R250mil to renew Limpopo hospital

Lebowakgomo – Siloam Hospital will be revitilised at a cost of R250 million through the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission.

Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale made the announcement during the State of the Province Address at the provincial legislature on Thursday.

This comes after President Jacob Zuma last year visited the old and dilapidated health centre situated in Nzhelele in the far northern part of the province.

Mathale said the provincial government has established the Executive Council Infrastructure Coordinating Committee to monitor and evaluate the implementation of infrastructure plans.

He said the committee was ensuring that resources allocated for infrastructure development were used optimally.

“By December 2011, we had already spent 72 percent of the infrastructure budget compared to previous years … We consider this to be a significant achievement which suggests that we may not be due to surrender infrastructure grants back to the national government compared to the other financial years.”

Mathale said they had registered achievements in developing infrastructure in the province since 2009 and so far, they had managed to build 32 state-of-the-art schools that offer a desirable environment for learning and teaching.

“We’ve also constructed 2 431 classrooms as part of realising one of the important objectives of the Freedom Charter — that of opening the doors of learning for our people. We have built seven new clinics and upgraded 32 clinics, some of which serve people in the rural areas.”

The premier said they had rehabilitated roads and constructed new roads and bridges to connect communities with economically active centres in their areas and the province at large.

He pointed out that people in Mankele village were now able to cross the Olifants River without having to brave the ‘segwaigwai’ – a makeshift cable car that people devised to cross the river.

“They transported the young and old, all luggage, including food and furniture, and sadly even the dearly departed. It pleases me to say the completion of the Mankele Bridge and the connecting road will put an end to the marginalisation that was brought on by lack of access to the amenities due to all citizens in the province.

“I have asked the traditional leaders in the area to keep the cable car tied to that tree, so that it may serve as a reminder of how far we have come as people,” he said. – BuaNews