Days of our Lives December 2012 Teasers

3 December Episode 11 244 Sami is getting ready to tell Rafe about the ransom note but he informs her that he is being reinstated with the FBI and will be the point person on Sydney’s case. They have to rush to Nicole’s sentencing hearing and are joined by Will. Gabi talks with Chad about … Continue reading “Days of our Lives December 2012 Teasers”

Dr. Oz Show December 2012 Teasers

                                                                                                          Episode 113 Monday, 3 December 2012 “The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says Is Wrong” Dr. Oz goes head-to-head with Gary Taubes, author of “Why We Get Fat”.  Taubes believes that everything Dr. Oz says about how to live your life and lose weight is wrong.  Find out what does Gary Taubes think … Continue reading “Dr. Oz Show December 2012 Teasers”

Isidingo November 2012 Teasers

ISIDINGO NOVEMBER TEASERS EPISODE: 3501T THURSDAY 01 NOVEMBER S’Khumbuzo realizes that he is further out then he thought, and the current is carrying him away from the shore. The true dynamics of Sibeko power are revealed at a crucial press conference. Mr Zamdela finds the past returning to haunt him in the rear. EPISODE: 3502T … Continue reading “Isidingo November 2012 Teasers”

All My Children November 2012 Teasers

1 November Episode 9845 Greenlee tracks down Ryan. Aidan gets drunk and totally out of control. Carmen and Erica continue their adventure. Angie and Jesse renew their wedding vows. 2 November Episode 9846 Angie and Jesse are distracted while on their honeymoon. Jack and Zach find a clue to Carmen and Erica’s whereabouts, while the … Continue reading “All My Children November 2012 Teasers”

Days of our Lives November 2012 Teasers

Episode synopses for Season 30 of Days of Our Lives which airs weekdays at 17:30 only on SABC3. 1 November – Episode 11222 Nicole is found unconscious by the pay phone in Ohio but Sydney is nowhere to be found. Arianna has to admit to Gabi that she is working undercover for the cops. 2 … Continue reading “Days of our Lives November 2012 Teasers”

Days of Our Lives October 2012 Teasers

1 October Episode 11199 Mia tells Will and Chad that she slept around and Chad probably isn’t Sydney’s father. Will thinks that Mia made up the lie to get Chad to back off the paternity test but Mia tells Will that it is true and Will breaks up with her. Chad visits Sami and tells … Continue reading “Days of Our Lives October 2012 Teasers”

Isidingo October 2012 Teasers

Episode: 3478: Monday 1 October 2012 Lincoln and Frank manipulate the truth about the past. Katlego’s instincts threaten to reveal the truth about Ayanda’s father’s death. Nikiwe is on the horns of a self-made dilemma, while Sechaba finds Lerato a tough love girlfriend. Episode: 3479: Tuesday 2 October 2012 Frank bitterly regrets not destroying the … Continue reading “Isidingo October 2012 Teasers”