May 2013 Days of Our Lives Teasers

"Hope" in Days of Our Lives. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3
“Hope” in Days of Our Lives. Pic: Supplied by SABC 3

Episode synopses for Season 31 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3.

1 May – Episode 11 342
Hope drops Ciara off at Bo’s and alerts him about Ciara making things up, noting the most recent story about Hope having a treasure box (Hope keeps the wallets she has stolen from people she has mugged). Arianna doesn’t think Brady believes her and won’t take his help by hiring a lawyer. Daniel wants to move up his and Chloe’s wedding date. Philip cuts off Nicole’s broadcast and Nicole and Melanie exchange words. Vivian and Victor argue about the wedding and Vivian hears a thud after Victor has left the room. Later, Bo, Philip and Daniel receive texts about Victor.

2 May – Episode 11 343
Everyone who received the text about Victor being in trouble shows up at the Kiriakis mansion followed by people they were with at the time. Victor wants to know why everyone is there. Vivian announces to everyone’s surprise (most of all, the groom’s) that she and Victor are getting married that day. Madeline demands that Stefano stay away from Chad.

3 May – Episode 11 344
Maggie attempts to get Victor to change his mind about the wedding and offers to help him sneak out. Bo tells Brady, Philip and Daniel that he told Victor to keep Vivian on a short leash to prevent Vivian from harming Carly or he would take care of Vivian himself. Bo didn’t think that Victor would go as far as to marry Vivian though. Philip doesn’t care what Bo has to say and announces he won’t be sticking around. Maggie tells the girls that they should convince everyone to stay to throw Vivian off. Victor is shocked that everyone has stayed for his wedding and rushes through the ceremony. Kate, Nicole and Carly all think back on the times they married Victor and shudder. Victor thinks back to when he first married Vivian. After the ceremony, Vivian prepares to throw her bouquet to Chloe but Carly catches it instead just as Hope returns home with Ciara. Rafe receives a cellmate and is surprised that it is Shane Donovan who he recognizes from Sami’s pictures.

6 May – Episode 11 345
Arianna takes E.J. up on his offer to be her lawyer. Carly initially tells Chloe that she won’t tell Daniel about her affair but after a talk with Kate she learns this isn’t the first time Chloe has betrayed her significant other. Ciara continues to talk about Hope’s treasure box so Hope decides to take a look herself under her bed. Maggie returns home and talks to a picture of Mickey but is interrupted by Victor who came to check on her. Philip tells Stephanie that Melanie told him about Stephanie’s plan to get pregnant. Nathan announces that he received a fellowship at John Hopkins but plans to turn it down.

7 May – Episode 11 346
Arianna realizes that she has an alibi for the night Justin was attacked since it was the night she gave Brady’s check to Nicole. E.J. tracks Nicole down at the Cheatin’ Heart to ask her about not coming forward with the alibi. Bo and Hope look in the box under Hope’s bed but find it empty. Ciara puts the wallets into her backpack. Daniel announces that Father Matt can marry them tomorrow and Chloe suggests they just elope that night. Gabi asks Sami for help in locating Rafe and talking to Roman for Arianna.

8 May – Episode 11 347
E.J. asks Nicole to verify that Arianna was with her the night Justin was attacked. Nicole hopes that Arianna is remembering her dates wrong. Brady lets it slip to Caroline that Victor married Vivian. Chloe seeks Vivian’s help with Carly. Vivian tells Chloe to get Carly into an elevator and gives her the number of a guy who will take care of the rest. Chloe isn’t too sure about killing Carly. Daniel is surprised by Melanie’s negative reaction to the news that he and Chloe are getting married the next day. Daniel asks Philip to walk Chloe down the aisle. Carly asks to see what is in Ciara’s backpack but she refuses. Bo nearly finds the wallets but is interrupted by an angry Caroline. Hope brings Dr. Baker to Bo’s house and sees that Ciara has the stolen wallets.

