All My Children July 2013 Teasers

July 2013 Teasers for All My Children 9 which plays weekdays at 13:55pm and repeats at 01:00 only on SABC3. 01 July Episode 9988 Bianca admits who her baby’s father is. Taylor can’t feel her legs after the fall. Annie and Ryan are contacted by Emma’s kidnappers. Erica turns out to be alive. David is … Continue reading “All My Children July 2013 Teasers”

All My Children Teasers – June 2013

Due to ICC Champions Trophy (cricket) matches All My Children will not be broadcast on some days this June. Below are teasers for the days it will be on air: 3 June Episode 9972 Opal warns Erica and Krystal to be careful. Opal and Krystal ask Jesse for help. Greenlee and Ryan can’t stop thinking … Continue reading “All My Children Teasers – June 2013”

Isidingo Teasers – June 2013

 Due to ICC Champions Trophy (cricket) matches Isidingo will not be broadcast on some nights this June. Below are teasers for  the days it will be on air EPISODE: 3653 TX DATE: MONDAY, 3 JUNE, 2013 Zeb tries to use his contacts to find out exactly who is making the threats. Jefferson finds Kimberly intoxicating. … Continue reading “Isidingo Teasers – June 2013”

All My Children Teasers – February 2013

6 February: Episode 9899 Jack advises Greenlee to try and forgive. Richie and Annie make a deal. Jesse makes a big life decision. Kendall worries that Zach might go after Richie. 7 February: Episode 9900 Myrtle gives Zach advice. Zach takes his frustration out on Richie. Greenlee and Ryan go sailing together. Frankie watches over … Continue reading “All My Children Teasers – February 2013”

Days of Our Lives January 2013 Teasers

2 January: Episode 11 264  Hope runs into Vivian on the docks and knocks her bag to the ground. Hope wonders why Vivian doesn’t want her to see what is in the bag. Arianna tells E.J. the good news that she is not going to prison. The two share a drink when Brady and Rafe … Continue reading “Days of Our Lives January 2013 Teasers”

All My Children January 2013 Teasers

Please note: On 28, 29 & 30 January All My Children will air at 13:27 2 January Episode 9885 Tad wants to stay with Dixie, while Krystal begs Tad to return to her. Zach and Kendall celebrate Spike’s birthday, and Greenlee arrives to spike the mood. Adam tries to make a deal with God. 3 … Continue reading “All My Children January 2013 Teasers”

Days of our Lives December 2012 Teasers

3 December Episode 11 244 Sami is getting ready to tell Rafe about the ransom note but he informs her that he is being reinstated with the FBI and will be the point person on Sydney’s case. They have to rush to Nicole’s sentencing hearing and are joined by Will. Gabi talks with Chad about … Continue reading “Days of our Lives December 2012 Teasers”

Dr. Oz Show December 2012 Teasers

                                                                                                          Episode 113 Monday, 3 December 2012 “The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says Is Wrong” Dr. Oz goes head-to-head with Gary Taubes, author of “Why We Get Fat”.  Taubes believes that everything Dr. Oz says about how to live your life and lose weight is wrong.  Find out what does Gary Taubes think … Continue reading “Dr. Oz Show December 2012 Teasers”

Isidingo November 2012 Teasers

ISIDINGO NOVEMBER TEASERS EPISODE: 3501T THURSDAY 01 NOVEMBER S’Khumbuzo realizes that he is further out then he thought, and the current is carrying him away from the shore. The true dynamics of Sibeko power are revealed at a crucial press conference. Mr Zamdela finds the past returning to haunt him in the rear. EPISODE: 3502T … Continue reading “Isidingo November 2012 Teasers”