Isidingo October 2012 Teasers

Episode: 3478: Monday 1 October 2012

Lincoln and Frank manipulate the truth about the past. Katlego’s instincts threaten to reveal the truth about Ayanda’s father’s death. Nikiwe is on the horns of a self-made dilemma, while Sechaba finds Lerato a tough love girlfriend.

Episode: 3479: Tuesday 2 October 2012

Frank bitterly regrets not destroying the damning contents of his book which it seems are about be exposed. Nikiwe commits cyber-crime. Lerato compensates Sechaba for her pending absence in ways he never imagined.

Episode: 3480: Wednesday 3 October 2012

Lincoln’s confession shocks Ayanda to the core. Nikiwe and Barker play at the politics of money. Charlie Holmes breezes back into town.

Episode: 3481: Thursday 4 October 2012

Jeff struggles to deal with the truth about his brother’s past. Barker circles Nikiwe like a hyena in the bush. Calvin unburdens his heart to Charlie.

Episode: 3482: Friday 5 October 2012

There seems to be more to Katlego and Lincoln than meets the eye. Benjamin and Barker are still set on taking over Sibeko Gold. Len shares some rather fear factor info about his past.

Episode: 3483: Monday 8 October 2012

Ayanda rubs salt into the wounds of fallen heroes, Frank and Lincoln. Nikiwe receives a blackmail threat. Calvin reveals some of his dark past to Prada.

Episode: 3484: Tuesday 9 October 2012

Frank and Lincoln find the past hard to bear as Ayanda herself cracks, and Katlego makes an astounding move. Nikiwe unravels as Barker and Benjamin move closer to their goal. Len’s commune is the scene of much pranking getting out of hand.

Episode: 3485: Wednesday 10 October 2012

Ayanda makes a decision on how to proceed with her life. Nikiwe turns a corner on how she will operate in future. S’khumbuzo finds the brotherly love thing a little taxing.

Episode: 3486: Thursday 11 October 2012

Nikiwe wants to embrace a fresh start by throwing herself into fixing the mess she has made at work, but Jeff has other ideas. S’khumbuzo comes up with a questionable way of solving his money hassles.  Sechaba hears that the big boss is in town.

Episode: 3487: Friday 12 October 2012

Nikiwe, facing the firing squad, decides to play her final card. With the help of a snake in the treetops, S’Khumbuzo finds himself up fifty grand. Sechaba goes all out for a meeting with the big man of Horizon Deep.

Episode: 3488: Monday 15 October 2012

Nikiwe considers her future after learning she’s no longer welcome at Sibeko Gold. Ayanda has a difficult question for S’khumbuzo about their troubled past. Sechaba will do whatever it takes to secure a meeting with the boss.

Episode: 3489: Tuesday 16 October 2012

Katlego and Jeff take savage action to avenge the death of their child. S’khumbuzo’s interest in sports betting takes a new twist. Ayanda finds she has the urge to purge when it comes to her ex-boyfriend.

Episode: 3490: Wednesday 17 October 2012

A furious Jeff issues his brother a game changing ultimatum. S’khumbuzo’s new past time sees him suffer a significant loss. Ayanda lets Katlego knows exactly what she thinks of her.

Episode: 3491: Thursday 18 October 2012

The clock is ticking while Benjamin tries to save Nikiwe from being fired. S’khumbuzo becomes ever more embroiled with shady bookie Boomslang. Zeb warns Sechaba that he is treading on dangerous ground in trying to stir up the miners.

Episode: 3492: Friday 19 October 2012

It’s a slap in the face for Katlego as the critical day dawns. Ayanda and S’khumbuzo are happy to be back together, but how will everyone else react? Georgie warns Sechaba that he mustn’t cause trouble.

Episode: 3493: Monday 22 October 2012

Barker searches for a chink in the armour of Lincoln Sibeko. S’Khumbuzo realizes he has made an investment that might come back to bite him. Sechaba has disturbing news for Nikiwe.

Episode: 3494: Tuesday 23 October 2012

S’khumbuzo’s gambling starts to affect other parts of his life. Lincoln comes close to crossing an ethical line with Frank. Sechaba confides in Agnes about his problems.

 Episode: 3495: Wednesday 24 October 2012

Friends become increasingly concerned about S’khumbuzo’s expensive new habit. Nikiwe learns that Lincoln knows nothing about Ntando staging his own kidnapping. ZebMatabane gets closer to finding out the real truth behind the strike.

Episode: 3496: Thursday 25 October 2012

S’khumbuzo’s reputation takes a nosedive. Katlego helps drive another wedge between the Sibeko brothers. Sechaba’s ploy to attract Lincoln’s attention goes horribly wrong.

Episode: 3497: Friday 26 October 2012

Isidingo Teasers October 2012,

Skhumbuzo struggles to wade his way through a maze of questions, as he drowns in a match-fixing scandal. In the world of mining, things are looking up for Sibeko Gold as the Ultra Deep strikes reason to celebrate. Thanks to his scheming, Sechaba’s future at SG hangs in the balance.

Episode: 3498: Monday 29 October 2012

S’khumbuzo begins to suspect he is in mortal danger. The Board makes its decision regarding the listing of the company. Sechaba gets a big surprise in an encounter with Lincoln.

Episode: 3499: Wednesday 31 October 2012

The dark, dangerous world of match fixing threatens to envelop S’khumbuzo and Ayanda. Lincoln and Jeff find their past returning to haunt their present. Georgie enlists Prada’s help as he tries to get to the bottom of a worrying health scare.

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