Len – something’s got to give…

Episode: 3555: Wednesday, 16 January, 2013

The old Barker stirs and rumbles – it’s time for action! Eddie and Cherel are downhill to D-Day for the wedding, despite a warning from Priya. Prada’s bombshell has Len in the firing line.

Episode: 3556: Thursday, 17 January, 2013

Barker Haines confounds expectations and takes delivery of a human consignment. Charlie gets a communication she would rather have done without. A new lodger applies for residence at Len’s apartment.

Episode: 3557: Friday 18 January 2013

Barker Haines is back and this time more ruthless than ever. Not wanting to spoil her father’s mood, Charlie fails to tell Eddie about Quinton contacting her. The commune gets a new tenant but he seems like he is going to be a handful.

Episode: 3558: Monday 21 January 2013

Mystery abounds on The Deep when a body is found. Charlie gets bad news from the investigator. Prada grapples with his new housemate.

Episode: 3559: Tuesday, 22 January, 2013

Ben decides he needs to watch over Charlie until they know where Quinton is. Cherel’s wedding is not good news for everyone. Calvin misses Prada as Hannah rubs him up the wrong way.

Episode: 3560: Wednesday, 23 January, 2012

Charlie decides to take her fate into her own hands. Katlego stirs the pot and calls Nikiwe in New York to tell her who she saw having lunch together. Prada struggles with his somewhat rash decision to leave the commune.

Episode: 3561: Thursday, 24 January, 2012

Charlie moves far out on a very dangerous limb. Frank and Beth try to ignore the elephant of desire which insists on occupying the room. Len Cooper demonstrates the art of the diplomat.

Episode: 3562: Friday, 25 January, 2013

Charlie’s revenge has terrible consequences. Beth and Frank find each other more than just good company, just as Nikiwe decides to surprise everyone with her sudden return. Eddie gets more than he bargained for at his surprise stag party.

Episode: 3563: Monday, 28 January, 2012

Cherel swears Charlie to secrecy about Quinton’s death… but will Charlie keep it together? Frank walks a tight-rope between Beth and Nikiwe. Prada wants to come back to the commune… but there is no room for him.

Episode: 3564: Tuesday, 29 January, 2013

Cherel uses a subtle but savage threat to gain Charlie’s compliance. Frank causes a scene at Sibeko Towers. Sechaba faces up to some serious gender issues.

Episode: 3565: Wednesday, 30 January, 2013

Charlie is shocked by the arrival of a surprise visitor. Nikiwe pulls a much unexpected move – is it revenge or simply sound business sense? Lerato’s ambitions meet with derision from the old school.

Episode: 3566: Thursday, 31 January, 2013

Nikiwe drops a bombshell that has major repercussions for the community, and most especially for Beth with Frank trapped in the middle. Yvette uses all her wiles to get into Eddie and Cherel’s wedding. Lerato has dreams, but she needs immediate help.