Isidingo July 2014 Teasers

Kgomotso Christopher plays Katlego in SABC 3 prime time soapie, Isidingo. Photo supplied by SABC
Kgomotso Christopher plays Katlego in SABC 3 prime time soapie, Isidingo. Photo supplied by SABC

Episode: 3934 – Tue 1 July 2014
Barker thinks he’s found a way to torpedo the case. Katlego hears that Jefferson is coming back early and is terrified about what might happen. Sechaba tries to win over Mbali for Georgie.

Episode: 3935 – Wed 2 July 2014

Shocked by the outcome of the trial, Frank starts putting two and two together. Katlego fears she’s being followed. Sechaba struggles to sell Georgie as the right man for Mbali.

Episode: 3936 – Thu 3 July 2014

Barker finds himself on the receiving end of a vicious threat. Katlego’s emotional decline goes into free fall. Sechaba faces an unwelcome invasion of his personal space.

Episode: 3937 – Fri 4 July 2014

Bradley and Eddie clash at Charlie’s bedside in a confrontation that has an unexpected outcome. A paranoid Katlego prepares herself as well as she can for Jeff’s long awaited and much feared return. Georgie shows off his feminist convictions to Mbali.

Episode: 3938 – Mon 7 July 2014

Eddie tries one last roll of the dice with Charlie to get her away from Brad. Katlego decides she’s ready to face Jeff come what may. Alleged feminist Georgie pulls out all stops in his wooing of Mbali.

Episode: 3939 – Tue 8 July 2014
AK reveals his dark plan to Georgie. When Lincoln returns Katlego is terrified he’s part of Jefferson’s plan to find out about her affair. Georgie makes romantic moves on Mbali.

Episode: 3940 – Wed 9 July 2014
In the midst of reconciliation comes a killing with a twist. Katlego learns that her situation is more dire than previously thought. Sechaba makes the business break-through he’s been hoping for.

Episode: 3941 – Thu 10 July 2014
An unhinged Barker faces a deadly threat, while Priya’s career experiences an unexpected and dramatic shot of adrenalin. Calvin and Katlego’s relationship faces its biggest challenge yet. Will Sechaba and Lerato’s all-time high have its bubble burst?

Episode: 3942 – Fri 11 July 2014

Wary Barker has no idea how close the danger really is. Priya has differing stories for the different men in her life. Sechaba meets his nemesis.

Episode: 3943 – Mon 14 July 2014
Priya quickly finds herself back in the firing line. Jeff’s welcome home party doesn’t go as planned. Sechaba learns that first appearances can be deceiving.

Episode: 3944 – Tue 15 July 2014

A wounded AK is more determined than ever to have his revenge not only on Barker, but on the woman who stood up to him. The grieving Sibekos set out to retrieve Jefferson’s body and soul from Angola. Lerato and Sechaba have a difference of opinion about the enigmatic Mr. Hamilton Radebe.

Episode: 3945 – Wed 16 July 2014

AK has a chance meeting that leads to more danger, this time for innocent people. Calvin plays it all wrong and infuriates Katlego with his insensitivity. Hamilton manages to get Sechaba’s back up even further, this time involving unwitting Lerato.

Episode: 3946 – Thu17 July 2014

AK is on the rampage and Priya, feeling out of depth, needs to come up with a clever plan. Frank discovers that Calvin is trying to pursue his affair while the Sibekos are grieving. Lerato realises she needs to apologize while Sechaba gathers the courage to confront Hamilton.

Episode: 3947 – Fri 18 July 2014
Barker puts his body on the line to protect the one he loves. Lincoln struggles to bring the spirit of his dead brother home. Sechaba makes a new friend.

Episode: 3948 – Mon 21 July 2014
Rajesh faces a chilling threat to his family. Katlego’s stubborn attitude threatens to tear the Sibekos apart. Hamilton’s business expertise finds an unlikely disciple.

Episode: 3949 – Tue 22 July 2014
Ben gets caught up in the war between AK and Barker. Lincoln tries without success to get Katlego to do the right thing. Hamilton, a man of many moods, invites Sechaba and Lerato to lunch.

Episode: 3950 – Wed 23 July 2014
With Barker securely in the bag, AK takes aim at two more hostages. The Sibekos find themselves speechless in the face of Katlego’s argument. Lerato finds herself increasingly mesmerised by Hamilton.

Episode: 3951 – Thu 24 July 2014
AK sets the trap and gets ready to execute his victims. The Sibeko family prepares for the funeral, expecting more trouble from Katlego. Lerato looks at the big picture and does not like what she sees.

Episode: 3952 – Fri 25 July 2014

Priya closes in on AK, but will she find him before he kills Barker? There is an unwelcome guest at Jefferson’s funeral. Sechaba is in a filthy mood over Lerato comparing him with Hamilton and something has to give.

Episode: 3953 – Mon 28 July 2014
Shocking antics ruin the funeral of Jefferson Sibeko. Eddie finally has to face the music. Lerato dreams big as she plots her way in the world of business.

Episode: 3954 – Tue 29 July 2014

A volcanic Katlego rips the heart out of the Sibekos, taking no prisoners. Charlie’s attempt to broker a new life for her parents collides with a brick wall. Lerato and Sechaba’s relationship hits a tailspin of jealousy.

Episode: 3955 – Wed 30 July 2014
Battle lines are drawn between Lincoln and Katlego. Eddie finally concedes that he doesn’t want to lose Yvette. Angry Sechaba gets in Hamilton’s face.

Episode: 3956 – Thu 31 July 2014

Vultures squabble over Jefferson’s corpse. Calvin and Frank have a nasty falling out over Katlego. The serpent tempts Lerato with a particularly succulent apple.

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