Issue an apology or else, Magaqa tells KZN MK veterans

A screenshot of the ANCYL statement on its website

The KwaZulu-Natal uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association  (MKMVA) said it will shoot and kill African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema. The KZN MKMVA is reported to have told journalists at a press conference “if the ANC was a real ANC” then Malema should be shot and killed. The KZN provincial leaders’ comments are reported to having being published by UmAfrica newspaper.

The ANCYL general-secretary, Sindiso Magaqa, has issued a statement Wednesday requesting an apology within 7 days. “The ANC Youth League calls for an immediate retraction of the KwaZulu Natal Mkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans` Association statement published in Umafrika Newspaper, which said that ANC Youth League President should be been shot [a]nd killed by the ANC if the ANC was a real ANC. In a press conference addressed by the KZN MKMVA, the leadership of the MKMVA said that the ANC Youth League President would have been shot by the ANC firing squad,” Magaqa said in the statement.

Magaqa said that the league requests an immediate apology from the KZN MKMVA and that the ANCYL has alerted ANC national leaders. “We call for an immediate retraction because it is not for the first time that the leadership of the MKMVA in KwaZulu-Natal to threaten violence and desth (sic) on members of the ANC Youth League. We also call for ANC to take immediate action on the people who incite violence in the ANC, because such will undermine the stability and peace, which the national liberation movement fought so hard to establish in South Africa. The ANCYL has brought this matter to the attention of the leadership of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal and national leadership, with the hope that they will address these threats with immediate effect because the utterances of the MKMVA in KwaZulu-Natal are conclusively out of order”.

In his statement, Magaqa threatened that if they didn’t receive the apology they will approach the Human Rights Commission and the Equality Court. staff reporter

1 thought on “Issue an apology or else, Magaqa tells KZN MK veterans”

  1. It is very unfortunate that the name of the ANC is being dragged down by individuals who seem not to understand the movement. In its entire life, the ANC has never had a firing squad and there is no way it may have it in future.

    Magaqa must check whether the word as it is in Isizulu is translated to English within its context. One also would understand that if the statement was issued when some members of the ANC-YL burnt a t-shirt with the image of the ANC president and the ANC flag outside Luthuli House then, the strong words were out of anger and disbelief that member of the ANc wing can insult the whole revolution. Burning the ANC flag was a sign from the youth league that the ANC is just rubbish to them.

    As former cadres of MK, the people’s glorious army we are prepared to die defending the ANC and the toiling masses of our country. It will be cowardice for MKMVA to apologise to people who have undermined the ANC and the epople of South Africa by burning the ANC flag. Magaqa must first get the youth league in order before embarking on anything else. They must learn to respect ANC processes and leadership.

    Magaqa must also not try to threaten us. If he has any masters who said he must do that its very unfortunate because the apartheid regime failed to destroy us so and no one will succeed.

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