Muvhango Teasers – October 2013

The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday - Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2
The Cast of Muvhango which plays on SABC2 Monday – Thursday evenings at 21H00. Pic: Supplied by SABC2

Azwindini’s family does not believe he is innocent, or so he thinks. Nonny and big-spending, over-indebted Sizwe have a fight, and Mongezi sends his uncles to Thathe, and much more drama in Muvhango this October. Catch Muvhango from Mondays to Thursdays at 21:00 on SABC 2

Episode 1851/ Tuesday 1 October 2013

* Sizwe and Nonny have a big fight.

* Thandaza gets an unpleasant letter from Vusi’s school.

* Tshianeo refuses to accept the truth about Mongezi.

Episode 1852/ Wednesday 2 October 2013

* We learn the Chief’s decision about Mongezi’s future in Thathe.

* Will Thandaza hear her son and let Vusi stay at home?

* KK helps Sizwe to be relieved of his debt but wants something in return.

Episode 1853/ Thursday 3 October 2013

Thandaza learns the truth about Vusi’s actions at boarding school.

Sizwe has learnt his lesson.

Pfuluwani has a stalker.

Episode 1854/ Monday 7 October 2013

* There’s a new woman in James’ life.

* Azwindini is caught between his wife and his sister.

* Thandaza receives shattering news.

Episode 1855/ Tuesday 8 October 2013

* Azwindini grapples with how to resolve the conflict between Mongezi, Pfuluwani and Tshianeo

* Chichi treats the Jazz Lounge like she owns it, to James’ irritation

* Vusi discovers the reason for the collapse of Thandaza and Ranthumeng’s marriage.

Episode 1856/ Wednesday 9 October 2013

* Tshianeo’s lobola negotiations go ahead but there’s something very fishy about Mongezi’s uncles.

* Vusi plans his next escapade with Sthe.

* Chichi will do whatever she has to, to make James do what she wants.

Episode 1857/ Thursday 10 October 2013

James and Chichi have a fall out over the running of the jazz lounge.

Vusi and Thandaza do not see eye to eye when Vusi demands to see Thandaza’s ex.

Pfuluwani goes to Vho-Mukondeleli’s house and gets a nasty surprise.

Episode 1858/ Monday 14 October 2013

* Chichi teases James.

* Vusi manages to embarrass Thandaza in front of Albert.

* Pfuluwani wakes up and finds out that she’s a prisoner.

Episode 1859/ Tuesday 15 October 2013

* Chichi has James eating out of the palm of her hand.

* Mongezi plays God with Pfuluwani’s life.

* Vusi endangers his life and the lives of other innocent people.

Episode 1860/ Wednesday 16 October 2013

* Thandaza learns about Vusi’s terrible accident

* Azwindini finally realises that Pfuluwani have been kidnapped

* Chichi and James go on a date together

Episode 1861/ Thursday 17 October 2013

* Thandaza is shocked by what Vusi has to say to her.

* Chichi is playing James but he can’t see it.

* Mulalo gives Azwindini valuable information regarding Pfuluwani’s whereabouts.

Episode 1862/ Monday 21 October 2013

* Pfuluwani seems to be out of Mongezi’s clutches at last. But is she?

* Is Thandaza doing enough to reach out to Vusi in his time of crisis?

* James hands over the papers confirming the sale of his 50% of the Jazz Lounge to Chichi, thinking this will open a way to a relationship for them.

Episode 1863/ Tuesday 22 October 2013

*James feels betrayed by Chichi.

*Thandaza and Vusi make peace after days of constant fighting.

*The police who are searching for Mongezi, make a shocking discovery.

Episode 1864/ Wednesday 23 October 2013

* Vusi is keeping something from Thandaza.

* The relaunch party happens at the Jazz Lounge. But James refuses to attend

* Azwindini realises that even his family doubt his innocence.

Episode 1865/ Thursday 24 October 2013

* James and Chichi make up.

* Thandaza meets with Sthembiso and offers to help.

* Azwindini gets bad news from his new defense lawyer.

Episode 1866/ Monday 28 October 2013

* Azwindini’s bail hearing begins.

* Phathudi wants Busani to do a Sepedi cleansing ceremony to mark the end of the mourning period with his wife.

* Vusi invites Sthe over for dinner.

Episode 1867/ Tuesday 29 October 2013

*Thandaza is happy to have reconciled with Vusi.

*Khomotjo hijacks Joyce remembrance ceremony and wants to use it to cement the Mojalefa family power.

*The murder weapon is revealed.

Episode 1868/ Wednesday 30 October 2013

* Azwindini’s lawyer isn’t very pleased with him.

* Thandaza learns Vusi has lied to her.

* Khomotjo is irritated by the warm interaction between Phathudi and Nandi.

Episode 1869/ Thursday 31 October 2013

* Azwindini refuses to lie to save his own skin.

* Busani gets close to the truth about his late wife’s last wish.

* Vusi and Thandaza make peace.