Top Billing Teasers – 22 – 29 August 2013

In the last two weeks of August, Top Billing takes viewers on journeys in two foreign countries. While Janez goes around Berlin, Germany in a go-kart, Simba is cruising Zanzibar with cute bikini models. Here is what’s coming up on Top Billing on 22 and 29 August 2013: Janez explores Berlin 22 August 2013 Berlin … Continue reading “Top Billing Teasers – 22 – 29 August 2013”

Top Billing Teasers – 1-15 August 2013

Below is what you can expect to see on Top Billing which airs on Thursdays at 20:30 only on SABC3. Janez puts the top survival gadgets to the ultimate test: 1 August 2013 With the incredible scenery that we are blessed with in South Africa it is not a surprise that so many people head … Continue reading “Top Billing Teasers – 1-15 August 2013”