Days of our Lives November 2012 Teasers

Episode synopses for Season 30 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3. 1 November – Episode 11222 Nicole is found unconscious by the pay phone in Ohio but Sydney is nowhere to be found. Arianna has to admit to Gabi that she is working undercover for the cops. 2 … Continue reading “Days of our Lives November 2012 Teasers”

Days of Our Lives October 2012 Teasers

1 October Episode 11199 Mia tells Will and Chad that she slept around and Chad probably isn’t Sydney’s father. Will thinks that Mia made up the lie to get Chad to back off the paternity test but Mia tells Will that it is true and Will breaks up with her. Chad visits Sami and tells … Continue reading “Days of Our Lives October 2012 Teasers”