Muvhango Teasers – November 2013

The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday - Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2

Will Chief Azwindini be found guilty? Will he be a free man again? Teboho has very ambitious dreams for her husband. Love is in the air for Busani, could we see a love triangle? Find all the answers in Muvhango on SABC 2 this November. Muvhango is on SABC 2 Monday-Thursday at 9H00. Here are your Muvhango Teasers: November 2013:

Episode 1870/ Monday 4 November 2013

* Azwindini refuses to change his plea

* Busani and Thuli start to grow closer

* Vusi apologizes to Thandaza for all his mistakes


Episode 1871/ Tuesday 5 November 2013

* The prosecution’s case against the chief seems very strong.

* Phathudi wants Busani to get married again.

* Busani doesn’t understand why Thuli doesn’t want to go out with him.


Episode 1872/ Wednesday 6 November 2013

* Azwindini is adamant that he is innocent, despite the damning evidence against him.

* Are Busani and Thuli on the road to romance?

* Agnes hears some shocking news about Dumi.


Episode 1873/ Thursday 7 November 2013

*Mulalo takes the stand in defense of Azwindini, but only makes matters worse.

*When Thuli sees Busani and Thandaza together, she gets the wrong end of the stick.

*Agnes and Mampho fight over her decision to lie to the family.


Episode 1874/ Monday 11 November 2013

* Nenzhelele makes things even worse for Azwindini.

* Agnes finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place.

* Thandaza struggles with the secret she’s forced to keep from Busani.


Episode 1875/ Tuesday 12 November 2013

* Azwindini loses his cool on the witness stand

* Vusi learns a painful secret

* Thandaza tells Thuli about Joyce’s last request


Episode 1876/ Wednesday 13 November 2013

* Teboho wants Mulalo to be chief if Azwindini is convicted

* Busani wants to know what Thandaza said to Thuli

* The Judge gives his verdict


Episode 1877/ Thursday 14 November 2013

*Busani searches for a sign to be able to understand Joyce’s last dying wish.

*Teboho starts pushing Mulalo towards the throne now that Azwindini is gone.

*Agnes and Vho-Masindi reconcile after years of animosity.

*Pfuluwani, Susan and Tshianeo say a tearful goodbye to Azwindini.


Episode 1878/ Monday 18 November 2013

* An unwanted guest arrives at the royal house.

* Busani finally reads the letter Joyce wrote to him on her death bed.

* Rendani is left embarrassed when a new waiter calls her a snob.


Episode 1879/ Tuesday 19 November 2013

* Busani finds himself caught between true love and dead wife’s last wish.

* Rendani gives up on Sanele.

* Vele reveals her real reason she’s back and it’s ugly.


Episode 1880/ Wednesday 20 November 2013

*Thuli surprises everyone with a big announcement

*Gizara announces his intention to take over as regent

*Rendani decides to give Sanele the cold shoulder.


Episode 1881/ Thursday 21 November 2013

* Gizara is adamant that is would make an excellent regent.

* Teboho has great ambitions for Mulalo.

* Busani has some bad news for Thuli.

* Rendani is sure that Sanele stole her phone.


Episode 1882/ Monday 25 November 2013

*The Regency battle hots up.

* Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Busani and Thuli after their split?

* Both Rendani and Sanele seem to be changing their views of each other.


Episode 1883/ Tuesday 26 November 2013

*Vele and a long-lost Mukwevho family member make a dramatic return in Thathe.

*Rendani’s growing interest in a boy makes Hangwani curious.

*Thandaza gives Thuli some good advice regarding Busani.


Episode 1884/ Wednesday 27 November 2013

* Simon shows the Mukwevhos he means business

* Rendani asks Sanele out on a date, and is put out when he refuses

* Khomotjo is furious when Thuli shoots down her new business suggestion

Episode 1885/ Thursday 28 November

* Susan and Pfuluwani learn their days as the occupants of the royal house are numbered.

* Khomotjo gets a call of a lifetime.

* Sanele plays hot and cold with Rendani.

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