Zuma’s government to “deal with Kunene”

South African socialite and businessman, Kenny Kunene, has announced that he will be trading his sushi and women for a life in active politics. Kunene, who claimed that he has received calls warning him that Zuma’s government will “deal” with him, announced in a statement released yesterday (1 July) that he will be joining Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters “party political platform.

The “sushi king” has been recently critisised by ANC’s Jackson Mthembu -albeit indirectly- for critisising President Jacob Zuma’s leadership style, claiming he rules by fear. Zuma has been critisised by Kunene on a number of issues including the president’s Nkandla palace which is said to have a turf playground while the community around it does not have basic infrastructure, and the landing of an airplane with guests of the president’s friends – the Guptas – at a national key point, the Waterkloof Air Force Base.

“I … have taken the decision to be part of a collective working hard and tirelessly to give birth to the Economic Freedom Fighters movement in order to not only take on the challenges facing the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable but to show the ANC that it’s not just me who feels the way I do,” writes Kunene.

Kunene announced that he is going full-time into politics as a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters and that he is also leaving “the life of sushi and my army of women”.

– seniorjournalism.com