Muvhanga February 2014 Teasers

The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday - Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2
The Cast of Muvhango which airs on SABC2 Monday – Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2

Will the return of Thandaza shake things up at the office? What about Teboho’s quest to become a tenderpreneur, will she succeed? Tune into the SABC 2’s Muvhango weekdays (Monday – Thursday) at 9H00 to witness the drama unfold.

Episode 1922/ Monday 03 February 2014

* The family is very cross with Mulalo and Susan.

* Teboho is thrilled to get rid of Shonisani.

* Khomotjo tells Tumelo how she plans to win Lerumo over.


Episode 1923/ Tuesday 04 February 2014

* Mulalo is embarrassed by Teboho’s treatment of Shonisani.

* Susan tells Azwindini that she’s not sure if she can carry on as regent.

* Khomotjo’s board meeting results in some unexpected changes.


Episode 1924/ Wednesday 05 February 2014

* Thandaza returns to work.

* The whole family turns against Susan.

* Lerumo decides whether he will accept the position as chairperson of the board.


Episode 1925/ Thursday 06 February 2014

* An accident happens at the royal house that could be fatal.

* Even Nandi doesn’t know what to think of Khomotjo’s behaviour.

* Mulalo is blackmailed into hiring his wife’s enemy.

Episode 1926/ Monday 10 February 2014

* Lerumo tells Khomotjo what he has decided to do

* Teboho gets a nasty surprise

* Vho-Makhadzi insists that Susan be stripped of the regency

Episode 1927/ Tuesday 11 February 2014

* Mulimisi makes a staggering announcement, approved by Nethathe.

* Have Khomotjo and Tumelo lost against Lerumo and Nandi?

* Moriti arrives in town and drops a bombshell on Lerumo’s lap.


Episode 1928/ Wednesday 12 February 2014

* Pfuluwani pretends to support Susan

* Moriti urges Lerumo to marry Khomotjo

* Teboho is determined to land the cleaning tender at the local clinic

Episode 1929/ Thursday 13 February 2014

* Thandaza is desperate to make contact with Ranthumeng.

* Mulalo stands firm about Teboho’s venture into the cleaning service.

* Moriti meets Khomotjo.


Episode 1930/ Monday 17 February 2014

* Khomotjo is thrilled when Lerumo changes his mind about marrying her.

* Teboho is forced to lie to Mulalo.

* Thandaza learns that Ranthumeng has been involved in an accident.


Episode 1931/ Tuesday 18 February 2014

* Khomotjo sees another side of Moriti.

* Has Ranthumeng survived?

* Mulalo learns that Teboho lied to him.


Episode 1932/ Wednesday 19 February 2014

* Thandaza waits anxiously for news of Ranthumeng

* Khomotjo goes overboard with preparations for her wedding

* Mulalo tells Teboho to drop her tender application


Episode 1933/ Thursday 20 February 2014

* Khomotjo is not pleased when Lerumo lays down the law concerning their marriage.

* Thuli meets a dashing stranger who intrigues her.

* Mulalo finds out something that infuriates him.


Episode 1934/ Monday 24 February 2014

* A mysterious woman goes to visit Ranthumeng

* Pat goes looking for Thuli

* A journalist asks Mulalo some tricky questions about his wife’s tender

Episode 1935/ Tuesday 25 February 2014

* Ranthumeng wakes up, but there is a problem.

* News about Teboho landing the cleaning tender is all over the newspapers.

* Pat is very unhappy about his father’s marriage to Khomotjo.

Episode 1936/ Wednesday 26 February 2013

*A stranger shows up at the B&B with some startling news.

*The uncles give Mulalo an ultimatum.

*Khomotjo disregards Lerumo’s wishes and plans a surprise party.


Episode 1937/ Thursday 27 February 2014

* Susan faces her first challenge as chief.

* Mampho decides to come clean with Thandaza.

* Khomotjo gets her wedding.

Muvhango is on SABC 2 weekdays (Monday to Thursday) at 9H00 PM. Synopsis supplied by SABC 2 Publicity