Man critical after “trying to steal” from a spaza

Sebata kgomo (help me)”, the man shouted as a mob of community women and men flooded over him. He was accused of theft. The man, who appears to be between the ages of 23 and 26, was nearly beaten to death. “We are tired of these people. They don’t want to work. Let’s kill this thing,” a voice whispered in the darkness at Mamotintane Village, Mankweng at around 02:00 this morning (5 July).

“Please don’t kill me,” he pleaded with the crowd as they undressed him. All the people involved in this brutality were expressing their anger as the community is troubled by the crime in their area.

The area is considered dangerous as soon as it becomes dark. The youth of the area are accused by community members of perpetrating these crimes. “They rape, they kill, they steal and they have no messy,” one community member said.

The suspect, together with three accomplices, was accused of trying to steal from an Ethiopian national’s shop. The accomplices managed to escape the wrath of the mob, however, he was caught and the community vowed to ‘set an example’ with him.

He was beaten with every object available; including bricks, stones, and sticks. He lost his conscious before the ambulance was called.

In a statement, Mankweng police spokesperson, Moses Molepo, said that the man was admitted to Mankweng hospital and he is reported to be in a critical condition. Reporter