9 May – Episode 11 348
Hope is able to sneak into the house and retrieve the wallets when Dr. Baker distracts Bo with a car alarm and Caroline calls Ciara into the kitchen to finish making cookies. Chloe doesn’t think she can go through with Vivian’s plan but Carly makes her angry again by calling her and encouraging her to tell Daniel about the affair. Stephanie realizes her plan to get pregnant without Nathan’s knowledge is stupid and seeks advice from Adrienne. Adrienne encourages Stephanie to get the Plan B pill and Nathan ends up finding the packaging.

10 May – Episode 11 349
Nicole tries to make up excuses to avoid giving Arianna an alibi and loudly has a conversation about Brady making a new check when she knows D.A. Woods can hear their conversation. Sami worries over Johnny falling down the steps and hitting his head. Chloe continues to fret over killing Carly and changes her mind but gets distracted by Daniel. Chloe finally does make it to the hospital and does everything possible to distract Carly from going on to the elevator. E.J. cannot get Arianna’s arraignment moved up so she has to spend another night in jail. Nathan finds the emergency birth control on the night stand and questions Stephanie. Stephanie tells Nathan she lost her pills and after their conversation she wanted to make sure she wasn’t pregnant.

13 May – Episode 11 350
Gabi catches Brady hugging Nicole and questions Brady on his feelings for her sister. Carly has had enough of listening to Chloe’s ramblings and steps on the elevator. Chloe freaks out and pushes Carly out but the doors close before she can get out herself and the elevator shoots to the ground. Daniel finds Chloe and she is rushed into surgery. Victor notes that Vivian has been acting antsy all night and warns her that if she hurts Carly she will pay. Philip has a nightmare about Melanie finding out about Chloe and heads to the kitchen where he runs into Maggie. Maggie mentions not being able to sleep because Alice is feeling under the weather. Melanie gets a call from Daniel that Chloe was in an accident.

14 May – Episode 11 351
Julie arrives at Maggie’s after visiting Alice and tells her that Alice isn’t doing any better. The two begin to make calls to loved ones to come and see Alice. Stephanie tells Nathan that she is not pregnant. Hope can’t take the news that Alice may not make it and visits Bo where Carly walks in on the two hugging. Madeline rents out the Cheatin’ Heart for Chad to throw a big graduation party for all the seniors. Chad, Will and Tad discuss Madeline’s past with Kate. Daniel waits by Chloe side as she recovers from the elevator accident.

15 May – Episode 11 352
Jennifer arrives at Maggie’s house before visiting Alice. Jennifer runs into Carly on her way to Bo’s house. Bo doesn’t tell Hope that he originally called her to tell her he filed for divorce. Jennifer ends up finding the papers and shows them to Hope. Daniel overhears Philip and Chloe talking but Philip is able to cover. Chloe is sick of telling lies since she constantly has to come up with a new one to cover for something else. Chloe asks Philip to retrieve Daniel’s wedding present out of the apartment because that is why Chloe told him she was out. Philip runs into Adrienne in the hallway of Daniel and Chloe’s apartment and she sees him with the gift. Nicole goes to the police station before Arianna’s hearing but Arianna doesn’t want to see or talk to her and the two ends up getting into an argument just as E.J. shows up. E.J. tells Arianna her hearing is delayed an hour and she will be taken back to her cell. Alone with Nicole, E.J. accuses her of being the mugger. Melanie tells Nathan that Stephanie is no longer taking her birth control pills but Nathan tells her to stay out of it.

16 May – Episode 11 353
Melanie visits Arianna in jail where they discuss Nicole. Victor gives Brady a new money clip and tells him the importance of it. Bo realizes that he left the divorce papers out back at his office and attempts to call Hope. Jennifer shows Hope the papers and says she didn’t realize Hope and Bo were divorcing. Hope says she didn’t either. Hope tells Jennifer that her and Bo had discussed a divorce months prior but hadn’t really talked about it since. Hope heads over to visit Alice and remembers a conversation she had with Alice about Bo years before. Jennifer arrives back at Maggie’s where they are joined by Marie. The three reminisce about Alice. Marie remembers a time after she had a miscarriage and Alice was so supportive and understanding. E.J. continues to accuse Nicole of being behind the muggings. Nicole tells E.J. that he was never happier then when he was with her and Sydney.

