“Racist twitter” model Jessica responds to DA’s Maimane

The 20-year-old model who called a black man in a Spar a “K****r” and a black petrol attendant an “African monkey” replies to the Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Mmusi Maimane’s invitation to his non-racial home. Another “racist twitter” Tshidi Thamane is yet to respond. Below is the unedited version of Jessica Leandra Dos Santos’ letter to Maimane:

Dear Mr Mmusi Maimane,

I thank you for the open letter posted to Tshidi and myself.

First and foremost I acknowledge that my inbox has been flooded with requests and invites for radio interviews, press reports and the like since my irresponsible Twitter ordeal. Admittedly, I have chosen to ignore these requests as I don’t believe that telling my side of the story is really what the nation wants to hear. It further concerns me that these requests for interviews aim to score points for journalists¬† and/or listenership ratings on his or her show.

At this moment I accept and acknowledge that I have brought this nation of ours to its knees. I now intend to mend my ways and ensure that I restore the trust of all South Africans. Having read your letter in great detail I am most willing to embrace your idea believing that you have it in your heart to help me bring healing to this matter.

I beg of you that this should not become a party political issue. If this is what it is going to turn out to be then I am regrettably not interested. This did not start off as a political debate and certainly should not become one now. If anything, this needs to become a healing process and a process of uniting the nation back to where we were a week ago.

Tshidi, I am appealing to you to embrace this opportunity and walk this road jointly with me. I know in my heart that you too don’t harbour the hatred that you displayed on Twitter in response to my ludicrous and irresponsible tweet. Together we can do a great deal for our nation.

Fellow South Africans, my uncalculated tweet was not intended to hurt an entire nation but simply directed at one individual, and I ask that you forgive my actions and help me along the way. We South Africans have many more important matters to concern ourselves with right now than to slander each other’s race.

Mr Maimane, I look forward to working with you. Together we shall achieve.

Thank you,

Jessica Leandra Dos Santos