Muvhango Teasers – July 2013

The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday - Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2
The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday – Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2

Here is what is coming up on Muvhango (on SABC 2, Monday – Thursday at 21H00) this July:

Episode 1798/ Monday 1 July 2013

*Mampho cements her position at the B&B

*Agnes makes Busani an irresistible offer.

*Thandaza humiliates Malume Themba.


Episode 1799/ Tuesday 2 July 2013

* Mampho and Malume Themba are at each other’s throats

* KK tells Busani that he’ll never sell Masase

* Ranthumeng sees Thandaza with another man


Episode 1800/ Wednesday 3 July 2013

* James and Sizwe have had enough of Mampho.

* Both Ranthumeng and Tumahole feel threatened by Busani.

* Busani drops a bombshell at a press conference.


Episode 1801/ Thursday 4 July 2013

* Musiwa has some exciting news for Mulalo. But will Mulalo be able to keep it a secret?

* James and Sizwe decide that enough is enough. Mampho needs to go back to Lesotho!

* Thandaza invites Busani and Joyce around for supper.


Episode 1802/ Monday 8 July 2013

*Thandaza is shocked to find that her arch enemy has made herself at home when she visits Mampho at the B&B.

*Mulalo’s lies catch him out and the price he has to pay is high.

*Busani has the staff at MH reeling when he announces some dramatic changes to the company.


Episode 1803/ Tuesday 9 July 2013

*When Albert doesn’t get his way with the new CEO, he resorts to plotting.

*Teboho is a on a mission to turn Mampho against Thandaza.

*Thandaza and Mampho have a blow-up.

*Mulalo blames Azwindini for his mistakes.


Episode 1804/ Wednesday 10 July 2013

* Mulalo is caught in the web of his own lies.

* Albert won’t admit defeat.

* Teboho pushes Thandaza over the edge.


Episode 1805/ Thursday 11 July 2013

* Thandaza and Mampho have a huge show-down

* The police arrive, wanting to speak to Thandaza

* Nonny gives Thuli a warning


Episdoe 1806/ Monday 15 July 2013

* Thuli gets a disturbing sms from a stranger.

* Thuli has some good advice for Busani about how to handle Albert.

* Mulalo hears some disappointing news.

* Teboho plans a romantic dinner for she and Ranthumeng.


Episode 1807/ Tuesday 16 July 2013

* Mampho and Vho-Mukondeleli have a fall-out.

* Teboho confesses to Mampho why she lied.

* Busani gets the better of Albert.

* Mulalo meets the woman of his dreams.


Episode 1808/ Wednesday 17 July 2013

*Mankosi shuts Thandaza down when she brings up the issue of breast cancer.

*Teboho continues to seduce Mulalo into her web.

*Rendani dashes her mother’s hopes of starting a business.


Episode 1809/ Thursday 18 July 2013

* Hangwani enlists Rendani’s help with her business plan.

* Thandaza can’t get through to Mankosi that she needs to go and be tested for breast cancer.

* Teboho has plans for Mulalo.


Episode 1810/ Monday 22 July 2013

* Hangwani meets with Busani to talk about taking over Dukathole

* Mulalo postpones his return to Thathe so that he can spend more time with Tehoho

* Mankosi shares some devastating news with Hangwani


Episode 1811/ Tuesday 23 July 2013

* Thandaza finds out what Mankosi has been hiding.

* Albert is furious with Hangwani.

* Mulalo doesn’t know if he should believe Teboho.


Episode 1812/ Wednesday 24 July 2013

. Teboho finally has Mulalo exactly where she wants him.

. Mankosi has her mammogram to see if she has cancer or not.

. Hangwani makes some important decisions about her career.


Episode 1813/ Thursday 25 July 2013

*Hangwani defies her husband, but her dream is short-lived when she discovers the cost of taking over Dukathole.

*Joyce and Thandaza twist Busani’s arm.

*Teboho continues to seduce Mulalo.


Episode 1814/ Monday 29 July 2013

* Mulalo shocks the whole of Thathe.

* Hangwani’s venture is proving too difficult to get off the ground.

* Joyce gets some terrible news.


Episode 1815/ Tuesday 30 July 2013

* Mulalo tells a shocked Musiwa the news of his marriage

* Hangwani finally plucks up the courage to talk to Albert about Dukathole

* Joyce pleads with Thandaza to keep her secret


Episode 1816/ Wednesday 31 July 2013

* Joyce finds out how bad the cancer is.

* Albert tells Hangwani his decision about Dukathole.

* Mampho finds out that Teboho and Mulalo are married.


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