17 May – Episode 11 354
Daniel overhears Melanie telling Philip that she supports his marriage to Chloe. Melanie gives Daniel a wedding present which is a patron saint of marriage necklace. Melanie also has bought flowers to surprise Chloe. Carly continues to encourage Chloe to tell Daniel the truth or at least postpone the wedding. Later, Vivian shows up at Chloe’s room and demands to know what went wrong with the plan. Everyone shows up at the hospital for Daniel and Chloe’s wedding. Chloe ends up stopping the wedding. Nicole tells Dr. Baker he needs to go underground to prevent anyone suspecting he has anything to do with the muggings. Brady is at the Pub when one of Dr. Baker’s poker buddies recognizes his money clip. Brady gives the guy money and takes his picture with his camera phone to get him to tell where he saw the clip. Brady shows up at the poker game and Dr. Baker nearly walks in but recognizes Brady. Dr. Baker pays another guy to drug Brady’s drink. Stefano tells E.J. about Alice and E.J. tells Stefano not to mention anything to Sami if he sees her first. Stefano gets off the phone with someone telling him to take care of Rafe. A guard comes and takes Shane away and another guard appears and tells Rafe that he is there to get him out. Rafe insists that they help Shane as well and as Rafe’s back is turned the guard prepares a rope to strangle Rafe.

20 May – Episode 11 355
Brady’s starts to feel the effects of the drink Dr. Baker had drugged and leaves the poker game. Chloe stops the wedding and asks to have confession with Father Matt alone. Chloe tells Father Matt that she cheated on Daniel with Philip. Father Matt tells Daniel that he can’t marry him and Chloe. Melanie suspects that Carly knows what is bugging Chloe. Sami gets a call from Lucas informing her that Alice isn’t doing well. E.J. arrives home as Sami is getting off the phone and she tells him the news. E.J. tells Sami that he already knew and was hoping to be the one to tell her. Sami accepts E.J.’s offer to drive her over to Alice’s. After visiting Alice, Sami remembers advice Alice gave to her about love. Sami catches up with Jennifer. Stephanie and Nathan drop by to see Alice. They return to the hospital where Nathan is surprised to hear that Daniel and Chloe are getting married that day. Rafe is able to break free from the fake guard and Shane returns with the real guard who Rafe knocks out. Anna wakes up in the hospital and tries to escape before one of Stefano’s men can get her. Jennifer is surprised to answer the door to her parents, Laura and Bill.

21 May – Episode 11 356
Kate is not happy when Stefano doesn’t seem to care about her children and more upset when she learns he knew that Alice’s health was failing and didn’t tell her. Kate goes to drop off some flowers at Alice’s and runs into Bill. Laura and Kate exchange words until Bill tells Laura that Alice wouldn’t have judged Kate. Kate returns to the mansion and Stefano tells her that she doesn’t have to participate in pretending to be Madeline to gain access to her safety deposit box but Kate says she is still in. Daniel demands Chloe explain why Father Matt won’t marry them. Chloe says it is a church thing and also that she would like to get married in the church. Nicole finds Brady passed out on the pier and smelling of booze. A cop comes along and Brady takes a swing at him. Later at the hospital, Bo questions Nicole’s involvement in Brady’s apparent fall off the wagon. Bo realizes that Nicole still has feelings for Brady. Nicole thinks that it is her fault that Brady is drinking because of setting up Arianna. Chad tells his mother that he doesn’t understand why Mia lied to him about Grace. Caroline lays into Victor about marrying Vivian. When Victor says he did it to protect Bo it leaves Caroline confused.

22 May – Episode 11 357
Brady wakes up in the hospital with Nicole by his bedside. Brady insists he did not drink or take any drugs and he was drugged by the same person behind the muggings. Nicole realizes that Dr. Baker is behind this and takes off to confront him. Lexie calls Maggie to tell her about Brady. When Maggie arrives at the hospital but first runs into Victor. Victor wants to go off to Brady about Arianna causing this and Maggie tells him that it won’t help Brady get better. E.J. tells Arianna that the Judge is out so her arraignment has been postponed again. E.J. also tells Arianna of his suspicions of Nicole setting her up. D.A. Woods and Madeline try to talk Chad into going to Wake Forest. D.A. Woods ends up starting to side with Chad about going to Salem U which upsets Madeline. Madeline decides to give Chad some bonds she has been saving in her safety deposit box. Mia tries to talk to Gabi and ends up telling her that she still has feelings for Chad which Chad overhears. Kate dons her Madeline disguise and gets into the safety deposit box when Madeline shows up and Kate shoves everything into her bag and takes off. Kate returns to Stefano and they find the tape.

