Khanyi Mbau naked again (18+ only, explicit content)

New publicity stunt or is she a “victim” again?

South Africa’s self-proclaimed ‘queen of bling’ and drama queen is at it again.

After just a few months since her nude pictures were released to the media, more nude photos of the scarlet (see the nude pics below) hit the internet and have been in high circulation on both twitter and Facebook.


Khanyi Mbau pussy new pictures
In what looks like a staged pic, Khanyi is naked in the bath

A WordPress blog, Local Is Lekker, published the pics on Sunday, 15 January 2011 and the pictures appear to have been shared more than 600 times on Twitter alone (by 17 Jan.). The first pictures were amateurish and seemed to be taken using a camera phone. At the time, it was suspected that Khanyi released the pictures herself but the socialite denied having any hand in circulating the nude pictures.


The latest pictures appear to have been taken by a “professional” and, it appears, they were taken in a planned photo-shoot.

Khanyi is however yet to comment on the pictures.

khanyi shows her cunt
Khanyi showing her assets (sorry we had to censor, kids are watching).