Muvhango Teasers – June 2013


Nthabiseng Mphahlele plays Meiki on SABC 2 soapie Muvhango. Pic: Supplied by SABC 2 Publicity.
Nthabiseng Mphahlele plays Meiki on SABC 2 soapie Muvhango. Pic: Supplied by SABC 2 Publicity.

Muvhango Teasers: June 2013

Episode 1782/ Monday 3 June 2013

*Meiki makes a big confession to James and Agnes.

*Mulalo is furious with Azwindini.

*Thandaza is beside herself when the police refuse to question Teboho any further.


Episode 1783/ Tuesday 4 June 2013

*Thandaza remains noncommittal about going back to MH.

*Azwindini finally makes a decision about his future.

*The whole world seems to have turned against Sundani.

*Meiki and Busi make peace.


Episode 1784/ Wednesday 5 June 2013

* Thandaza makes a vital decision about her future.

* Busi ruins a surprise for Meiki.

* Mulalo gate crashes a meeting at the royal house.


Episode 1785/ Thursday 6 June 2013

* Azwindini’s reaction to Mulalo surprises everyone.

* KK pays Thandaza a visit.

* Busi’s behaviour pushes Meiki over the edge.


Episode 1786/ Monday 10 June 2013

* Mushasha is concerned about Azwindini.

* KK vows to prove Agnes wrong.

* Meiki runs away from the scene of the crime.


Episode 1787/ Tuesday 11 June 2013

*Mulalo fetches his son.

*KK is playing a dirty game with MH.

*A hysterical Meiki is taken away.


Episode 1788/ Wednesday 12 June 2013

*Mulalo’s dream of raising his son doesn’t go as planned.

*James and Albert are struggling to find a new CEO.

*Meiki decides she is not going to go to jail and takes action.


Episode 1789/ Thursday 13 June 2013

* Meiki takes extreme measures to protect her child.

* Thandaza comes James’s rescue.

* A baby averts disaster.


Episode 1790/ Monday 17 June 2013

* James manages to get through to Meiki.

* Mulalo has to make a painful decision about Thonifho.

* Busi is happy because she has finally got what she wanted. Or so she thinks…


Episode 1791/ Tuesday 18 June 2013

* Pfuluwani has a car crash.

* James has to make a decision about the baby.

* KK has the wind taken out of his sails by a new arrival.

Episode 1792/ Wednesday 19 June 2013

* Just when Mulalo thinks he’s fixed the barriers on the bridge to avoid further disaster the whole thing explodes in his face.

* MH finally appoints their new CEO.

* Meiki says goodbye.


Episode 1793/ Thursday 20 June 2013

*MH’s new CEO makes his grand entrance, much to KK’s disgust.

*Azwindini and Pfuluwani fight over the car accident.

*James has to make a difficult decision concerning his son.


Episode 1794/ Monday 24 June 2013

* Gizara is worried Azwindini may have made a grave mistake.

* Thandaza is forced to cut her break short.

* Agnes turns to Nonny for help.


Episode 1795/ Tuesday 25 June 2013

* James gets a phone call from the school in Polokwane.

* Azwindini is stunned to see what Mulalo said about him in the newspaper.

* Busani shocks Thuli at his meeting with her.


Episode 1796/ Wednesday 26 June 2013

* Thandaza’s instincts about Busani were correct.

* Mampho arrives unexpectedly in Joburg and throws everyone at the B&B into turmoil.

* Thuli makes a shock announcement.

Episode 1797/ Thursday 27 June 2013

* Thandaza is unimpressed with Mankosi.

* KK makes a disturbing discovery about Busani.

* Ranthumeng drops a bombshell on Mampho.

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Teasers supplied by SABC2 Publicity.