Muvhango June 2014 Teasers

Melusi Yeni plays Pat Mojalefa on SABC 2's late night soapie Muvhango. Pic: SABC 2
Melusi Yeni plays Pat Mojalefa on SABC 2’s late night soapie Muvhango. Pic: SABC 2

This is what is coming up on SABC 2’s leading soapie this June 2014.

Episode 2002/ Monday 2 June 2014
* The police want Khomotjo to give them a statement.
* Vuyiswa tells KK about her get-rich-quick plan.
* Azwindini is very impressed by Shonisani.

Episode 2003/ Tuesday 3 June 2014
* Lerumo unwittingly pours fuel onto an already raging inferno.
* The royal house unwittingly destroys Mulimisi’s hopes.
* KK’s relationship with Vuyiswa is on the rocks.

Episode 2004/ Wednesday 4 June 2014
* Azwindini tells Mulalo he should marry Shonisani
* Lerumo tells Khomotjo she won’t get her hands on Phathudi’s pay-out
* KK reaches out to Vuyiswa to try and make things right

Episode 2005/ Thursday 5 June 2014
* Khomotjo makes another plan, she is still determined to get rid of Lerumo.
* KK hears something from Albert that makes him suspicious.
* Teboho gives Mulalo an ultimatum and he acts to save his marriage.

Episdoe 2006/ Friday 6 June 2014
* Khomotjo puts poison in Lerumo’s juice.
* A French TV producer wants to do a documentary about Thathe. And all because of Shonisani’s website.
* KK apologises to Vuyiswa, little realising what she’s been up to.

Episode 2007/ Monday 9 June 2014

*Khomotjo’s devious plot starts bearing fruit.
*Vho-Mukondeleli is determined to get herself on TV.
*Gundo and Vuyiswa continue to deceive KK and KK has no idea.

Episode 2008/ Tuesday 10 June 2014

*Moriti unintentionally gives her husband a drink that could be his last.
* Gundo and Vuyiswa play with fire.
* A heated fight erupts between Vho-Masindi and Vho- Mukondeleli
* Vusi is shocked to learn that Mankosi was a victim of a crime and that she is in hospital.

Episode 2009/ Wednesday 11 June 2014
* Albert and family return home to find Gundo in bed with Vuyiswa
* Khomotjo is terrified she will be discovered for the poisoning of Lerumo
* Mankosi tells her stokvel group about her mugging

Episode 2010/ Thursday 12 June 2014

* Khomotjo carries on poisoning Lerumo.
* Gundo makes a declaration that shocks Albert.
* Vusi helps Mankosi out of a difficult situation.

Episode 2011/ Friday 13 June 2014

* There’s another heart attack in the Mojalefa household. Will it claim another brother?
* Vuyiswa fears for her life as she learns that KK’s been searching for her.
* Vusi has a solution for Mankosi and the Stokvel Women.

Episode 2012/ Monday 16 June 2014
* Khomotjo is thrilled that her poison seems to be working.
* KK tells Albert about Vuyiswa’s plan to steal money from the company.
* Vho-Masindi is furious when Vho-Mukondeleli turns out to be a natural in front of the TV cameras.

Episode 2013/ Tuesday 17 June 2014

* Lerumo relapses and the doctors fear the worst.
* Albert tries to reason with Gundo but he won’t listen.
* Vho-Masindi wants Azwindini to reprimand Vho-Mukondeleli.

Episode 2014/ Wednesday 18 June 2014

* Khomotjo’s bottle of poison lands in the wrong hands.
* Albert turns to Hlengiwe for help but the two end up turning on each other.
* Vho-Mukondeleli cannot wait for the documentary to be aired so everyone can see what a star she is.

Episode 2015/ Thursday 19 June 2014
* Khomotjo has to think on her feet.
* Vuyiswa gives Gundo a reality check.
* Vho-Masindi is on the warpath over the Bon Voyage documentary.

Episode 2016/ Friday 20 June 2014
*Thandaza and Ranthumeng arrive back home.
*Vuyiswa breaks Gundo’s heart when she skips town.
*Lerumo’s test results are back. Khomotjo is terrified!

Episode 2017/ Monday 23 June 2014
*Khomotjo’s wish comes true.
*A homeless Gundo is forced to swallow his pride and go back to Albert.
*Vho-Mukondeleli is convinced she is about to become a star.

Episode 2018/ Tuesday 24 June 2014

* Susan causes trouble for Pfuluwani without even realising it.
* The Mojalefas leave to go home, much to Khomotjo’s delight and Tryphina’s distress.
* Thandaza is very sick.

Episode 2019/ Wednesday 25 June 2014

* The family finds out what is wrong with Thandaza. It’s not what they expected.
* Hangwani is unsettled when she hears that Khomotjo is back at MMC.
* Teboho is determined to steal Pfuluwani’s thunder…

Episode 2020/ Thursday 26 June 2014
*Ranthumeng and Vusi bond over Thandaza’s illness.
*Khomotjo decides to throw a party.
*Susan and Pfuluwani fight over Pfuluwani’s decision to get a big car. While Teboho is desperate to get the car first.
*Pat returns home to a nasty surprise.

Episode 2021/ Friday 27 June 2014

* Ranthumeng decides to turn his wife’s unfortunate situation into something positive.
* Khomotjo and Albert declare a truce.
* Mulalo warms up to his wife’s new toy.
* Pfuluwani is not happy with the chief.

Episode 2022/ Monday 30 June 2014

* Khomotjo tries to kick Pat out of the house
* Ranthumeng and Thuli organize a malaria fund-raiser
* Teboho humiliates Pfuluwani with her new car

Muvhango is on SABC 2 Mondays to Thursdays at 21:00.

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