Zuma rape accuser recruited for anti-rape compaign

The Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) wants the woman who brought the rape charges against President Jacob Zuma to become the face of an anti-rape campaign, according to a report on Thursday. She was granted a five-year residency permit after she claimed that her life would be in danger if she returned to South Africa.

Manku Noruka, the head of Azapo’s women and gender affairs department, told The Star newspaper that “we need a face for the campaign. She took a risk… against one of the most powerful people in South Africa”.

The woman, who is a daughter to Zuma’s friend, and only ever identified as Khwezi, accused Zuma of rape, but the court found Zuma not guilty of the charge on 8 May 2006.

Azapo deputy national spokesperson Funani ka Ntontela said they would contact South Africa’s embassy in order to track her down. But Ntontenla could not say whether the woman would come home – he said he would ask Zuma to give a guarantee of protection if she did.

– seniorjournalism.com