Muvhango April 2013 Teasers

Muvhango CastApril 2013 Teasers for Muvhango

Episode 1746/ Monday 1 April 2013

* Mulimisi is distraught because he cannot interpret the dream he had.

* Thandaza threatens Teboho.

* Ranthumeng makes an unwelcome discovery.

Episode 1747/ Tuesday 2 April 2013

* Ranthumeng confronts Thandaza about Pheko.

* Meme threatens to blame everything on Pheko if their plan is exposed.

* Azwindini threatens Mulimisi.

Episode 1748/ Wednesday 3 April 2013

*Thandaza and Meme have a showdown.

*Azwindini gives Mulimisi an ultimatum.

*Shots are fired at MH.

Episode 1749/ Thursday 4 April 2013

* Mulimisi blames himself for what has happened.

* The police seem to have a suspect in mind.

* It’s touch and go whether the victim of the shooting will pull through.

Episode 1750/ Monday 8 April 2013

* Pheko gives the Detectives some very useful information

* KK founds out about what Meme’s been up to.

* Vusi arrives home.

Episode 1751/ Tuesday 9 April 2013

* Vusi plucks up the courage to go and visit his mother.

* The ancestors reveal something about the case to Mulimisi.

* Ranthumeng is in for a nasty shock.

Episode 1752/ Wednesday 10 April 2013

*Pheko offers to help Ranthumeng.

*Nonny gets some disappointing news.

*Mulimisi discovers something about the shooter.

Episode 1753/ Thursday 11 April 2013

*Meme’s luck runs out when the detectives arrive at her office.

*In a desperate attempt to find the shooter, Ranthumeng turns to Mulimisi.

*Someone makes a surprise return to Ranthumeng’s house.

Episode 1754/ Monday 15 April 2013

* A destitute Meme begs James to help her.

* Albert makes another of his outrageous demands.

* The gun that shot Thandaza is found in the unlikeliest hands.

Episode 1755/ Tuesday 16 April 2013

* Mulimisi knows where the gun is hidden but will anyone believe him?

* Mankosi is convinced that Teboho is being sincere.

* Meme gets yet another nasty shock.

Episode 1756/ Wednesday 17 April 2013

* Ranthumeng is no longer a suspect.

* Pheko has a startling effect on Thandaza.

* Mulimisi has a surprising message for Ranthumeng.

Episode 1757/ Thursday 18 April 2013

* Fortune smiles on Mulalo.

* Meiki is not happy with James.

* Mankosi unwittingly makes a suggestion that might endanger Thandaza’s life.

Episode 1758/ Monday 22 April 2013

*An unauthorized person gains access into Thandaza’s hospital ward.

*Mulalo decides to start dating again, but things don’t go as planned.

*Meiki bulldozes James into attending pre-natal classes.

Episode 1759/ Tuesday 23 April 2013

* KK is determined to prove Meme’s innocence.

* Meiki is very enthusiastic about the pre-natal classes but James is not that keen.

* Ranthumeng gets a big shock.

Episode 1760/ Wednesday 24 April 2013

* James can’t take the torture anymore.

* Tshianeo hears something about Mulalo that she never knew about.

* The walls are closing in on Teboho.

Episode 1761/ Thursday 25 April 2013

* The detectives are worried that the shooter is going to try again.

* KK wants to help Meme with her debts.

* Sundani gives Azwindini an ultimatum.

Episode 1762/ Monday 29 April 2013

*Sundani threatens to take Thonifho away from the Chief.

*James can no longer delay telling Busi about the new baby.

*Thandaza sees Teboho for the first time since the shooting.

Episode 1763/ Tuesday 30 April 2013

Meiki makes a bad decision.

Thandaza struggles to try and remember who shot her.

Sundani is forced to concede defeat.

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