23 May – Episode 11 358
Nicole angrily confronts Dr. Baker about drugging Brady and informs him that Brady is a former addict. Brady is upset when Arianna doesn’t believe that he didn’t take any drugs or alcohol and was set up. Father Matt visits Chloe after receiving a call from Daniel and is not pleased that Chloe used him to lie about not getting married. Nicole overhears the nurses talking about Chloe and goes to visit her where she comes up with a plan for Chloe to get Daniel to marry her. Maggie welcomes Melissa back to town to visit Alice and the two share memories. Daniel visits with Melanie and tells her the wedding is postponed. Melanie doesn’t hide her relief at the news. Daniel and Melanie head over to visit Maggie at Alice’s. When Melanie leaves the room, Daniel tells Maggie that she is in remission from her myasthenia gravis. Stephanie enters the Pub and is surprised to see her mother; Kayla is back in town a day early. Daniel shows up at the hospital to see Chloe and doesn’t understand why Chloe has suddenly changed her mind and wants to get married right away again.

24 May – Episode 11 359
Chloe tells Daniel that she had a dream that he wouldn’t marry her so she wants to get married right away or the dream will come true. Daniel eventually agrees and calls a former patient that is also a Justice of the Peace. When Daniel tells Melanie she is still taken aback with the sudden change of mind again. Stefano and Kate watch the tape they found in Madeline’s safety deposit box. It shows a younger Madeline “entertaining” an older man that was an associate of Stefano. We hear Stefano’s voice enter the scene when the other man realizes he is being taped and Stefano hits him over the head and he dies. Later, Stefano meets up with Madeline and accuses her of keeping the tape to use against him. Stefano realizes that is not the only thing Madeline was hiding in her box. Kate goes through the rest of the box and finds a piece of paper and is shocked. Lucas returns to town with Allie and they first visit Sami at the Pub. Lucas questions where Sami is living and isn’t happy when she tells him she is staying with E.J. Lucas and Sami head over to Alice’s where they visit with Alice whose health continues to deteriorate. Lucas remembers when Alice welcomed him into the family with the traditional Christmas ornament.

27 May – Episode 11 360
Chloe is on the phone leaving a message for Nicole about how right she was that once she marries Daniel there is nothing Carly can do. Melanie walks in and demands to know what kind of games Chloe is playing with her father. Melanie softens to Chloe when Chloe mentions that her foster parents threw her out when she was young. Maxine tells Carly that Daniel and Chloe are preparing to marry. As the Justice of the Peace is starting the ceremony, Maxine enters and tells them there is an urgent call for the Justice. Carly then enters and tells Chloe that this time she is going to say what needs to be said. Madeline demands the contents of her box returned and Stefano agrees. Kate looks at the piece of paper she has found among Madeline’s things and figures Stefano couldn’t know about whatever is on the paper. Madeline runs into Chad and begins grilling him about his future plans. Chad tells her that he is going to Salem University; amazingly Madeline says she likes the idea of Chad being closer to home. Later, Madeline shows up at Maggie’s to talk to Mia. Lucas uses Alice’s feelings about the DiMera’s to tempt Will to change his mind about living at the mansion. Jennifer tells the family that Mike’s flight has been delayed. Laura comforts Jennifer as she looks at a scrapbook she never finished for Alice. The ladies prepare to make Alice’s famous donuts. Kayla is talking with Caroline about hoping to come home soon for a happier occasion. Nathan overhears and wonders what she means. Stephanie jumps in and covers for her mother. The Horton clan ends up at the Pub where they finish the scrapbook.

28 May – Episode 11 361
Arianna apologizes to Brady for not believing him when he said he didn’t drink or do drugs. Nicole tells Brady that she is worried about her job. Brady tries to get Nicole to do a piece on the muggings but she tells him that her boss is not allowing any reporting on the subject. E.J. catches Nicole trying to do a piece on Alice Horton. Carly barges into Chloe and Daniel’s wedding with an important announcement. Once Philip and Melanie leave, Carly makes her announcement but it is not about her cheating but that Chloe is pregnant. Daniel runs off to find a doctor to do an ultrasound. Chloe accuses Carly of using her hysterical pregnancy against her by creating a new one. Carly insists she is telling the truth. Carly ends up doing the ultrasound and Chloe is shocked when Daniel tells her to look at the screen because she is indeed pregnant. Lexie goes to check on a patient and is surprised to find Mike Horton who has been in a car accident trying to get to Alice’s. Jennifer is frantic when Mike doesn’t show up but soon gets a call from Lexie with the news. Will opens the door at the DiMera mansion to find Carrie. Sami and Carrie reunite and all is forgiven over their past. Carrie even apologizes for her mother, Anna stealing Sydney. Madeline gives Mia a letter telling her she has been accepted to the High School of the Performing Arts. Mia never applied but Madeline worked her magic to get her in. Mia ends up deciding that she can’t pass up the opportunity and says goodbye to Will and Sami thanking them for their support. Carrie ends up at the hospital and visits Mike. Jennifer arrives and is glad Mike is okay. Mike tells Lexie that he has to get to Alice as soon as possible. Jennifer arrives home hollering for her parents but Maggie comes downstairs crying and tells Jennifer that Alice has just passed away.

29 May – Episode 11 362
Jennifer makes a call to the reverend and finds out that Alice had planned her funeral after Mickey passed away. Kayla arrives at Bo’s with Kimberly. Kimberly tells Bo and Kayla that Shane has disappeared and hasn’t made any contact with her or their children. When Bo mentions making a call to Carly, Kayla goes off on him. Hope seeks comfort from her dad who tells her that things may be swinging back in her favor for getting Bo back. Shane informs Rafe on the plane that Alice has died. Sami swears revenge on Anna to Carrie and then apologizes but Carrie doesn’t condone what her mother did by kidnapping Sydney. Lucas talks with Kate about Allie coming back to Salem for good. Will overhears Lucas and Kate’s conversation. Lucas invites Will to come stay with him in Hong Kong but Will doesn’t want to change schools. Abe drops by the Horton’s to give his well wishes and remembers when he had to arrest Alice. Bill drops by Maggie’s and she immediately gets defensive about everyone checking up on her. Bill tells Maggie that both Alice and Mickey wanted him to look out for her.

30 May – Episode 11 363
Bill and Jennifer have to tell Mike that Alice has died. Mike is further upset when Lexie tells him that he can’t be released from the hospital since this spleen burst and they need to continue monitoring him. Mike has an outburst but realizes he has upset Jennifer and the two hug. Carrie tells Sami she needs to choose between E.J. and Rafe. Kayla and Bo argue over his relationship with Carly. Adrienne runs into Justin on the docks and she is surprised when he tells her that he hasn’t seen Hope in a few days. Later, Kayla joins up with them and Adrienne realizes Stephanie hasn’t told her about the birth control pills. After the church service, the Horton’s and Brady’s gather for a graveside service where all of Alice’s loved ones say their goodbyes. Sami is unable to attend the graveside service because Kate calls and tells her Johnny is sick. Sami answers the door and is surprised to find Rafe. Mike has a private moment in his hospital room for his grandmother. Shane arrives at the service and finds Kimberly but Kimberly doesn’t want to talk to him and runs off.

31 May – Episode 11 364
Nathan finds a tape at Alice’s that is labeled “Special Day” and they all sit down to watch it. It is Tom and Alice’s second wedding ceremony. Mike has his own private moment after he leaves his hospital bed. Madeline thinks she has kept her secret from Stefano but it appears Kate knows everything by what she found in the safety deposit box. Hope overhears Ciara telling Theo that she saw Hope hugging a strange man. Hope scolds Ciara for lying. Kimberly yells at Shane for not being there for her when she had cancer. Shane tells her that he was in prison but Kimberly notes that he made his choice when he takes off on his missions. Sami tells Rafe that she missed him and has to explain why she is living at the DiMera mansion.